AWS Resold Support

AWS Resold Support enables you to maintain a direct technical relationship with AWS Support, where you receive full support, along with all included features. Your AWS Partner is responsible for your regular AWS billing, and may also include any additional customized value-added services they are providing.

AWS Resold Support is available as either Business Support, Enterprise On-Ramp, or Enterprise Support, along with AWS Support add-on services, as applicable, such as AWS Incident Detection and Response, AWS Countdown Premium and AWS re:Post Private.

AWS Resold Support provides you with the benefit of purchasing support through your trusted partner, along with all other AWS services that you are leveraging in your accounts. Partners provide additional value, but still enable you to interact directly with AWS for technical support on your workloads. Depending on your support needs, partners may offer both AWS Partner-Led Support, and AWS Resold Support options (see diagram below).

AWS Resold Support enables partners to own the billing relationship with AWS, providing you the benefit of purchasing through your local partner, who may be offering other business-critical functions, where your partner is freeing you up to focus on direct technical engagement with AWS Support as needed. Partners must ensure you can contact AWS Support through the AWS Support Center. Eligible Solution Providers or Distributors offering AWS Resold Support are responsible to provide you with assistance on non-technical inquiries, such as billing and account management related questions.

For more information on features included with AWS Resold Support, see Compare AWS Support Plans. For pricing related information, contact your partner.

To learn more about working with AWS Partners, visit Innovate with AWS Partners.