AWS Support Customer Testimonials

AWS Support is there to help you achieve your goals by resolving issues, providing architectural guidance, suggesting innovative ways to use services, and even finding ways to reduce your costs.

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Fundrise is America’s largest direct-to-consumer private markets manager. Through the company's combined technology and investment expertise, it is pioneering a new model to build a better portfolio for investors.

"Our experience with AWS Enterprise Support has been exceptional. By working closely with Yeswanth (TAM) and AWS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we were successfully able to migrate our applications from legacy accounts to adopt a multi-account strategy and achieve centralized governance and monitoring along with the ability to scale rapidly. Enterprise Support removed blockers and enabled our workloads to meet our scaling demands and be resilient to failures.We have an application with a large time series dataset that needs to load and calculate billions of data points to report on portfolio performance. As our customer data has continued to grow, we started encountering service limits with Aurora replication that were disrupting the processing of our workloads. Our AWS account team provided us with direct line of access to the Aurora product development team to go in-depth into Aurora’s replication and storage offerings. That insight gave us the understanding we needed to resolve our issue with a solution that will work, not just now, but as our investor platform continues to scale.The regular check-ins, strategic planning sessions, security reviews, and proactive recommendations from our TAM empowered us to make informed decisions and to stay ahead in a rapidly changing technological landscape. Our TAM is a fierce advocate for us within AWS and has been a true extension of our team."

Kenny Shin, Fundrise CTO - Fundrise


Gevme, headquartered in Singapore, is an event technology company with team spread across the globe. Gevme is an omnichannel event management platform built to streamline events across every touchpoint.  From seamless registration and captivating websites to data-driven insights and AI-powered features, Gevme provides you the power to create unforgettable experiences for your attendees, both in-person and online. Events are evolving, and so are we.

Our mission is to empower event teams with the tools to navigate this omnichannel landscape, effortlessly connecting with attendees wherever they are. We're leading the way with AI-driven solutions that simplify event management and unlock powerful data insights. Gevme's omnichannel approach means you can manage in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences from a single, centralized platform. Our AI capabilities are revolutionizing event planning, automating tasks, and providing personalized recommendations to optimize your results. We also believe strongly in empowering the next generation of event managers through education. We invest considerable resources in developing up-to-date educational content in partnership with industry experts and educational institutions.

"Gevme's journey with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been nothing short of exceptional since 2017. The AWS Enterprise On-Ramp support tier has significantly contributed to our success. The evolution from hosting our flagship registration solution on-premise to migrating all our workloads to AWS was seamless, thanks to close collaboration with our Technical Account Managers and Solutions Architect. Their expertise optimized existing solutions and accelerated time-to-market for new software. AWS Enterprise On-Ramp's 30-minute SLO for production down incidents has been crucial in swiftly resolving issues, ensuring the reliability of our services. The TAM team's familiarity with our needs has streamlined communication, making it efficient and productive. This has been pivotal in identifying the right resources for our continuous innovation. The additional benefits, including monthly catch ups, cost optimization and architecture reviews and guidance, have been particularly valuable as Gevme continues to grow. Finally, Enterprise On-Ramp has helped us optimize spend by more than 20%.
In conclusion, Gevme extends gratitude to AWS and the Enterprise On-Ramp team for their unwavering support. The combination of AWS reliable infrastructure, AWS Enterprise On-Ramp proactive support, and strategic guidance has played a significant role in our success. We look forward to furthering our partnership with AWS and exploring new possibilities together.“

Akash Joosery, Head of TechOps - Gevme


Thredd is the trusted next-gen payments processing partner for innovators looking to modernise their payments offerings worldwide. Thredd processes more than a billion debit, prepaid and credit transactions annually, serving over 100 fintechs, digital banks, and embedded finance providers, from consumer to corporate, across 44 countries. 

Thredd has been an AWS customer since 2018 and became an Enterprise Support customer in October 2022. They are migrating from on-premises and are modernising infrastructure with EKS alongside a lift and shift of their databases and platform applications. Moving to AWS has enabled them to go to market more quickly and has allowed them to expand to APAC.

“AWS Enterprise Support, particularly the Technical Account Management (TAM), has been instrumental in supporting Thredd’s transition to AWS. The TAM provides consultative architectural and operational guidance to Thredd on our cloud journey, offering technical advice, financial reporting, and guidance for efficiency plus a lot more. We’ve collaborated with AWS though this model on architectural guidance, for example, in planning the optimum way to migrate our Applications and Database workloads. With this collaboration between the TAM and our teams, we have been able to successfully migrate 70% of our workloads, and are actively working towards migrating the rest. We’ve also been able to expand into new markets, especially APAC, more quickly. The AWS TAM works closely with our teams to optimize costs, bring awareness to new technologies and upcoming products, and ensure efficient deployment of our workloads. They act as an advocate for Thredd within AWS, ensuring we get the most out of AWS services. Additionally, AWS Enterprise Support not only supports our transitional activities in design and preparation but also supports us through services such as AWS Countdown, wrapping additional layers of support around specific events such as cutovers and migrations to ensure a smooth and successful transition for Thredd and our clients. Most recently on March 17, we successfully completed the cutover of one of our databases knowing we have support from AWS, the TAM, and engagements like with AWS Countdown.”

Ian Ripley, Chief Technology Officer - Thredd


Ipsos is one of the largest market research and polling companies globally, operating in 90 markets and employing nearly 20,000 people.

At Ipsos we believe our clients need more than a data supplier, they need a partner who can produce accurate and relevant information and turn it into actionable truth. This is why our passionately curious experts not only provide the most precise measurement, but shape it to provide True Understanding of Society, Markets and People. To do this we use the best of science, technology and know-how and apply the principles of security, simplicity, speed, and substance to everything we do.

"AMS has allowed our internal support teams to be more agile and focus more on meeting internal business objectives rather than worrying about day-to-day operations management. Before, we used to wait on a third-party provider to contact AWS. Now, we can directly interact with the experts from AWS Support and Managed Services. The design and execution of new initiatives, which used to take weeks in our previous support model, can now occur in just a few days. This direct engagement and speed have overall enhanced our business operations. In addition, the quality of AMS deliverables has helped us make more confident decisions and reduce the time and waste related to re-working operational change management by 75%. "

Anmol Bhatia, Global Head of IT Infrastructure & Operations - Ipsos


Neeyamo is a global payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) solutions provider for multinational corporations.

"Our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has seen a remarkable transformation through AWS Enterprise On-Ramp support subscription. AWS Enterprise On-Ramp helped improve security posture by identifying security gaps and working with our engineers to secure workloads deployed on AWS. Multiple SME engagements through EOP helped implement best practices for AWS Organizations, Accounts segregation, and effectively managing workloads as well as sharing resources among them. The Pool of Technical Account Manager (TAM) guided us in various aspects including cost optimization & modernization. The regular insights provided by TAM offered in-depth visibility into our AWS expenditures, and tailored recommendations allowed us to optimize AWS spend by 8%.
The partnership with AWS Enterprise On-Ramp has played a pivotal role in elevating Neeyamo's operational efficiency & establishing AWS as an integral contributor to our success."

YY Narayanan, CEO - Neeyamoworks  


WinZO is the largest social gaming and interactive entertainment platform in India. Launched in early 2018, the Company partners with third-party developers to host games on their Android app, where users can enjoy personalized multiplayer game-play experiences. The platform is available in 12 languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and Bhojpuri, with over 175 million registered users. The WinZO platform facilitates over 4 billion micro-transactions per month across a portfolio of 100+ games. The company envisions a future where the WinZO platform can deliver a culturally relevant and enjoyable experience in the Indian gaming ecosystem, monetized through a unique micro-transaction model.

"We expected a significant surge in traffic, with spikes that could reach up to 4-5 times our normal volume during IPL 2023. We anticipated challenges including service limits and configuration issues while managing such high-demand periods without enterprise support. Since our technology stack is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our business has grown significantly, we made a strategic decision in February 2023 to transition to AWS Enterprise Support and took advantage of the AWS Enterprise Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) engagement. This decision proved instrumental in managing all our anticipated challenges, specifically during IPL 2023.Our AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Solutions Architect (SA) played a pivotal role in our success. During the preparation phase, the TAM meticulously assessed our infrastructure, identified potential risks, and determined our scaling requirements. TAM brought together SMEs for different AWS services, and our critical resources, including CloudFront, ECS, ASG, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, and WAF, underwent thorough operational reviews. One of the key achievements was the identification and resolution of service limits that were on the verge of being breached. Our critical infrastructure was proactively pre-warmed to gracefully handle the additional traffic and the anticipated peaks throughout the IPL. The account team also collaborated with us on capacity planning, advocating for essential load testing before the event to mitigate potential performance bottlenecks."

Technology Team - WinZO


Neweb Tech Co. LTD is a leading company in Taiwan that focuses on FinTech services. Neweb Tech is providing third-party payment and electronic payment services. Neweb Tech has been cooperating with hundreds of thousands of online and physical stores. No matter it is online service like e-commerce, online education, live broadcasts, and online game top-up; or physical service like, gym, night market or parking, customer can make payment safely and conveniently.

“AWS Countdown Premium helped us migrate from on-prem to cloud. With the help from Mandarin-speaking designated engineers selected from a team of AWS experts, we successfully cut-over the production environment within 4 hours, which is saving 20% of the time and saving more than 5 person’s workload to monitor in the war room. With AWS Countdown, we feel more confident to execute such huge event.”

William Hsieh, System Planning Sector Manager - Neweb Tech Co. LTD  


Cathay is a premium travel lifestyle brand headquartered in Hong Kong and was founded in 1946. Cathay Pacific, the home airline of Hong Kong, provide flights offering both passenger and cargo services worldwide. It is known for its quality service, extensive routes, and modern aircraft fleet. Cathay seamlessly migrated over 90 applications with zero downtime to AWS with the support of AWS Enterprise Support. Enterprise Support helped them to accelerate time-to-market and improve scalability.

“The migration involved leveraging managed services like Amazon DMS, Amazon RDS, and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, resulting in 37% cost savings, improved security, and achieved 99.95% availability. By utilizing AWS and collaboration with AWS Solution Architect and Technical Account Manager, Cathay reduced time-to-market by 55% and completed the project in 9 months that typically takes 18 months to complete. The collaboration with AWS enhanced the team's proficiency in cloud technology and DevOps practices, along with providing Cathay swift issue escalation through dedicated teams offering technical guidance and effective workarounds. With a Multi-Region architecture on the horizon, Cathay plans to further enhance resiliency and redundancy while effectively managing our cloud infrastructure with the scalability and support provided by AWS Enterprise Support.”

Tony Leung, Head of IT Platforms at Cathay


What If Media is a performance marketing company that generates significant new customer acquisition and revenue growth for advertisers through AI-driven, cookieless, proprietary media. The company has created a diverse, self-contained digital ecosystem comprised of 30+ premium, owned and operated (“O&O”) multi-vertical web properties, internally-developed AI technology, and a suite of proprietary marketing automation tools that combine to deliver high-quality customer acquisition solutions at a massive scale. 

“Leading up to 2023, our business expanded due to organic growth as well as acquisitions. This led to rising AWS usage, and we wanted to ensure our AWS footprint was cost-optimized. Our AWS Enterprise Support Technical Account Manager (TAM) worked closely with our team to identify opportunities for cost optimization. Our TAM also conducted an in-depth analysis of our DynamoDB usage that revealed an opportunity to secure 1 and 3-year Reserved Capacity plans to optimize our usage. Lastly, our TAM showed our team how to identify cost optimization opportunities via the CID dashboards and ensured we had those properly set up in our environment. The cost optimization opportunities, specifically DynamoDB Reserved Capacity (RC), were not items that our team was aware of, and we would have missed out on the optimizations provided if not due to the proactive nature of our TAM. 
By implementing the cost optimization opportunities, we were able to reduce our monthly AWS spend by almost 10%. These cost savings have allowed us to invest in other areas of our business so that we can continue delivering features that our customers need. 
We are in the process of planning long-term strategic goals like an improved Disaster Recovery (DR) configuration that will improve our Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). AWS Support and our TAM have been working hand-in-hand with us in the early planning stages and are setting us up for success in this initiative. AWS Support acts as an extension to our team and provides the right expertise when our team faces challenges or is looking for guidance.”

John Pershing, Chief Technology Officer - What If Media Group


The ZeroNorth platform provides services that are helping the global shipping industry to achieve optimal commercial performance and reduce its carbon emissions, by blending advanced data-driven technology with human expertise. The platform serves as a central hub, promoting enhanced collaboration and improving decision-making capabilities by incorporating services across specialty areas including Chartering, Voyage, Vessel and Bunkering, Reporting, and Emissions Analysis. ZeroNorth was established with a singular and unequivocal mission to lead the green transition of global trade.

“The AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support Plan has proven invaluable for our High-Frequency Data team. ZeroNorth High Frequency Data team decided to leverage AWS (IoT Greengrass) to ensure ZeroNorth use latest technologies with reduced overhead on their platform engineering side. We wanted to leverage Greengrass both as core functionality and as component paradigm allowing us to rapidly prototype, test and deploy our business logic at the Edge, building on the publish-subscribe IPC bus architecture offered by Greengrass core. The TAMs have been instrumental in assisting us with implementing AWS IoT Greengrass and other AWS services, streamlining our processes and optimizing operations. We leveraged engagement such as Architecture review and guidance and were assisted by IoT Specialist to walkthrough IoT architectural patterns, review existing platform and conduct deep dive discussion around AWS Edge services, AWS IoT Greengrass components & Industrial data platform. The access to IoT specialist & technical guidance and support provided by the AWS Enterprise On-Ramp in navigating the complexities of IoT Core and IoT Greengrass have been instrumental in streamlining our processes and optimizing our operations.The AWS Enterprise On-Ramp team has been an essential partner in our journey towards innovation and excellence. We sincerely appreciate the significant impact the Enterprise On-Ramp subscription have made on our project, and look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration.”

Martin Seest Christiansen, VP of Platform Engineering - ZeroNorth


Service NSW (SNSW) is an executive agency of the NSW Department of Customer Service (DCS). Service NSW makes it easier to access government services by delivering world-class one-stop-shop services for customers, businesses and its partner agencies across NSW. 

"Collaborating with AWS Support and ProServe together during our strategic planning phase to accelerate our cloud adoption journey was a game changer. Through shared AWS expertise, tailored recommendations, hands-on workshops and post-implementation support, we received the guidance we needed to ensure that our transition to the AWS ecosystem was smooth, secure, strategic, and aligned with our long-term business objectives. Together the team helped optimize and secure our infrastructure, particularly in cloud networking. Their expertise and access to SMEs helped us fine-tune our networking architecture, making it more efficient, scalable, and resilient. Post-migration, AWS Enterprise Support services have continued providing comprehensive ongoing operational improvement and service deep dive best practice guidance to ensure Service NSW continues to maintain world-class services at the lowest cost. We rely on our TAM and AWS support staff expertise for their deep dive analysis and optimization recommendations using support tools such as Trusted advisor, Cost Explorer and tailored Quicksight cost-optimization dashboards, to meet our cost optimization and operational objectives. This has led to more predictable billing and a 9.4% reduction in our monthly AWS costs through the implementation of savings plans, reserved instances, storage optimization and resource right sizing recommendations. The technology, programs and tools provided through AWS Enterprise Support have become integral components of our cloud management strategy. They have not only assisted with cost optimization but also with real-time alerts, incident response, security, fault tolerance, and performance providing actionable insights for enhancing the efficiency, high availability and resilience of our AWS environment. Leveraging AWS Enterprise Support has significantly reduced the time and effort spent by our engineers when they encounter challenges during development and deployment on AWS, streamlining the troubleshooting process, and enabling our engineers to quickly address issues and maintain productivity."

Suneetha Bodduluri, Group Product Director - SNSW Channel Enablement


GoFreight is a customer-first freight software expert revolutionizing the freight forwarding industry. Backed by world-class investors and industry experts, GoFreight is dedicated to solving real problems for skilled freight forwarders and their customers. At GoFreight, we're more than just a software provider; we're a transformative partner committed to the long-term success and evolution of the freight forwarding business.

"We leveraged the power of Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) alongside Enterprise On-Ramp support (EOP) to seamlessly migrate our legacy system to Amazon EKS within months. AWS Enterprise On-Ramp helped us to conduct a thorough architecture review, provide best practice guidance, and deliver timely technical support throughout and post-migration. Since embracing Amazon EKS, our machine cost reduced by 68% and PR99 API response time improved by 2x. Additionally, customer complaints have decreased, and satisfaction rates have surged by 61%.
We also collaborated closely with our Technical Account Manager (TAM) to continuously optimize the costs without compromising service quality. In response to the surge in cloud costs correlated with customer expansion over the past year, our TAM devised and implemented multiple cost optimization strategies, resulting in a substantial 36% reduction in AWS spending. Our partnership with AWS, characterized by a customer-centric culture, improves our confidence and fosters economic efficiency on our cloud journey. We look forward to the continued innovations and benefits that AWS will bring to our evolving landscape."

Falldog Hsieh, CTO - GoFreight


Loyalty NZ has been a pivotal force in New Zealand's loyalty, marketing, and data analytics field for over a quarter of a century, helping businesses build lasting customer relationships. The launch of Flybuys in 1996, New Zealand's premier loyalty program, exemplifies their innovative approach. With an extensive reach across 80% of New Zealand households and a significant presence in Auckland and Wellington, Loyalty NZ's impact is further evidenced by a series of industry accolades.

"The partnership with AWS Enterprise On-Ramp has been fundamental to our success. Their support, particularly through the Technical Account Managers (TAMs), has been invaluable in optimizing our AWS infrastructure. Regular interactions with TAMs have led to significant cost optimizations, enhanced security postures, and efficient future planning. Additionally, the depth of support from the AWS team has drastically shortened our issue resolution times. They have guided our developers and administrators in pinpointing service-specific information and have provided expert solutions and suggestions in related areas, further enhancing our operational efficiency.
The sincerity and ownership the AWS Enterprise On-Ramp team demonstrates towards our success are truly remarkable. Their commitment is evident in every interaction, making us feel more like partners than clients. This was particularly visible during our critical infrastructure migration to AWS, where the TAMs, through their expert review and alignment of support representatives, played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition. Their proactive approach in identifying challenges and providing actionable solutions has made them an indispensable part of our team."

Jeremy Anderson, Head of TechOps - Loyalty NZ


Based in California, Second Dinner is a startup independent game studio founded in 2018. Its first game, MARVEL SNAP, won Mobile Game of the Year within 4 months of its release.

"We adopted AWS early on and identified a set of services that could help us accomplish our goal. AWS helped us reduce time on undifferentiated tasks, and focus on things that we do uniquely and powerfully. Teams from Second Dinner and Nuverse worked alongside AWS Technical Account Managers to complete a migration in 3 weeks. Without AWS, it would have taken us about 6 months. The near-immediate turnaround was essential to our successful launch."•

Aaron Brunstetter, Vice President of Engineering at Second Dinner

Nuverse is the gaming division of the Chinese internet technology company ByteDance and a game development and publishing brand for players and developers around the world.

"Nuverse brings scale to developers, including access to key capabilities that indie studios often don’t have in house, such as marketing resources and investments. We are also responsible for the backend infrastructure, which gives autonomy and creative freedom to US developers. The fully managed serverless architecture means that engineers can focus on game features, not infrastructure. The support from AWS has helped our organization to learn quickly. The problem-free launch of MARVEL SNAP speaks for itself."

Tom van Dam, Head of the Nuverse global business development team


Beijing Ultrapower Software Co.,Ltd (referred to as: Ultrapower) was established in 2001. As an Advanced Tier consulting partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ultrapower has provided professional AWS cloud services to hundreds of Chinese companies expanding overseas. Its business spans dozens of countries and regions, widely recognized for its excellence, earning awards from AWS (like the Best System Integration Partner) and numerous AWS-specific certifications (such as MSP, Migration, Big Data, etc.).

"Ultrapower has collaborated with the AWS Enterprise Support (ES) team for years. Working with AWS Technical Account Managers (TAM), we consistently offer services that closely meet customer needs, such as rapid response, case analysis, cost optimization, architectural review, and launch and event planning. Utilizing AWS and our unique service , Ultrapowers' overseas business on has grown annually by 30% to 50%.
Through close cooperation with the AWS Enterprise Support team and leveraging value-added services, Ultrapower continually creates value for customers. For example, by providing launch and event management services to a well-known gaming company, Ultrapower helped the customer launch in the U.S., Japan, and Singapore markets. Our team’s expert planning and robust technical support reduced prep time from months to just 3 weeks, optimizing their infrastructure during launch. Ultrapower improved the customer's resource efficiency and reduced their costs by 20%, while achieving high reliability of 99.99%, and 0 faults during the game release. As a result of our services and partnership with AWS, our clients can focus on what they do best - developing and promoting their products."

Zhang Xuebing, Senior Technical Director of Ultrapower


Origin Energy is an ASX listed company, a leading energy and natural gas retailer as well as a major energy generator in Australia.

"Our AWS Enterprise Support Technical Account Manager (TAM) acts as a ‘trusted advisor’ who understands our priorities and business focus. Our TAM partners with us to accelerate and deliver on our ambition to lead energy transition through renewable energy and customer solutions. As part of our operational governance, our TAM helps us identify and eliminate waste, providing insights while tracking cost and usage. Using the Well Architected and Trusted Advisor Frameworks, our TAM assists us in identifying risks and areas to prioritize effort. Some of our team structures and operational practices were built in collaboration with TAM recommendations, increasing operational maturity on our cloud platform. Whether it relates to Amazon Connect for a contact centre, or DeepRacer events for Machine Learning capability build, our TAM supports innovation within our team enablement workshops and leads proof-of-concept developments. Our TAM works as part of our team.”

Garry Clarke, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations.  


Peak Games is a Turkish mobile gaming company that specializes in developing and publishing puzzle-based mobile games. They are well known for developing popular games like Toon Blast and Toy Blast, which have each amassed a sizeable and devoted user community.

"Collaborating closely with our TAM, we maintained a remarkable 95% coverage of our entire compute estate through various cost savings mechanisms. By leveraging our TAM's expertise, AWS Trusted Advisor, and AWS Config, we gained valuable insights into relevant metrics like Tagging and AWS Best Practices compliance, and resource detection, enabling us to make informed decisions and avoid surprises on our billing statements. This strategic partnership not only enhanced our cost efficiency but also provided us with the confidence to manage our resources effectively in the cloud environment."

Krisztian BanhidyLead Devops Engineer at Peak


RavenPack is the category leader in alternative data for financial institutions. Founded in 2003, RavenPack develops language AI technology to process textual content at scale, including one of the largest training sets for NLP applications.
The firm has pioneered text sentiment analysis and established itself as the premier provider of real-time news analytics for some of the most successful hedge funds, banks, and asset managers in the world. Powered by a considerable cloud infrastructure, RavenPack deploys a unique knowledge graph comprising over 12 million named entities to make sense of events as they happen, across 40,000 sources. This analysis then underpins powerful financial models that produce actionable insights for trading strategies.
The company has expanded to further include job listings, call transcripts, and other textual data, and the emergence of large language models has broadened the appeal of its infrastructure to help companies refine their data strategy.

Today RavenPack helps a growing list of customers make better trading decisions, assess risk, and turn their proprietary data into actionable insights.

"The adoption of AWS Enterprise Support has accelerated our cloud adoption maturity with AWS. Having clients distributed around the world that rely on our data in real-time, operational excellence requires a suitable paradigm. Working with a designated TAM (Technical Account Manager) not only provides a close point of contact with a key technological partner, they become another team member focused on efficiency, security, best practices, and many other impactful activities. Cultivating this deep understanding of our infrastructure, products and needs yields more fruitful collaboration, and the suggestions and initiatives are tailored to our internal objectives. As tangible results, S3 storage was optimized by 22% in 3 months, the EC2 fleet was modernized by 15% in a year-long assisted project, Savings Plans and Reservations have been kept at 93% average coverage leading to significant cost savings. Best practices monitoring was not unattended and led to 67% increase in security best practices application, and 75% reduction of resilience risks. Deep involvement and cooperation with Enterprise Support meant a performance change from -60% to +30% during versions upgrade. From quarterly reviews of infrastructure usage and trends, to weekly cadence calls, going through case escalation and facilitating service team contacts, Enterprise Support secures itself as a valuable service to maximize our AWS portfolio."

Jose Luis Cruz, Director of IT Operations - RavenPack International


Moneylicious Securities is one of India's fastest growing technology-led stock brokerage platforms, offering lightning-fast investing and trading experience to its users. Moneylicious handpicks the best offerings and products in the industry, helping users to get their financial requirements and needs met.

“As Moneylicious scales to target 1M+ users on its platform, providing seamless and enhanced user experience is key. The support provided by AWS Enterprise On-Ramp plan has helped increase the availability and scale of our Dhan platform. We regularly connect with a Technical Account Manager (TAM), who has helped us analyze Trusted Advisor reports, review service usage, and identify any inefficiencies. We leveraged a cost optimization engagement in our first month of on-boarding, and our TAM presented a detailed recommendation for us to save $14K. The monthly cadence call was used to review progress made and discuss additional recommendations, such as CloudWatch optimization. Through Enterprise On-Ramp, TAMs have helped us manage critical escalations, and engage service experts to discuss any architectural and operational requirements. Timely intervention from a TAM helps us maintain platform availability and allows our engineers to focus on strategic engagements rather than on operational issues. Overall, our relationship with AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support has been extremely positive and productive.”

Devendra Date , Lead Devops engineer - Moneylicious Securities


HeGuan Technology is an overseas fashion brand conglomerate. Established in Hangzhou in 2018, it achieved more than 200% growth for four consecutive years. Its annual sales have surpassed 3 billion US dollars, winning the admiration of young consumers abroad and becoming a highly sought-after fashion brand.

"HeGuan Technology leveraged AWS Enterprise Support's Infrastructure Event Management (IEM), which provided 24/7 technical support throughout the migration. The Technical Account Manager and the account team offered on-site technical advice and guidance, assisted in creating migration plans, reviewed traffic switch strategies, and facilitated the smooth migration of core network components, as well as the transition of self-built database services and analytics services to AWS. After migrating the database to Aurora, performance doubled and daily operational time was reduced by 100%. Within two months, HeGuan achieved a 25% reduction in cloud costs through in-depth optimization of procurement methods and technical architecture. As a result, HeGuan’s business revenue grew 10% during this time.
With AWS Enterprise Support managing potential challenges that arise, HeGuan can focus on rapid global expansion. We rely on AWS Support for every major system change, architecture upgrade, and critical business activity. AWS consistently delivers professional and prompt services."

Jun Luo, Heguan CTO


Curtin University is globally recognized for strong collaboration and innovation with industry, high-impact research, and wide range of innovative courses, ensuring students graduate highly employable. Curtin University is ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide in the highly regarded Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU, 2022).

"Curtin University engaged AWS Enterprise Support to support our ambitious digital transformation strategy by helping us navigate the AWS environment and services required at the pace needed to deliver accelerated value to students, staff and researchers. Our Technical Account Manager (TAM) provided consultation to help us select and use the right AWS services through education and the facilitation of several other modes of enablement including games days, immersion days, workload diagnostics, operational reviews, infrastructure event management and well architected reviews. Because the TAM understood our technology roadmap, the learning provided was always contextually tailored at the appropriate competency level. Engaging Enterprise Support has enabled us to get it right the first-time vs trial and error. It has led to accelerated value delivery, increased speed to organization learning, improved security, production deployment risk reduction and a cost saving of $600k through the implementation of a customized guided Cloud Financial Management strategy."

Mike Masiye, Deputy Director of Platforms - Curtin University


Shahid is the first and leading Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) and Advertising-based Video On Demand (AVOD) streaming platform in the Arab world by MBC GROUP. It offers premium content to Arab families, including binge-worthy exclusive Shahid Originals, Shahid Premieres, Arabic movies fresh off the box-office, and live TV channels in true HD quality. In addition, it provides international offerings, sports, and kids offerings, and more than 40 FAST channels. With 3M+ current subscribers, Shahid's top markets are in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where it has established a strong presence in the region. 

"As an AWS Enterprise Support customer of over five years, I strongly recommend it to anyone running critical workloads on AWS. The activities led by our Technical Account Manager (TAM) has helped preparing us for critical media events by assessing operational readiness and proactively identifying and mitigating risks. our TAM has established solid response plans for expedited critical case resolution by being a trusted advocate for Shahid at AWS. In addition, our TAM has been a crucial member in our cost control strategy conducting regular cost optimization exercises and ensure we receive the optimal value from our AWS footprint. We view our TAM as an extension to our team.”

Ahmad Alasal - Sr Manager Software Development and Cloud Infrastructure


Holaluz is leading the energy transition in Spain as a top player in the solar segment. Since 2010, the company has managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 2.3 metric tons. More than 12,000 additional solar energy systems have followed stride, joining a growing energy and social transformation movement known as “The Rooftop Revolution”.

Holaluz is building the most impactful green energy community in Europe and unleashing the full potential of electrifying energy demand by scaling distributed solar energy storage. Holaluz connects home energy systems with nearby communities that take up the green surplus from their solar installations. This increases the company’s positive impact while democratizing access to clean and zero-kilometer energy by leveraging the use of the proximity network.

We work closely with our Technical Account Manager to address each new challenge we face through AWS Enterprise Support entitlements. They connect us with key AWS subject matter experts to expedite the adoption process and achieve better results. In the last 6 months they have helped us in our path to reducing the CO2 emissions linked to our AWS usage, which is a key objective for HolaLuz. Achieving a reduction above the 40% as measured with the Cloud Carbon Footprint tool by Thoughtworks.

Sergi Teixidó - Holaluz Engineering Manager


FunPlus, established in 2010, is a leading global game developer and publisher, with operations extending across more than 200 countries and regions, including Spain, Sweden, the United States, Japan, and China.

“FunPlus has collaborated with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support team for several years. The AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM) plays a crucial role as a liaison with the Enterprise Support team and has continually facilitated our business growth. This includes cost analysis and optimization, architectural optimization, AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM), and more.
Funplus utilized Entersprise Support to launch of live game "Pwnk", a project owned by Funplus' new studio Starscape. "Pwnk" launched within 3 months and saved 10%+ Amazon Graviton2 instances for their game server. Through numerous interactions with AWS Enterprise Support, Starscape also reduced end-to-end latency from 15 seconds to 1 second by leveraging Amazon Interactive Video Services (Amazon IVS). With the unwavering backing of the Enterprise Support team, FunPlus has been able to focus on its rapid global development, secure in the knowledge that any potential challenges are being expertly managed.”--

Guannan Pu, Vice President of Business at FunPlus


GoStudent is one of the world-leading online tutoring providers and, with a €3bn valuation, Europe’s highest valued EdTech company. GoStudent was founded in Vienna in 2016 by Felix Oswald (CEO) and Gregor Müller (COO). Currently, GoStudent is serving customers in +20 countries. Via its platform, GoStudent provides paid, one-to-one, video-based tuition to primary, secondary and college-aged students in 30+ subjects, using a membership model.

"GoStudent partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has undergone a transformation with the adoption of AWS Enterprise Support. AWS has become more than just our cloud provider; they have become a trusted advisor to us and helped us to achieve our business goal to scale 600% more virtual classes per month. Through the AWS Enterprise Support, we received exceptional responsiveness and guidance during launch of a new product GoClass - virtual classroom based on Chime SDK. Our TAM played a crucial role in managing escalations during first deployment event, ensuring our overall success and improved user experience for thousands of students and tutors.This collaboration has proven instrumental in optimizing our architecture, and exchanging relevant insights that directly impact our business.Overall, the evolving relationship with AWS has enabled GoStudent to leverage their expertise and resources to enhance our operations, making them an integral part of our continued success."

Jaume Bresco CTO Tus Media / GoStudent


BUD was founded in 2019 and is a world leading 3D Metaverse UGC platform. In terms of performance tuning and improvement, BUD also takes full advantage of the value brought by the proactive Amazon OpenSearch Service Operational Review (Operational Review), a service provided by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support team. The AWS service provides customers with detailed reports, expert interpretations, and metrics optimization suggestions through an evaluation of the customer's existing Amazon OpenSearch Service usage.

“With support from the AWS team, BUD can utilize scarce talent resources and save time while optimizizing key Amazon OpenSearch Services in line with best practices to obtain a better ROI. Amazon OpenSearch Service, provided by Amazon Web Services, can monitor cluster conditions and automatically fix faults 24 hours a day. Users can complete cluster expansion with one click, ensure that all logs can be collected and analyzed, increase analysis efficiency by 20%, and only pay for the Amazon Web Services resources used.
There were a total of 111 nodes of Opensearch clusters before ops review, and some nodes were running at low CPU utilization(about 15%). Post ops review, there are total 83 nodes of Opensearch clusters and mostly nodes are running around 40% average CPU utilization”

BUD co-founder Shawn Lin


NEXT Insurance, a leading digital small business insurer, is revolutionizing the insurance market for U.S. based entrepreneurs. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, NEXT is re-imagining small business insurance, offering straightforward, affordable, and tailored products to help customers thrive. NEXT’s digital insurance policies are conveniently available for purchase through the channels customers trust most - whether that be direct through NEXT’s website, through an agent, or through NEXT Connect, NEXT’s fully embedded insurance solution. Through its tech-forward solution, the company provides busy small business owners with the convenience and peace of mind they need to operate their businesses with confidence, granting them 24/7 access to live certificates of insurance, adding additional insured parties, and more. NEXT offers entrepreneurs a comprehensive portfolio of insurance coverage, streamlining the customer experience with modern simplicity and efficiency, leading to a growing and loyal customer base. With technology and AI at the core of its innovation, NEXT is paving the way for a more accessible and seamless insurance experience.

"As a Cloud Native technology company, the seamless functioning and success of our operations are deeply intertwined with our adept utilization of cloud resources and services. The AWS Enterprise Support program, particularly the invaluable collaboration with our TAM (Technical Account Manager), plays a pivotal role in ensuring our journey through this vast domain remains on track and purposeful. By receiving dedicated support on any encountered challenges, thorough technical reviews of our strategies and designs, multiple enriching training sessions, and invaluable guidance on security and cost optimization, we are fortified with the confidence to propel ahead and achieve triumph in our cloud endeavors"

Moshe Ben Shoham, Director DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure


Groupe La Centrale Logo

Groupe La Centrale is a specialized group in the automobile industry (La Centrale, Promoneuve and maVoitureCash) and editorial content (Caradisiac and Forum Auto).Receiving more than 48 million monthly visits, it is the French reference to buy, sell, and get the maximum information available on vehicles and its mission is to simplify and secure the car buying and selling experience. The heart of its strategy is to make the search easy, to provide all useful information on vehicles, and to add more transparency to the buying and selling process.

“AWS TAMs strongly help us to better target our main cost optimizations and provide useful support to ensure we scale our platform in the most cost-efficient way. They also help us to set in place the FinOps process to keep a good follow-up of our costs and provide support to target the best service to operate our business with a cost proficiency. Thanks to the AWS Enterprise Support team, we were able to reduce our AWS cost by 15 percent by properly scaling the platform and ensuring we’re using the best services and technologies for our business.”

Thomas Berger – CTO Groupe La Centrale


CRIF is a global company specializing in credit and business information systems, analytics, outsourcing and processing services, as well as advanced digital solutions for Business Development and open banking.CRIF supports banks and financial institutions, insurance, telco, media, energy, and utility companies, as well as businesses and consumers. Thanks to continuous innovation from building on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the use of the most advanced technologies, and a culture of information management, CRIF provides services for over ten thousand financial institutions and more than 1 million customers across four continents.

"The cloud is at the heart of CRIF strategy in terms of innovation and digital transformation, helping us to better support our customers and to be ready for the future. However, there are some challenges in this journey, such as using the cloud rather than on-premises, defining which resources are best, keeping costs under control, and with a great focus on all security, privacy and regulatory aspects.
AWS Enterprise Support is supporting us in tackling these challenges thanks to all the advisory review and orientation activities. The technical account manager (TAM) provided regular strategic business reviews to keep focus on our goals and monitor costs, provided proactive guidance on several areas including reliability and technical support to further improve our infrastructure and workloads. At CRIF we want to ensure the highest level of security to our customer, and the TAM worked with us to release the functionality we needed, helping us to speed up the security related processes for current and new workloads.
Finally, following the TAM's proposal, we performed an AWS Cost Optimization, which is a service offered by AWS Enterprise Support that provides 20 training sessions to teams to gain greater visibility on costs and to analyze them, helping our teams to identify the right cost-effective resources to use. We achieved an amazing result, reducing the cost by 15%."

Massimo Gentilini, Corporate CTO, CRIF.


Siemens Energy is a global leader in providing innovative solutions for the energy industry. With a strong focus on sustainability, it is driving the transition toward a greener and more sustainable future. The company's advanced technologies, coupled with a commitment to decarbonization and renewable energy, enable them to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for power generation, transmission, and storage. Siemens Energy's expertise and dedication to environmental stewardship make it a trusted partner in shaping the future of energy worldwide.
Siemens Energy maintains a close collaboration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support team, leveraging their expertise in various areas. They collaborate to optimize costs, enhance security, improve the overall health of resources, conduct regular business reviews, and explore opportunities for adopting new AWS services. This collaboration helps Siemens Energy to continually improve its operations, maximize efficiency, and stay at the forefront of technology advancements within the AWS ecosystem.

"Initially, Siemens Energy relied on a third-party tool for visualizing the cost and usage of our AWS infrastructure. However, during an Enterprise Support Entitlement, specifically the Strategic Business Review, the Enterprise Support team introduced the CUDOS dashboard, providing in-depth, granular, and recommendation-driven insights tailored to our needs. Through a pilot deployment of CUDOS, further enhancements were made, including importing organization tags, implementing tag filtering, and configuring row-level security to ensure individual user data access restrictions. This helped us to autonomously share cost optimization best practices with service owners, resulting in CUDOS being deployed across 100 percent of the organizations.
As a direct result, Siemens Energy achieved remarkable cost savings, reducing expenses by 70% compared to our previous third-party tool. The implementation of CUDOS not only improved cost management but also enhanced efficiency and streamlined processes throughout Siemens Energy's operations."

Ajay Garg, Head of Native Cloud services, Siemens Energy


GupShup is a leading conversational messaging platform, powering over 30 billion messages per month. Across verticals, thousands of large and small businesses in emerging markets use GupShup to build conversational experiences across marketing, sales and support. GupShup’s carrier-grade platform provides a single messaging API for 30+ channels, a rich conversational experience-building tool kit for any use case and a network of emerging market partnerships across messaging channels, device manufacturers, ISVs and operators.Gupshup messaging analytics project deals with billions of messages and events per months.

"I am very happy with the guidance and support that we received from the AWS Enterprise Support team. We were able to validate our designs and architectures beforehand with AWS Enterprise Support team and they were available on a short notice to help resolve issues, if any, once things are in production. We will continue to expand this project using more and more of AWS services. Looking forward to continued partnership with AWS Enterprise Support team."

Pankaj Bisen, Director of Engineering - GupShup


BlueJeans by Verizon is a company that provides an interoperable cloud-based video conferencing service that connects users across different devices, platforms, and conference programs. It has over 27,000 enterprise customers across over 150 countries worldwide. Being a technology provider to many of the world's leading corporations, BlueJeans is familiar with the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"AWS Enterprise Support has been a key asset in constructing the platform we use today. Their dedication to understanding our operations and technical foundations has created a trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationship that we can still count on. The AWS Enterprise Support team, especially Sumit Bhardwaj, has been very proactive in keeping our systems in check and has been swift to react to any issues that have arisen. The custom solutions and advice have helped us in cost optimization, modernization, and heightened the BlueJeans security posture. AWS Enterprise Support stands out due to their dedication to creating strong long-term connections with their clients. They have dedicated a lot of effort to comprehending our business and giving us continuous assistance and advice to reach our objectives."

Pankaj Joshi, Director, DevOps – BlueJeans by Verizon


SPH Media is a leading media group with operations in the publishing of newspapers, magazines, and books in both print and digital editions. SPH Media also owns and operates other businesses such as radio stations and outdoor media.

"Thank you very much to our AWS account team for planning the CFM Day; it was an important catalyst on our journey towards our ”you build it, you run it” culture and the feedback from our teams has been extremely positive. The lessons learned during the sessions will help them to attain and exceed their operational optimization KPIs."

George Irwin, Director of Engineering, SPH Media


DataSpark are leaders in processing large geo-spatial temporal mobility data to deliver intelligence on people and places by adhering to the highest data privacy standards. Understanding how people move, where they go and what they do enables organisations to strategically outline their plans around where people live, work and play. DataSpark works by collecting, cleaning and collating vast telco data’s daily using algorithmic models to produce key actionable insights. AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM) delivered Cost Optimization(CO) workshop to perform workload discovery and analyze data leading to opportunities to 19% cost reduction in 3 months.

“We were able to achieve effective cost reduction within 3 months, thanks to the detailed evaluation across our resource usage types with proposed action from AWS. It would have taken us much longer without the professional guidance.”.

Dimitri Bintein, Chief Product Officer, DataSpark


Duolingo, Inc. (NASDAQ: DUOL) is a globally leading mobile learning platform with a mission to develop the best education in the world and make it universally available. Duolingo teams work together to make language learning fun, free, and effective for anyone who wants to learn—wherever they are—and the company builds on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet those goals.

"We were tasked with upgrading dozens of Amazon Aurora MySQL databases by one or more major versions. These databases were utilized across hundreds of microservices hosted on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), and each had to be evaluated to identify potential impact and and what our upgrade plan was going to be. Our TAM engaged with our SRE and Operations teams to help us understand the upgrade options and workflows for our most critical databases. This included selecting which database versions to target, timelines to get the upgrades done on time, and connecting us to service SMEs for troubleshooting edge cases. We utilized AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) through all of our database upgrades and our AWS Enterprise Support team reviewed our plans and supported us during maintenance windows. With the help of AWS Enterprise Support, we were able to complete all upgrades by their respective deadlines, and we also updated our runbooks to incorporate Aurora Blue/Green Deployments. That has reduced the overall impact of an upgrade from tens of minutes to tens of seconds."

Fabio Lessa, Senior Director of Engineering - Duolingo


Yogiyo, a food delivery platform service provided by WESANG, connects people to food, from deliveries to groceries and gift cards. WESANG combines technology and industry expertise to delight its customers, creating effortless experiences where great food is available at the tip of a finger. Given the fast-paced nature of food deliveries, stability and availability are the company’s top priorities and that’s why it turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build Yogiyo.

“To provide great customer experiences, WESANG relies on a cloud native solution built on AWS, and we leverage AWS Enterprise Support and technical account managers (TAMs) for technical support. TAMs, in particular, are critical to our success. They provide constant status updates about our AWS Cloud solutions and, should problems occur, they act as a communication channel between WESANG and AWS cloud support engineers to resolve issues in a timely manner. A Strategic Business Review is held to review the past month and address any unresolved cases. Furthermore, they are our thought-partners on how to minimize architectural risk and maximize efficiency. For example, we were able to significantly reduce our costs by following guidance from TAMs around how to leverage AWS Trusted Advisor’s cost optimization pillar.
Beyond the day-to-day, TAMs help us stay connected to new technologies and advancements from AWS. Customized Immersion Days and Technical Sessions are provided based on our needs, and we are also informed of events such as AWS re:Invent and re:Inforce, which helps increase interest and proficiency levels of AWS. This partnership has played a critical role in the success of our migration and operation in the cloud, and TAMs will continue to play a key role in our pursuit of customer delight. We look forward to building an even stronger relationship between WESANG and AWS in the years to come.”

Soobaek Jang, CIO/CSO, WESANG

Shopline logo

KB Kookmin Bank, a leading financial institution with the largest number of customers in Korea, has been launching several cloud-based services in the past few years to flexibly respond to customer needs while adopting sophisticated technologies. During its new challenge of migrating to the cloud, KB Kookmin Bank achieved a stable and smooth migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with strong support from AWS technical account managers (TAMs).

"Due to the nature of the financial industry, we had to consider numerous factors including technical issues like massive traffic, big data processing, security, regulations as well as adoption and implementation of new technologies including AI. To solve these issues that were not addressable by our internal staff, AWS Enterprise Support used its great technical capabilities and various AWS products to enable a successful service launch. Despite concerns related to unexpected cost increase after the launch, AWS is providing continuous support for analysis and improvement from the financial, architectural, and resource optimization perspectives. With training sessions about Cost Explorer, Trusted Advisor and more, AWS Technical Account Managers help KB Kookmin Bank’s members to directly use AWS cost effectively to grow together and innovate continuously.” 

JooHyun Kim, Head of Cloud Platform Department, KB Kookmin Bank

Shopline logo

Founded in 2013 and a member of the Silicon Valley-based 500 Startups accelerator in 2014, SHOPLINE is a leading smart commerce platform, offering solutions and services to merchants, empowering them to sell everywhere from anywhere. SHOPLINE operates offices in Greater China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia. SHOPLINE has already helped over 500,000 merchants start and scale their retail businesses, reaching over 1.5 billion consumers. Its customers include brands such as Miniso, Linsy, AUKEY, Olympus, Moft, and MedSpa.

SHOPLINE worked with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support team and used the technical support for its critical workloads. The AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM) provided SHOPLINE regular recommendations in operation excellence, security, and cost management. The TAM also advised on Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) support for seasonal event promotions. By leveraging the SLA-assured serviceability and AWS support, SHOPLINE is able to provide highly available support, ensuring success during major sales events such as Black Friday and Christmas.

“By eliminating risks before the sales events, SHOPLINE's merchant activities went smoothly, and we have been able to surpass our business goals. In reviews after the events, we also found areas to optimize and improve our architecture. We will continue to work with the TAM team to optimize our infrastructure.

Guihong Wu, Operation Manager at SHOPLINE


Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) is a multi-national banking group serving over 18 million customers across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an integral part of RBI’s digital transformation agenda, with the goal of simplifying and reducing cost of IT by moving 80 percent of the Group’s applications to the cloud by 2025. From the very beginning of its cloud journey, RBI relied on AWS Enterprise Support to drive resiliency, security, and cost effectiveness of business workloads deployed to AWS.

“The AWS technical account manager (TAM) team has been with RBI since the beginning of our cloud journey, and it has been one of the best experiences a customer can have in a relationship with their supplier. Customer obsession is not just a phrase, but a real lifestyle that every TAM is driven by. I am always pleasantly surprised when our TAM goes beyond their standard support tasks and actively drives our communities, cost-saving activities, or, in technical discussions, takes our customer perspective into account and helps us find the most suitable solution. I am grateful that AWS has a working culture like this, which helps us build confidence and trust with our management and delivery teams on our cloud journey. I look forward to being continually positively surprised by their service.

Peter Vagner, Product Owner of Cloud & Modern Backend Technology


home24 is a leading pure-play home and living e-commerce platform in continental Europe and Brazil. It has third-party and private-label assortments combined with a tailored user experience built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). When the home24 brand was born in 2012, its goal was to improve the shopping experience and provide an extensive and great value collection of online furniture that addresses all tastes and budgets, making shopping easy and fun.

“AWS Enterprise Support has been a valuable partner in building the platform we operate today. Their continued investment in understanding our business and technical infrastructure has built a trusting and beneficial relationship that we continue to rely on. AWS has taken a proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining our systems and has responded very quickly to any issues that have arisen. The tailored solutions and recommendations have helped us optimize our infrastructure and improve our operations. What sets AWS Enterprise Support apart is their commitment to building long-term relationships with their customers. They have taken the time to understand our business and provide ongoing support and guidance to help us achieve our goals.

Florian Leinfelder, Chief Technology Office (CTO) at home24


Simplica Corporation is a leader in cloud hosting and user-friendly web portals for LabWare—the top-rated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in the world. For more than 20 years, Simplica has been a LabWare partner providing web application expertise and solutions. Simplica recently expanded to include cloud hosting services for LabWare’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering and dedicated environments for LabWare customers. Its services now feature Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offer professional support, expert architecture, and development to help its clients achieve their business goals in a fast and cost-effective manner.

“Simplica's relationship with AWS has grown through the AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support plan. The plan has given us access to knowledgeable technical account managers (TAMs), who serve as our gateway to key subject matter experts within AWS. The TAMs have been highly responsive and have provided us with insightful information about AWS services, as well as valuable cost optimization recommendations. This has enabled us to evolve the Simplica Cloud and achieve our business goals. Overall, our relationship with AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support has been an extremely positive and productive one.

Marc Rabil, CEO, Simplica Corporation


Getir is the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery. The tech company has revolutionized last-mile delivery with its “groceries in minutes” delivery proposition. Getir was founded in 2015 and operates in Turkey, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United States. Today Getir is a conglomerate incorporating 9 verticals (Getir, GetirMore, GetirWater, GetirFood, GetirLocals, GetirBitaksi, GetirJobs, GetirDrive, N11) under the same brand.

“We enrolled in AWS Enterprise Support in late 2021, just before launching new geographic locations and expanding into new business verticals. Our TAM made a huge impact on our operations, providing proactive services that helped us achieve operational excellence, system security, cost optimization, performance, and fault tolerance. It’s great to see how our TAM ensures we receive the best support, significantly reducing our Mean Time To Recovery in various scenarios. We feel privileged to work with an excellent account team, including Technical Account Manager, Account Manager, Solutions Architect, and Enterprise Support Manager. It feels like we’re all working for the same company. We highly recommend having a world-class Enterprise Support team that can guide you whenever you need it."

Erinc Erensoy, Senior Engineering Manager - Getir


Foodhub (formerly known as Touch2Success) provides online food ordering services to restaurants and takeaways across the UK. It has developed a range of software tools and platforms, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), that are designed to help restaurants manage their day-to-day activities, such as taking orders, tracking inventory, and analyzing sales data. These tools are easy to use and provide valuable insights that can help restaurants make informed decisions about their operations.

“Foodhub was in the process of migrating all critical DB instances from 5.6 to 5.7 and leveraged the AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support Plan infrastructure event management (IEM) engagement to successfully upgrade all DB instances. The AWS technical account manager (TAM) initiated multiple threads in the preparation phase and engaged Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) SMEs to perform proactive reviews and a health check of Amazon RDS clusters. The TAM, along with the Amazon Aurora SME, assisted in reviewing the upgrade plan and set aside a rollback strategy in case of any failures. Such commitment from the TAM was critical to the successful execution of the database upgrade. As part of AWS Enterprise On-Ramp, the TAM also conducted a monthly meeting cadence to discuss AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations, reviewing support cases raised and any other technical guidance required by the Foodhub team. They were our trusted technical advisor and provided targeted guidance during our journey of this critical DB upgrade. AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support Plan has been helpful in our cloud journey."

Team, Foodhub


The TF1 Group is a French media company that distributes live and replay content to millions of homes across multiple digital channels. eTF1 is its online media business that secured broadcasting rights for the French national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. eTF1 aimed to offer the French public free access to one of the biggest sporting events with the widest possible coverage. With such a critical event happening, TF1 looked to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and engaged its AWS Enterprise Support technical account manager (TAM) to initiate an Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) program.

“The AWS TAM quickly initiated multiple threads in the preparation phase, involving the right AWS experts who reviewed our architecture from a security, resilience, performance, and operational standpoint, all supporting our teams to mitigate the identified risks. I particularly appreciated the clear reporting and jointly built action plan that ensured all enhancements to our platforms were properly tracked and implemented in a timely manner. Giving our teams great reassurance going into the first games was a huge relief knowing we had our Cloud provider experts alongside us on site during the critical moments. And our collective efforts paid off. Throughout the 2022 World Cup, as the French national team advanced all the way up to the final, we broke multiple records—the final being the most watched broadcast on a French TV of all time, all programs and channels combined, gathering 24.1 million views with a peak at 29.4 million for the penalty shootouts and 3 million views on myTF1 online broadcast running fully on AWS. This was even more impressive as we were the target for a massive DDoS attack that we detected and blocked in real time using AWS Shield Advanced and WAF technologies without impacting the live broadcast experience for our viewers.”

Thierry Bonhomme, eTf1 CTO


ZEASN, the world's leading provider of smart home solutions and OTT services, focusing on the field of smart home, more than 50 million global households (with more than 150 million users) are currently using smart TVs, set-top boxes, smart speakers, and other smart home entertainment devices powered by Whale cloud services. ZEASN has complete Alexa voice service (AVS) integration and authentication solution capabilities. Since 2011, ZEASN has in-depth cooperation with the world’s top TV manufacturers, board solution providers, and leading TV chip designers, and has accumulated a substantial amount of resources in the whole industry chain, as well as rich industry core technology accumulation and data precipitation. ZEASN is also a partner of Amazon SPIF.

“In the past three years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support team has provided professional services to our organization, including regular management business reports (MBR), stability improvements, new service introductions, cost optimizations, and other technical support to help strengthen our IT architecture, which is a key reason why we have been adhering to the all-in AWS strategy. Through MBR, the technical account managers (TAMs) continuously helped us identify cost fluctuations and stability issues, together with executable solutions. Under the guidance and support of the TAMs, we applied AWS Savings Plans in 2020 resulting in obvious cost optimization. In 2021, we picked Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), which greatly improved operational and maintenance efficiency and stability. In 2022, we adopted AWS Elemental MediaTailor and successfully supported the advertising business’s landing quickly. As a top cloud infrastructure provider, AWS not only helped us better understand leading technology and best practices, but also provided periodical architecture reviews to help us better use innovative cloud products, which plays a very important role in our technology development.”

Suriko Wei, Platform RD Center Director, Beijing Zeasn Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Bharti Airtel Limited and its subsidiary Airtel Digital Limited (Airtel), a leading OTT platform in India, launched Wynk Studio in June 2022 as a place for indie artists and podcasters to digitally publish and promote their content. Wynk Studio currently offers 13.5 billion minutes of content delivered to 90 million active subscribers on Wynk Music—India’s largest aggregated premium content marketplace.

As an early adopter of Karpenter, Airtel worked closely with AWS on the proof of concept (PoC) to test the solution before implementing it in production. Decisions around configuration, node termination, and Spot interruptions were resolved in a matter of weeks, and the PoC was completed in three months. Airtel’s AWS technical account manager (TAM) and the AWS Enterprise Support team maintained close contact throughout the adoption and cost optimization journey, resolving queries and proactively finding the right solution that worked for Airtel’s specific use cases.

“The AWS Enterprise Support team took our feedback and quickly resolved issues in testing. The solution is now very mature and stable, and we haven’t experienced any issues in production.”

Sagar Arora, Senior Principal Engineer Devops, Airtel Digital Limited


Wego is a travel metasearch engine based in Singapore that built an app using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The app displays travel rate results in near real-time from over 700 travel sites so users can shop and compare flight and hotel prices available online. Wego displays search results from online travel agencies (OTA), airlines, and hotels on desktop or the travel app for iOS and Android. The Middle East region contributes to 70 percent of its revenue, with the remainder from APAC and other countries.

“We started using AWS Enterprise Support around 4 years ago. We needed to better understand AWS services and move toward adopting containerization. The technical account manager (TAM) and the team were very helpful in giving us insights over available options and guiding us through our journey. When we started working with AWS Enterprise Support, we were an Amazon EC2 shop with basic autoscaling. The TAM and team helped us to move to Amazon ECS which helps us to better utilize the hardware resources and to get better value for every dollar that we spend in the cloud. They also helped review our account and the resources provisioned to improve on the security posture and health of the resource management. The ability to connect with the TAM to arrange for expert resources from solution architects and engineering support to help with upgrades and migration has been very useful. It helped us migrate our entire Amazon RDS fleet from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7 without any major downtime. Of the many benefits, the biggest one is better value for each dollar spent. The TAM and team helped guide us in choosing the best plan for our compute resources. We migrated to using Amazon EC2 C5a instance types allowing us 30 more resources for the same amount.”

Ahsan Nabi Dar, Vice President (VP) of Engineering, Wego


Informatica is a cloud-first company that helps its customers transform data with their Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC). Informatica's platform does 38+ trillion monthly cloud transactions with 250+ intelligent data services with an AI engine that helps manage, govern and unify data on a single platform.

“Our relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has evolved through AWS Enterprise Support where AWS is not only our cloud provider but also a trusted advisor to Informatica. We consider our technical account manager (TAM) to be an extension of the Informatica team. The responsiveness and guidance he provides during software deployments and escalation management during service events is integral to our success. Our TAM has also brought us closer to the AWS team of specialist engineers, which has helped us optimize our architecture, identify cost-saving opportunities, and share insights which are pertinent to our business."

Vijay Chodavarapu, Vice President, Global Cloud Operations, Informatica


Transsion Holdings Co., Ltd. (Transsion) is best known for its high-quality, multi-brand smart devices for consumers in global emerging markets. Mobile phones are its core product, but it also offers mobile internet services based on a self-developed operating system. Transsion's brand portfolio comprises leading mobile phone brands in emerging markets, including TECNO, itel, and Infinix, as well as Carlcare for after-sales services, oraimo for smart accessories, and Syinix for home appliances. In 2021, Transsion sold 197 million mobile phones globally. While maintaining its leading position in the African smartphone market, Transsion has also expanded into other global emerging markets.

"Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support is more than SLA and navigating technical challenges. We appreciate the proactive engagement with AWS Enterprise Support on operational excellence and cost optimization along with our growth in the African and Indian markets. The technical account manager (TAM) is a bond between us and AWS advanced resources, and the TAM always helped us get through mission critical projects and involved the right expertise whenever required. They also have a remarkable sense of customer business criticality and helped us achieve cost optimization milestones. Empowered by the TAM’s comprehensive study to our big data use case and spending patterns, we succeeded in saving more than 40 percent on costs on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) storage by leveraging Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering, and achieving 15 percent better cost effectiveness for Amazon EC2 across the organization. All these techniques, projects, and professional advice from AWS Enterprise Support have demonstrated the essence of customer obsession well. The TAM‘s expertise and quality of support are the core competencies that differentiate from other cloud service providers."

Huxiao Li, General Manager, Data Platform Department, Transsion


Amagi is a global leader in SaaS technology providing end-to-end cloud-managed live and on-demand video infrastructure for TV and Over-the-Top (OTT) media services for over 700 playout and 2000 ad-insertion channels across 40 countries.

"Amagi worked closely with their dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to implement their S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval solution. To maximize cost savings it was important to map the right buckets based on retrieval patterns."

VidyaSagar, Head Cloud Operations, Amagi


ViSenze provides visual-based search, recommendation, and recognition services, fully utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to provide the services to its customers. The ViSenze technical team and AWS Enterprise Support technical account manager (TAM) have been actively engaged from the beginning to deep dive into various domains such as cost optimization, security, and data pipelines. The AWS TAM continues active engagement with ViSenze technical experts to discuss the latest AWS technology.

"ViSenze has a high SLA commitment to customers and specific data security requirements. The AWS Enterprise Support team answered many detailed technical questions to help ViSenze provide the final solution in line with the customer’s requirements. ViSenze has customers whose infrastructure is also on AWS so the end-to-end performance of the systems need to be debugged. The AWS Enterprise Support team helps provide the information that both ViSenze and ViSenze’s customers need. ViSenze enjoys using AWS and chose AWS over other cloud platforms because of its high quality of business support, especially at the enterprise level."

Zhijiang Chang, Head of Engineering, ViSenze


CleverTap is a user engagement and retention platform offering its martech solutions to more than 10,000 mobile brands across the world. Its automated ecosystem of products helps companies—such as Gojek, Dream11, and SonyLIV—understand, segment, and engage users in real time using context and powerful artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) models

CleverTap subscribes to AWS Enterprise Support and received assistance from its AWS technical account manager and Graviton specialists from around the globe. It took six months to migrate 40 petabytes of data and more than 1,000 instances from x86 to Graviton, which followed the company’s timeline. "We got excellent support from the AWS team in facilitating a smooth migration to Graviton," adds Duru.

Lalitha Duru, VP Engineering, Clevertap


Since eCloudrover is a cloud-native consulting service company, it specializes in providing consulting and technical support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) services. eCloudrover is also an AWS partner providing cloud hosting and 24/7 online enterprise support services for dozens of customers in various industries such as internet, media, gaming and e-Commerce.

“The AWS technical account manager (TAM) helped us to deal with various unexpected failures and challenges encountered in the process of end-user support services. They not only explain how to analyze complex problems, but also share the measures and experiences to prevent potential risk events ahead, thus we improved our response time and service capabilities as a result. The TAM also provides partner enablement program (PEP) training to enhance the service quality and promote the service level of technical application. In particular, since we are an AWS Enterprise Support partner, we now have a positive reputation with end users and they continue to work with us, so we not only increased our revenue but also obtained more business developing opportunities.

Gui Zijie, General Manager of Nanjing eCloudrover Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Netvue Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Netvue) is an innovative tech company providing complete solutions built with mobile internet-connected smart hardware. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netvue uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist more than 300,000 users across seven countries around the world in all aspects of home life.

“AWS Enterprise On-Ramp support provides us with comprehensive technical support and guidance. Using case escalations, our technical account manager (TAM) helps accelerate problem response and resolution; and with cadence calls, the TAM also provides continuous support for the contact center migration and intelligent chatbot construction projects to ensure smooth launches. In addition, the management business review (MBR) delivery allows us to understand each service expense and usage in detail, and Cost Optimization proactive support helps us optimize resource allocation and save costs. The AWS TAM team has built a close working relationship and deep trust with us through remote support and made us feel more confident to innovate in the cloud with enterprise-level support.

Youle Hu, Vice President, Netvue


Zigbang, Korea’s leading comprehensive property technology (proptech) company, has transformed living experiences in Korea. Zigbang is innovating living spaces by launching “My house,” that provides home concierge services, and by introducing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in addition to its famous IT-equipped services for real estate information. Zigbang expanded its area of service from providing real estate information for one-room and two-room houses to also include apartments. It is also diversifying its home services, including the option to pay monthly rent with a credit card, check maintenance fees, and use exclusive resident services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zigbang also launched the virtual office Soma, paired with its in-house technologies, to provide a new standard for future work environments. As the company’s business area expands, it needs more human resources for development and is increasingly using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for development-related tasks. AWS Enterprise Support technical account managers (TAMs) use their diverse perspectives to help identify Zigbang’s needs and continuously suggest ways to use AWS and discuss solutions to design-related or technical issues.

“Our members actively communicate in Zigbang’s internal communication channel Zingbang xAWS. Our developers are very satisfied with the information and responses in the channel, and continue to engage regularly. TAMs serve an important role by explaining how best to use AWS services, giving advice, responding to failures, and answering questions all at the same time. We conduct monthly business reviews to regularly learn new functions and review costs. We also had the opportunity to use some of these features in a private beta launch. AWS helps us create a stable operation for various tasks including reviewing work procedures, guiding best practices, and regularly monitoring. Recently, we used AWS Support Proactive Services to review the use status of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and then applied Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering to optimize cost.

YG Park, Director of DX, Zigbang


Tokopedia launched in 2009 to help millions of businesses connect to the digital economy and sell globally. As an Indonesian technology company with the largest domestic marketplace, Tokopedia currently contributes more than 1 percent of Indonesia’s GDP. This makes it a pivotal player in helping local businesses thrive throughout the country.

Tokopedia engaged Enterprise Support to assist with scaling and provide ongoing technical guidance. AWS technical account manager (TAM) collaborate closely to help prepare Tokopedia’s infrastructure for flash sales events and double-digit sales days the following month.

“We never have to worry about how much we can scale on AWS.

Tahir Hashmi, technical fellow and SVP growth engineering, Tokopedia

British Telecom

BT Group is the UK’s leading telecommunications and network provider and a leading provider of global communications services and solutions, serving customers in 180 countries. Its principal activities in the UK include the provision of fixed voice, mobile, broadband and TV (including Sport) and a range of products and services over converged fixed and mobile networks to consumer, business and public sector customers. For its global customers, BT provides managed services, security and network and IT infrastructure services to support their operations all over the world. BT consists of four customer-facing units: Consumer, Enterprise, Global and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Openreach, which provides access network services to over 650 communications provider customers who sell phone, broadband and Ethernet services to homes and businesses across the UK.

“Without Enterprise Support, it would be impossible to have a good FinOps story. With the help of our TAM, we gained the right visibility to help get on top of our spend. Through discovery, recommendations and continuous optimization we delivered 18% cost savings across our workloads using DynamoDB, Lambda, OpenSearch, EC2 and CloudWatch. We partnered with service teams to develop our security posture and proactive specialists advised us how to get the most out of our multi-account network architecture.

Raymond Hwang, Senior DevOps Transformation Manager, British Telecom

Sicepat Ekspres

Established in 2014, SiCepat Ekspres is one of the largest last-mile delivery companies in Indonesia. Its partners include major e-commerce businesses such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, and Bukalapak. SiCepat Ekspres experienced a business upturn from 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an ecommerce surge in Indonesia. The company’s daily deliveries grew from 300 thousand to 800 thousand packages, reaching almost 3 million packages, a day during major sales events

SiCepat Ekspres is very appreciative of AWS Enterprise Support, which provides programs and engagement activities to help the company grow and optimize its core logistics system on the AWS Cloud. Wiem shares that AWS goes beyond providing recommendations on which cloud services to use, helping SiCepat Ekspres optimize its costs through sharing resources such as AWS Well-Architected.

“AWS is not just a vendor, but a close ally in building SiCepat Ekspres’s business and our engagement with AWS is essential to our business growth. Thanks to AWS training sessions, our operations and IT teams are empowered to drive growth and efficiency with cloud technology.

Admiral Wiem, Head of Cloud Infrastructure, Sicepat Ekspres


In 2020, PandaDoc, an all-in-one document automation software, achieved record growth as the world moved to more remote work and businesses had to figure out how to operate more efficiently. In order to meet the new demand for its software, including customers from new segments, PandaDoc quickly deployed more infrastructure and iterated on feature development, which created architectural artifacts that were not optimized for cost efficiency or performance. To tackle this problem, PandaDoc engaged Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support in mid-2021 to help it facilitate future growth by adhering to best practices in cloud operations. With the central FinOps team and the cost-conscious architectural mindset in place, PandaDoc then set about to identify and take action on cost optimization opportunities. At this stage, an AWS technical account manager (TAM) worked with PandaDoc to deploy the Cloud Intelligence Dashboards (specifically the Trusted Advisor Organizational (TAO) dashboard and CUDOS), as part of the AWS Well-Architected Labs, to better visualize its cost and usage data as well as surface various cost optimization opportunities and impacts.

PandaDoc was able to use the dashboards to find and eliminate unused instances and to uncover new opportunities for compute savings plans. Making these changes increased its overall compute resource utilization up to 75 percent and resulted in another 20 percent in overall compute savings.

“The Cloud Intelligence Dashboard helped us visualize our Trusted Advisor flag checks alongside our AWS Cost and Usage Report. The visibility into our right-sizing recommendations and Amazon EC2 usage patterns enabled us to uncover so many opportunities to save costs without compromising performance or resiliency!.

Alexandr Revko, Cost Optimization Initiative Lead, PandaDoc

Sela Sports

Sela, established in 1995 and based in Saudi Arabia, is a sports and entertainment marketing and management firm and a pioneer in the sports industry field. Headquartered in Jeddah, with offices in additional cities, Sela's passion for events is its main driver to develop and commercialize events in Saudi Arabia and position Saudi events among global leaders. Sela uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its main ticketing application—TicketMX. With the scalability and security of AWS services supporting TicketMX, it has become the leading ticket booking application in Saudi Arabia, and Sela has achieved an excellent level of customer satisfaction and growth in business.

“In addition to the great infrastructure and services that AWS provides to its customers, we have greatly benefited from AWS Enterprise Support and the Technical Account Manager(TAM). Our AWS TAM has proactively helped us to plan ahead for important events, supported our partner in critical migrations, and provided much needed technical guidance to improve the security posture of our workloads in AWS.

Loai Kamakhi, SVP Business Solutions, Sela Sports


The Blinkit team wanted to be near to our customers’ locations and fulfill their grocery needs instantly. To meet this demand, we transformed our business model and scaled our infrastructure to cater to the exponential increase in orders by using Amazon Web Services (AWS). As part of our customer engineering setup, we used Amazon Redshift for our data warehousing needs; however, due to growth in our data ingestion pipeline our current Amazon Redshift setup needed to scale independently for compute and storage requirements.

“Using AWS Enterprise Support meant our technical account manager (TAM) performed a deep dive and provided us with a migration approach from Amazon Redshift DC2 to RA3 nodes. To ensure a successful migration, the TAM helped prepare a proof-of-concept highlighting the testing and benchmarking criteria ,which helped develop confidence. The end-to-end guidance and support provided by the TAM during the infrastructure event management (IEM) not only helped the migration be successful, but it also ensured we could scale independently for our compute and storage requirements. Since security is of top-most priority, our TAM also helped us setup measures like guardrails and Amazon Cognito with proactive enablement. We also engaged with AWS Enterprise Support for our large scale events such as sale/migrations through IEM for a well-planned approach, operations reviews, and cost optimizations to keep our costs low while still being efficient. We appreciate the support provided by the AWS Enterprise Support team and the TAM throughout the process and look forward to working with them on our future strategic requirements.

Satyam Krishna, Engineering Manager, Data Platforms, Blinkit

Long Bridge Technology HK Limited

Long Bridge Technology, a subsidiary of Long Bridge Group, is a system and service vendor of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited’s (HKEX) Broker Supplied Systems (BSS). The company built WHALE, a one-stop, cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide brokerage infrastructure and jointly promote the digitization of the securities industry. WHALE offers brokers systems such as trading, risk control, clearing and settlement, customer relationship management (CRM), as well as data services such as quotes, news information, and fundamental analysis.

“We first engaged AWS Enterprise Support while designing network architecture for traffic flow between on-premises and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). Given how financial service institute (FSI) customers and partners are very sensitive to security compliance and high availability, AWS Enterprise Support follows well architected principles to collect our real demand with deep-dive spirit and provided solutions and solid technical support when deciding on the final networking architecture for on-premises and AWS with minimum effort and adjustments. In addition, Long Bridge paid a lot of attention to security compliance. With AWS Enterprise Support, the technical account manager (TAM) organized gameday sessions for the whole company, making Long Bridge employees more familiar with our security services and providing the chance to rehearse incident response and collaboration between cross-functional teams. We gained a lot from this support.

Frank YAO, Director of Ops & QA, Long Bridge Technology

Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart (TUYA) is a leading technology company focused on improving lives by offering a cloud-based platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that connects a range of devices via the Internet of Things (IoT). By building interconnectivity standards, Tuya bridges the needs of brands, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries.

“Using the AWS Support Enterprise plan helps us to quickly communicate with global AWS experts to ensure the healthy and stable development of our business. Our Technical Account Manager (TAM), in addition to being our voice to engage with different experts, is a great technical advisor who continuously helps us optimize cost and provide a strong support plan for our business growth which aligns with our business strategy.

Lidong Jin, Senior Technical Director, Tuya Smart


TNG FinTech Group (TNG) provides social and financial inclusion, including to the unbanked population. Using TNG’s mobile app, customers can access near real-time global fund transfers, payments, and cash pickups in more than 25 countries. TNG also offers remittance services to anyone—anywhere—with competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees. Throughout the migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), TNG valued the 24/7 aspect of the AWS Support Enterprise plan. With Enterprise Support, TNG has biweekly meetings with its technical account manager (TAM) to seek recommendations on issues such as setting up an elastic IP address.

“Developers are happier because they can do more themselves, and if there are issues with coding or if they have any doubts, they can quickly get technical support. Management is also satisfied, because we have a more systematic way of approaching new projects. Management is equally pleased about the cost savings achieved, which are heightened through the use of an integrated AWS account with Enterprise Support.” TNG estimates a decrease of nearly 50 percent in the cost of running analytics on AWS compared to its previous data center. Looking ahead, TNG will continue to rely on Enterprise Support for guidance on new projects, such as building a virtual banking platform.

Chris Chan, Head of Engineering, TNG FinTech Group


Founded in 2013, Lalamove began as an app to place on-demand, same-day, and advanced-order deliveries by connecting customers with a fleet of drivers. Currently Lalamove’s on-demand logistics services serve 7 million registered users in more than twenty cities across the globe. When Lalamove revamped its workload on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it used AWS Support Enterprise Plan for 24/7 consultative architectural guidance, and took advantage of AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) during both the Kubernetes and database migration.

“AWS technical account managers were very helpful in setting up a detailed migration plan. Because we have a lot of databases running behind the scenes, we had to migrate very carefully over a period of 3 months, performing a proof of concept for each database. Migration windows were short, usually overnight, so that business could be up and running with new databases by 6 a.m. the following day. The AWS Support team would be on standby and treated our migration as a priority. The planning, live support during migration windows, and post-migration monitoring were critical in quickly resolving any technical issues that arose.

Alex Fok, Director of Engineering, Lalamove

Advance Intelligence Group

Founded in 2016, Advance Intelligence Group is a technology startup headquartered in Singapore that provides an ecosystem of products serving consumers, enterprises, and merchants across South and Southeast Asia, Greater China and Latin America. Its enterprise business, ADVANCE.AI and Ginee, provide artificial intelligence (AI)-based digital identity verification, risk products and merchant services solutions to banks, financial services, fintech, retail and e-commerce industries. Its consumer business, Atome Financial, operates a buy-now-pay-later platform as well as digital lending products, such as Kredit Pintar in Indonesia. Both ADVANCE.AI and Atome Financial use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and employ AWS Support to further optimize.

“A fast-growing company like Advance Intelligence Group is usually focusing on business expansion at the beginning and leaving behind some technical debts, which can become a blocker for future technical evolutions. With the help of Support, we overcame the challenges and migrated our platform to the cloud by adopting Cloud Architecture Review, Cloud Best Practice Guidance, and Infrastructure Event Management—all part of the AWS Enterprise Support plan. During the cloud migration, Advanced Intelligence Group used its designated Technical Account Manager (TAM), as provided in the enterprise Support plan, as a single point of contact. This highly improved our cloud experience through fast incident response, service deep dive, and proactive risk assessment. Additionally, the TAM advised on cost optimization from a customer perspective, which made us build deep trust and feel more confident in the cloud journey.

Dongxiang Yang, Director, Head of Operations and SRE, Advance Intelligence Group

Policybazaar is an insurance aggregator and multinational financial technology company. It provides a digital platform - website and app - where users can compare insurance policies and other financial services from major insurance companies. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, Policybazaar is India’s largest online insurance provider and helps customers in researching and comparing various insurance policies, helping them in making an informed decision. Through the adoption of Amazon Polly, team has taken customer service to the next level, resulting in higher output and greater productivity.

“Further, the Technical Account Manager (TAM) has become an integral part of the technical team and facilitates a regular connection to share guidance around cost optimization, security, new releases and enablement sessions. Working with AWS Enterprise Support has also helped bring costs down.

Saurabh Tiwari, CTO, Policybazaar


Halodoc, founded in 2016, aims to improve and simplify access to healthcare and patient services in Indonesia. The company connects over 20 million monthly active users with 22,000 doctors and 1,000 certified partner pharmacies through its mobile and web application. The platform allows its users across Indonesia to purchase medication and arrange for delivery, facilitate teleconsultations with doctors, and book hospital appointments.

“Halodoc also uses AWS Glue for serverless data integration and Amazon EMR to run big data applications, including Apache Spark. In addition, it leverages AWS Enterprise Support to identify and address potential issues quickly and conduct periodic audits in close collaboration with AWS.

Nirav Kumar, Director of Data Engineering & Data Science, Halodoc

"With AWS Enterprise Support, we benefit from steady and competent technical aid from high-quality engineers, tools and technology to help manage the ecosystem and provide architectural guidance in context to our applications and use-cases. A designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to help coordinate is a great value addition as they are a designated point of contact who not only consult us during the onboarding phase but also provide advocacy and guidance to help plan and build solutions. We also get a lot of input on our Infrastructure optimization, which also leads to cost reduction and better resource utilization. TAMs also help us design solutions that adhere to best security practices."

Abhishek Ravi, Chief Information Officer, Dream11


Uplive, a flagship product of Asia Innovations Group, is one of the world’s largest independent video social entertainment platforms with about 300 million registered users from over 150 countries and regions. Launched in July 2016, Uplive rapidly expanded operations to Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, North America, Latin America, and other global hubs. Uplive has set up branch offices around the globe to operate locally and boasts a strong and sophisticated product development and launch team. Uplive allows live video hosts to showcase their talents, share their lifestyles, and build connections in real time with users around the world.

“Through Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) enterprise-class technical support, Uplive has access to technical experts and experienced engineers around the clock who can help it to properly use the AWS tools and manage the IT environment. AWS also advises Uplive on its specific applications and use scenarios and helps it optimize the system architecture. The AWS team has assigned Uplive a technical manager to coordinate resources and connect its team with technology specialists who can develop tailored optimization plans.

Mingling Liu, Co-founder and CTO of Asia Innovations Group, Uplive


As a Korea-based mobile game company, VESPA is providing global services for its bestselling game, King’s Raid, by using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company was expanding and needed to acquire the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification, and we reached out to AWS Enterprise Support for technical assistance with security.

“In weekly meetings, we reviewed our existing environment and AWS best practices and examined the adoption of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Based on this, we moved to the infrastructure that is more secure and improved efficiency in terms of service availability, sustainability and reliability while reducing operating costs. The migration was completed within the planned timeline, and the downtime in the existing environment was minimal, all of which is attributable to AWS Enterprise Support who were at our service throughout the process from the preparation to the cut over to the stabilization using Infrastructure Event Management (IEM). Needless to say, we successfully obtained the ISMS certification for the new environment.  We still run monthly sessions with a designated TAM who offers not only technical support on our new production environment but also updates on new AWS services and technologies, which we use as insights on the technical directions to pursue. We hope that AWS and VESPA continue to grow together." 

Kyung Taek Kim, Information Security Manager & Seung Yeol Seok, Network Security Manager, Vespa

Lotte On

Lotte On is a comprehensive shopping platform developed and run by Lotte Shopping’s E-Commerce Business Division. It offers a one-stop-shop experience across Lotte’s various brands such as Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, Lotte Supermarket, Lotte Home Shopping, and Lotte Hi-Mart, allowing its users to shop conveniently in one app.

With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce, the team wanted to develop a unique platform that helps customers find products and services both online and offline. The team launched Lotte On in April 2020, using more than 70 Amazon Web Services (AWS) services and then successfully completed the system stabilization with AWS Enterprise Support and Technical Account Managers (TAMs).

“The top priority for Lotte’s E-Commerce Business is to deliver a personalized shopping experience to our customers using data and a state-of-the-art tech platform. We worked with AWS Enterprise Support to stabilize the system after launch and to conduct an architecture review on Lotte On before its largest sales event of the year — Lotte On’s World. During the event, we ran a war room and established an incident handling process using AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM), which greatly contributed to the success of the event. In addition, we received support from AWS Enterprise Support with our upgrade of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and the skills improvement of our system operations owners as the app was built on Amazon EKS. In terms of cost savings, we regularly hold reviews with TAMs and discuss ways to improve organizations, architectures, and policies. We reinvest the cost saved from this into new technologies and provide improved shopping experiences to our customers through experiments and innovation. We have been working with AWS Enterprise Support in every step of our journey ." 

HyeonKil Na, Cloud Platform Team Manager, Lotte Shopping’s E-Commerce Business Division

Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs provides a risk management platform that leverages real-time detection and dynamic challenges to help online businesses differentiate trusted customers from potential fraudsters. Its business has experienced rapid growth, requiring expansion into multiple global regions and the deployment of new services and features to meet our client’s needs. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, Arkose Labs works with AWS Enterprise Support and its Technical Account Manager (TAM) to optimize its infrastructure.

“Our AWS Enterprise Support TAM used management business reviews and AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations to help us scale in a secure way, optimizing performance and helping us save 30% on our compute spend. We received expert best practice guidance in architecture, deployment, and operational efficiency, which helped us automate and scale services such as AWS CloudHSM, Redis, Amazon EC2, Amazon Athena, and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. Our TAM has helped us gain real time insights for tracking cost and usage so we can quickly identify and eliminate wastage, avoiding bill variance. Our team worked with our TAM to prioritize and remediate security and architecture gaps, utilizing AWS Well-Architected reviews and a partner foundational technical review. They also provide guidance and information sessions, most recently on Support Best Practice and Escalation Management, which has since been deployed as an internal process. The monthly cadence with our Solution Architect has also been a really helpful sounding board to discuss new technologies and business drivers." 

Alistair Roberts, Engineering Manager, Arkose Labs

Trading Point

Trading Point is an award-winning financial services provider offering brokerage products to meet the needs of modern traders. Founded by industry experts, the company powers numerous innovative financial brands including XM and

“Powered by our Technical Account Manager (TAM), we were able to quickly reap the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Support. Our TAM conducted a Support Planning Workshop that helped us build a roadmap and prioritize tasks, which allowed us to focus on proactive actions that would bring us closer to achieving our goals. In addition to strategic support, we also receive assistance for day-to-day operational issues. By working closely with our TAM, we have the necessary knowledge to handle support requests quickly and efficiently as well as the flexibility to get in touch with service experts for the various AWS services. With the commitment of the AWS team, we are already seeing a return on our investment in Enterprise Support ." 

Chrysanthos Kattimeris, Chief Technology Advisor – Trading Point


Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) provides a digital property settlement service to help clients complete lodgement and financial settlements. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, PEXA is Australia’s online property exchange network and helps lawyers, conveyancers, and their banks lodge transfer documents with Land Registries and complete financial settlements digitally amongst the many parties involved in the transaction of Australian property. With the help of AWS Enterprise Support, PEXA migrated its core application from Oracle to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, modernizing its database to benefit from added agility and performance enhancement, along with saving AUS $250,000 per year on commercial licenses.

“Implementing change of this size needs to be well-planned, and it was critical our success to find the right support for implementation. From the AWS Data Lab engagement through to production go-live 8 months later, AWS Enterprise Support continually provided access to the right people at the right time for the project to be a success, including training our database and engineering teams.”

John Natsioulas, GM Technology, Architecture & Engineering – PEXA

 Oasis Games

Oasis Games is a global multi-platform game publisher. Founded in 2011, Oasis' games have been translated into 16 different languages and published in more than 130 countries, reaching more than 200 million players. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, Oasis leverages AWS Enterprise Support, working with its Technical Account Manager (TAM) to optimize AWS usage and resolve technical issues.

“With AWS Enterprise Support, we always get prompt support after an issue is raised—that helps a lot on issue resolution and stabilizing our business operations. If we have an important program planned, our TAM will essentially work as an Oasis employee, monitoring system status and analyzing issues in real time. During the weekly onsite visit, our TAM not only provides guidance for AWS services but also discusses best practices and recommends solutions for our game workloads, such as high-availability architecture, CDN pre-warm, and DDoS mitigation. Through close cooperation, we successfully migrated more than 200 databases and launched new game One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 in 2020."

Xia Zhiqiang, Director of Operations – Oasis Games


Founded in April 2015, SHAREit Technologies Co., Ltd. is a global technology company focused on the research and development of mobile Internet software. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, SHAREit employs the AWS Enterprise Support Plan which provides 24/7 services and multi-channel technical support, so a customer may submit any number of requests and get support at an appropriate service level. The AWS Enterprise Support Plan assigns technical advisers [WE1] to respond to customers’ requests as early as possible. Such dedicated, quality service solves problems efficiently and ensures rapid business development.

“We have a wonderful experience with AWS Enterprise Support Plan, both the Technical Account Manager and the Support Concierge have helped us a lot. The Technical Account Manager meets with us every week to discuss how to optimize our system and how to solve the problems we’ve encountered. We always have timely support, including coordinating and mobilizing global backup resources and removing service limitations. We think the AWS Enterprise Support Plan is extremely helpful and important to us.”

Chen Shaowei, CTO – SHAREit

网易 游戏爱好者

NetEase’s gaming division has been a pioneer of the independent research and development of online games since its establishment in 2001, and now it is one of the top seven gaming companies in the world. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, NetEase uses AWS Enterprise Support. With localized support teams, AWS Enterprise Support offers speedy assistance to fix any issue from global regions. 

“Through our AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM), NetEase is able to connect AWS global resources and experts, conduct in-depth discussions for architecture, learn best practices from the AWS product development team directly, and resolve tough problems in a timely manner. They are our trusted technical advisor and provide solid guidance during our journey of rapid business growth.”

Sun Guoliang, Senior Cloud Solution Architect – NetEase Games


Cheetah Mobile is a well-known company rising in the mobile Internet era and a front-runner for mobile internet companies in China. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, Cheetah Mobile uses AWS Enterprise Support for technical guidance and assistance.  

"The AWS Enterprise Support team is to leverage AWS global resources to help us quickly resolve difficult issues and maintain the stability able of our production environment. We can also feel that the AWS Support team is truly customer obsessed—communicating deeply with us, supporting our growth, implementing DevOps, and improving the Ops team, as well as introducing us to new services that are more optimized for our use case and helping us use AWS resources more efficiently and at lower cost."

Zhu Jun, Director of Operations and Maintenance – Cheetah Mobile


Gunagzhou Huya Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Huya) is a game-centric live broadcast platform dedicated to becoming a technology-driven entertainment community popular with young people.

” As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, Huya uses AWS Enterprise Support. Every quarter, the company’s Technical Account Manager (TAM) will work with Huya to review its AWS usage to optimize cost and performance. Every week, the TAM visits the site to understand any problems encountered in daily use, and the TAM organizes global conference calls to discuss Huya’s scenarios with global teams, including R&D teams. Huya’s TAM will also follow up on the progress of any problem tickets submitted to own the end-to-end support experience. I believe that AWS Enterprise Support is very valuable to the company.”

 Ma Zhao, Technical Leader – Guangzhou Huya Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Huya)


Brainly is the online learning platform built to provide students, parents, experts, and teachers with the collaborative tools needed to succeed in any educational environment. Brainly has more than 350 million users, who can snap a photo on their smartphone to instantly solve any problem or homework question and be matched with an answer from one of Brainly’s products. With the goal of scaling globally on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Brainly engaged AWS Enterprise Support for technical support and guidance on best practices.

"We appreciate that our AWS Enterprise Support team is both data-driven and people- oriented. Our Technical Account Manager (TAM) not only brought AWS Support tools like AWS Trusted Advisor, Cost Explorer, and AWS Personal Health Dashboard to our attention but also helped us establish a close relationship between AWS and our teams, allowing us to discuss complicated technical issues directly with experts who build solutions for some of the largest enterprises in the world. Our TAM, along with Solutions Architect (SA) and Account Manager (AM), are proving that, by working regularly, proactively, and closely with our teams, it is possible to exceed the expectations we set for the AWS Enterprise Support at the very beginning of our partnership."

Mateusz Trojak, Manager of Production Infrastructure Team – Brainly


Huuuge Games is a global games developer and publisher focused on the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar mobile gaming market. Transforming mobile gaming into a massively social experience, Huuuge Games serves more than 200 million gamers from across the globe. With the goal of scaling its Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure in the most effective way, Huuuge Games engaged AWS Enterprise Support to boost its cloud development strategy.

"AWS Enterprise Support provides us with deep technical assistance by diving into the details of critical parts of our infrastructure. It also enables us to make the most of tools like AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Cost Explorer, and AWS Personal Health Dashboard—driving not only cost efficiency but also operational excellence and security improvements. Our Technical Account Manager (TAM) always keeps an eye on costs optimization, as well as on operational status and gives us visibility on roadmap and beta programs for us to enroll in and contribute to new services and feature deployments. We view our TAM as a liaison, acting as a voice and advocate for Huuuge Games in AWS. The AWS Enterprise Support team is extremely customer-oriented, and we always get the tailored help we need."

Jan Bieńkowski, VP Engineering – Huuuge Games


Prodege is a data-driven marketing & consumer insights platform comprised of consumer brands—Swagbucks, MyPoints, Tada, ySense, InboxDollars, InboxPounds, DailyRewards, and Upromise—along with a complimentary suite of business solutions for marketers and researchers. Dedicated to “Creating Rewarding Moments” for its 120 million registered members globally, Prodege has rewarded members more than $1.8 billion in cash and free gift cards since its inception. Prodege migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2020 and has turned to the expertise of AWS Enterprise Support to optimize its cloud usage.

“AWS Enterprise Support has helped make our team’s migration to and our current presence on AWS an incredible journey. I can’t imagine doing it without them. They continue to take the time to understand our business needs and work with us to ensure both the move and our day-to-day operations are as smooth as possible. AWS Enterprise Support helped us on our journey to the cloud and continues to guide us every step of the way.”

Ari Baitelman, SVP of Tech Operations – Prodege


Wargaming is an online game developer and publisher that delivers free-to-play titles across PC, console, and mobile platforms. Millions of players across the globe play Wargaming titles, such as World of Tanks Blitz and World of Warships Blitz, which are built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Wargaming looks to AWS Enterprise Support for guidance on cloud native architecture and cost optimizations.

“We like that AWS Support team is reachable at any time and rely on AWS Enterprise Support for general advice on services and architectures, recommendations in regards to cost optimization, and top-notch support on both ‘hard-to-solve’ and day-to-day issues. For example, AWS Enterprise Support has helped us solve infrastructure problems that our engineers could not solve on their own. As a result, AWS Enterprise Support brought down our overall cloud costs by helping us optimize utilization of our services or suggesting alternative paths and services to use. One of the many strong sides of AWS Enterprise Support is its proactive nature, and I really like that the AWS Support team looks at our use of AWS and provides advice on things like cost overspent and use of outdated tech and suggests mitigation paths before a problem escalates.”

Reik Schatz, Cloud Operations and Tool Lead – Wargaming


Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Its mission is to empower investor success through independent research, ratings, tools and data. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, Morningstar relies on AWS Support for technical support and cost optimization guidance.

“Morningstar’s Cloud Services team is a small team who looks after over 600 AWS accounts across our organization. We average 100 support tickets each quarter—approximately 1.25 each day. That volume could overwhelm a small group and lead to rapid burnout. We work with AWS Enterprise Support to help our teams field AWS questions and troubleshoot solutions. AWS Support offers 24/7 phone, email, and chat-based support allowing our Cloud Services team to focus on big-picture projects, such as building new features and enabling teams. Additionally, we rely on AWS Trusted Advisor to share cost optimization findings with our teams and can use the data AWS Trusted Advisor provides to guide teams to adopt best practices with actionable details directly in each team’s AWS account. We also do bi-weekly "office hours" with our AWS Solutions Architect and use these sessions to get insights and advice on challenges that come up across our over 600 AWS environments. Our Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Solutions Architect can also delve deep into AWS hypotheticals with us and help us check in on quarterly spending trends. We have saved thousands of dollars thanks to our TAM’s attention to detail.”

Nick Bausch, Senior Manager of Infrastructure, Cloud Services – Morningstar, Inc.


One of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones and electronics, Samsung builds solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to delight its customers. One such solution, Samsung Account, enables Samsung customers to keep their apps synced across devices and easily access Samsung Pay, among other benefits. It is a critical authentication and authorization platform for Samsung’s services and applications. With the help of AWS Enterprise Support, Samsung Account migrated from an on premises data center to the AWS Cloud. AWS Enterprise Support also helped move Samsung Account’s database system off Oracle to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL, dramatically improving performance and reducing costs by 44 percent. 

“The migration success of Samsung Account is mainly–if not entirely–attributable to AWS Enterprise Support. Over the course of 22 weeks, AWS Enterprise Support closely engaged with and provided dedicated support to us by reviewing our migration plan, establishing strategies for each stage of the migration, dodging trial and error, and offering solutions that best suit our customers for the conversion of more than 300+ SQL queries and load and synchronization of several TB of data. AWS experts also played a large role in the migration and their support through AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) was key to resolving and stabilizing issues on the go-live day. In short, the IEM, the Operational Review, and our Technical Account Manager–all part of AWS Enterprise Support–tremendously contributed to laying the foundation for Samsung Account to move away from its data center and adopt the cloud and micro service architecture. The contribution will continue as Samsung Account evolves to a container-based cloud native infrastructure going forward.”

Salva Jung, Principal Architect and Engineering Manager – Samsung


What If Media Group is an award-winning performance marketing company that enables the world’s leading brands to acquire valuable new customers at scale. By leveraging data-driven engagement and re-engagement strategies across multiple marketing channels, and utilizing insights based on millions of consumer ad interactions each day, What If Media Group delivers cost-effective and profitable performance marketing solutions that extend lifetime value and maximize return on investment (ROI). An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, What If Media Group looks to AWS Support for guidance on resource and cost optimizations.

“What If Media Group has a diverse technology stack consisting of systems built by many distinct teams. Our goal has been to bring these teams together using a common infrastructure language and to do so in a cost-effective manner, and we leveraged AWS Support to assist us with achieving our goal. The top benefit that What If Media Group has received from AWS Support has been hands-on guidance on how we can more effectively leverage AWS resources. This has frequently come in the form of advice on how to run systems more efficiently, saving us money. For example, our Technical Account Manager (TAM) has provided us with information about underutilized systems that could be downsized or cleaned up. This has saved us thousands of dollars since upgrading to AWS Enterprise Support. Our TAM and the AWS subject matter experts they connect us with also help with activities ranging from providing tactical advice on new and existing projects to guidance during high-impact deployments to assistance with system analysis. We also have had positive experiences with tools like AWS Trusted Advisor and AWS Personal Health Dashboard.”

John Pershing, Chief Technology Officer – What If Media Group


Toss Payments is a payment gateway (PG) unit of Viva Republica, the provider of a mobile-based financial service called Toss. With the vision of empowering all beginning entrepreneurs and contributing to the growth of its merchants, Toss Payments is innovating the future of the payment industry in Korea and has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build towards those ambitions. To optimize its AWS usage, Toss Payments seeks technical help from AWS Enterprise Support.

“By building a net-new payment API on AWS, Toss Payments developed the ability to provide optimal services to its large customer base and innovate the customer experience with payment. We also built our infrastructure much faster than when we had built the on-premises environment by leveraging AWS services. We are using AWS for other purposes too, and planning to expand the use even more going forward. Best practices for services, guidance on effective infrastructure monitoring, and operational support are only some of the many services that AWS Enterprise Support has offered to us. We rely on AWS Enterprise Support for new service and feature release updates to build a better tech environment. It is our belief that AWS Enterprise Support will continue to be an essential ally on our journey to innovating the country’s payment industry with technology.”

Byeung Hoon Kang, Head of Technology – Toss Payments

Mega Cloud

In 2012, Megazone became the first Korean company to forge a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and soon became a leading innovator in the country’s cloud market.

“We strongly believe the commitment from the AWS Enterprise Support team in Korea helped power that behind this growth. They supported us on the journey by creating a synergy effect from our partnership. We can say with confidence that support from AWS Enterprise Support and Technical Account Managers (TAMs) has become integral for companies who seek to respond to critical issues with agility, get systematic consulting on cloud onboarding and digital transformation, and build a global platform to expand their global footprint. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers have become more open to new technologies, and the cloud market is getting smarter. We will reinforce our commitment with AWS Enterprise Support to navigate through these changing times and evolve from a cloud migration supporter and service provider to a company that creates added value for customers.”

Sangwon Kim, Customer Support Service Team Leader & Sejin Park, Managed & Support Center Managing DirectorMegazone

ST Unitas

ST Unitas is a major EdTech company in Korea, known for its service, CONECTS. CONECTS is a global learning platform that enables users to deliver education content on various subjects. ST Unitas hopes to establish the education platform globally by building Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand its customer base to the US, India, and ASEAN member states.

“The larger the services get, the more time and effort go into risk and incident handling. With AWS Enterprise Support, we reduced time to resolve and enhanced technical capability. For example, we received close support from Technical Account Managers (TAMs) through the Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) program and were able to solve and stabilize issues the same day they arose at a big event. Continuous operational reviews from AWS have also been a key enabler for us to optimize cost and architecture. Based on various tech sessions and reference cases, we are experimenting about ways to apply new approaches to our services for further innovation.”

Seongsik Kim, CTOST Unitas


Yanolja is the fastest-growing online travel agency (OTA) and only “unicorn” among travel-related companies in South Korea. It provides full-suite services for travel including accommodation, leisure activities, and transportation on its “Super App” and its business is expanding with the flexibility and availability of cloud services. Yanolja is also a leading global cloud-based hospitality solutions company serving more than 270,000 corporate customers across 170 countries by building its solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Yanolja chose AWS Internet of Things (IoT) services to develop the world's first fully integrated hotel automation solution, Y FLUX, and experiences continuous tech support from AWS Enterprise Support and its Technical Account Managers (TAMs). Yanolja, like many other companies, values service stability above all else. To ensure stability, it is important to stay vigilant about the status of AWS services. Thankfully, Yanolja’s AWS Enterprise Support team and TAMs quickly share service status in a timely manner, keeping the customer informed of any issues—even if it is just a slight increase in error rates. Yanolja also invites AWS Solutions Architects (SAs) and TAMs to hold deep-dive sessions into new features, such as Gateway Load Balancer and gp3 Volumes for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) announced at AWS re:Invent 2020. These meetings are to review whether new features would be feasible for Yanolja’s architecture and learn about the benefits of new services. TAMs also provide monthly business reviews (MBRs) so Yanolja can review areas to cut costs and the success of already-implemented solutions.

“AWS Enterprise Support does not solve all your problems. However, it gives you the confidence that you can get help from the team and TAMs whenever needed. They will verify for you if you have missed anything and let you know of an estimated resolution time of your issue. You can also gain deeper knowledge on AWS services. Yanolja is growing on AWS.”

Eunho Lee, Senior Manager, Technical CenterYanolja


Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the largest and most popular public broadcasting company in Korea. It is an all-inclusive media company that provides terrestrial, cable, and radio services. To proactively respond to changes in the media consumption patterns of its existing TV audience and increasing traffic to its digital services, KBS adopted Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging AWS Enterprise Support, and successfully migrated its services into a cloud infrastructure environment.

“It is common in the broadcast business that large events, such as elections or the Olympics draw big audiences, meaning a surge in user traffic. With AWS Enterprise Support, we were able to review our service architecture prior to big events and take preemptive measures to secure service stability, such as Elastic Load Balancing pre-warming, and they paid off. We are also learning a lot from our AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM) on reference cases in and out of the country concerning the marriage between media services, machine learning, and data analytics. We are experimenting with production processes and making innovations based on this information.”

Namju ChoKBS Digital Platform Development Office


Npixel is a game development and publishing company known for its multi-platform MMORPG games. Npixel launched its first game, Gran Saga, on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with AWS Enterprise Support.

“We have received so much help from AWS Enterpise Support, which has been the key to stable operation of our infrastructure. From the early stage, we worked with Enterpise Support to inspect and review our infrastructure through Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) to prepare for the upcoming large-scale launch. After launch, Enterpise Support provided regular Monthly Business Reviews that provide usage analysis and insights into service optimization. Most of all, if we experience an unexpected issue in one of our games, Enterprise Support quickly escalates to Technical Account Managers so we can get a prompt and accurate response from Case Support Engineers. Such commitment from Enterpise Support has been critical for the stable operation of our services. Also, new service announcements delivered by ES on a regular basis keep us posted on the latest AWS services despite hectic day-to-day work and motivate us to examine if there are ways to improve the current service architecture using the new services. They also advise on cost optimization as if they were part of our team.”

Seung Chul Baek, LeaderNpixel Infra Team


SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) management. Globally, over 17,000 companies depend on SOTI to enable their strategies for mobile devices, applications, content, and endpoints for IoT. To help manage the massive infrastructure required to support these customers, SOTI turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Enterprise Support.

“AWS Enterprise Support provides guidance on new AWS services and access to subject matter experts for any issue that may arise. Our dedicated Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are highly valued and help us audit cases and tickets that come in. AWS Support technology and programs, such as AWS Trusted Advisor and AWS Personal Health Dashboard, are also very useful tools. The entire AWS team is collaborative and continually informs us of beneficial programs and initiatives that are aligned to our strategies."

Jason Ezard, Senior Manager Cloud and Compliance – SOTI


Telecoming is a global company that deploys a complete suite of technologies for digital services monetization. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Telecoming’s platform integrates revenue generation tools based on user acquisition, user engagement, and business optimization. 

“With guidance from AWS Support, we have achieved zero downtime in production loads through monitoring and troubleshooting—and a considerable cost reduction. Our top AWS Support applications are AWS Personal Health Dashboard, which sends alerts on real time issues that may impact us, and AWS Trusted Advisor, which helps us apply best practices to our infrastructure. AWS Enterprise Support has been a differential milestone in our relationship with AWS. Our Technical Account Manager (TAM), in addition to being a techno-expert, is a great communicator, concerned with understanding our business model to optimize costs and ensure the quality of service. The entire AWS account team is made up of people who strive for excellence and help us continue to grow. The question is not what they have already done, but what we will achieve by working together.”

Adrián Gallegos, Chief Technology Officer – Telecoming


Coupa Software is a global technology platform for Business Spend Management (BSM) that provides prescriptive insights that enable businesses to spend smarter. Building on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Coupa Software looks to AWS Support for technical support and guidance on optimizing its AWS infrastructure.

“AWS Enterprise Support provides us with deep technical expertise in identifying and solving problems quickly and guidance on improving resilience and availability. AWS Trusted Advisor reports provide valuable insights on resource usage, which has helped us save costs and improve resilience by reducing our Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance usage and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume. AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) helps us with significant rollouts of database upgrades by covering all aspects of the performance, resilience, service limits, monitoring, and escalation matrix. Our Technical Account Manager (TAM) goes above and beyond to meet our needs, and along with our Solutions Architect are our go-to people to solve any problem, whether it is a technical challenge related to an open-source product or commercial product license usage optimization project. They bring in experts across the board at lightning speed to solve the issue and make our business stakeholders happy.”

Chid Elumalai, Senior Director of Global Head of Operations and SRE – Coupa Software


TiVo platform technologies offers unique digital entertainment technology platform and consumer-facing media and entertainment products. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), TiVo sought to launch TiVo Stream 4K, which creates one combined experience across streaming apps and live TV, and turned to AWS Support for assistance.

“The AWS Support team has been exceptional in identifying and addressing our most pressing needs and identifying AWS services that align with our technology. For a critical launch (TiVo Stream 4k), our AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM), part of the AWS Enterprise Support team, ran an AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) engagement, which helped us in launch planning, scaling guidance, and live support during the event which contributed to a successful launch. Our AWS TAM also connected us with AWS experts to review our architecture, build a stable ecosystem, and deploy and run our solution with automated workflows, ensuring that the architecture is set to scale to the growing demand of the product in the future.”

Taram Devitt-Carolan, Senior Director of Cloud Technologies – TiVo Platform Technologies


Hulu is an American subscription video on-demand service offering live and on-demand TV and movies. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hulu looks to AWS Enterprise Support as a resource and as the single point of contact for its support needs.

“AWS Enterprise Support enables us to have shorter time to iterate capabilities and faster time to mitigate incidents. The one thing that stands out about the AWS Enterprise Support team and our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) is that they go to bat for Hulu. By having them as a strong advocate for our needs, it enables me as a customer to establish deep trust with AWS as a brand.”

Kartik Garg, Director, Software Development – Hulu

Social Quantum

Ranked among top ten largest game publishers in Eastern Europe and Russia, Social Quantum is the developer behind mobile games including Megapolis and Wild West: New Frontier. Its games have been played by more than 100 million players globally. Seeking to migrate its projects to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Social Quantum turned to AWS Support for their technical expertise.

“AWS Support engineers and our Technical Account Manager helped us save time and money by sharing best practices and helping us find the best architectural solution for us. We successfully migrated the game Wild West: New Frontier with planning assistance and uninterrupted, 24-hour support from AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM). AWS IEM allowed us to systematize our project migration plan and double-check everything that was in development for the past couple of months. We used AWS Trusted Advisor to detect vulnerabilities and implement optimizations. AWS Enterprise Support allows us to get help within minutes when threatened with business-critical failures and has been assisting us throughout the cloud migration, coordinating with us at every stage.”

Ivan Kondratev, CIO – Social Quantum


i360 helps political and commercial clients target and segment their customers with predictive modeling, make data-based business decisions through consumer research and identification, identify patterns in Big Data to forecast future opportunities, and bring precision and accountability to their online and TV targeting strategies. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), i360 used AWS Transit Gateway to connect Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), on-premises networks, and AWS accounts through a central hub.

“With guidance from AWS Support, we were able to reduce our costs by $4000 per month by optimizing our connectivity and eliminating redundancies. We were also able to programmatically deploy new accounts and VPCs easily, reducing time to provision from hours to minutes. Our AWS Technical Account Manager, part of the AWS Enterprise Support team, introduced AWS Transit Gateway as a solution to simplify our network configuration and connected us with specialists that walked us through the initial setup and a few test cases to help implement the solution without it affecting our service to customers. We wouldn’t have been able to move forward at the pace we did without help from AWS Support.”

Ian Binder, Director of Infrastructure – i360


With a mission to reshape the modern digital financial system, 100x Group is a financial technology company and the organization behind BitMEX, a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform. Building its infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) 100x Group looked to AWS Support for guidance on how to maintain high standards across scalability, resiliency, consistency, and security as it grows.

“AWS Enterprise Support allows us to build a tight relationship between AWS and our core business, enabling us to discuss complex technical matters and thereby meet the stringent requirements that make operating a high-frequency trading platform safely and efficiently possible. Our Technical Account Manager zealously connects us with knowledgeable AWS engineers to address every single one of our support requests for prompt resolution. In 2019, in collaboration with AWS Enterprise Support, we unveiled and resolved unique issues which were affecting our production financial services.”

Quentin Machu, Head of DevOps – 100x Group


Pinterest is a social network where people can find and share inspiration and ideas for their interests and hobbies. With its primary infrastructure platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Pinterest turned to AWS Enterprise Support for proactive guidance across its AWS solutions.

“AWS Support enables us to quickly identify issues when they arise, helps us coordinate access to subject matter experts and product teams to get answers to our questions, and keeps us informed of new service offerings that might interest us. We access Support technology like AWS Trusted Advisor through various APIs, through which we gain near real-time insight into our infrastructure-related status. Our AWS Technical Account Manager has played a great role in helping us better leverage AWS capabilities and overcome some of the challenges we experience at our scale. Our Support team consistently advocates for us with AWS service teams to try and deliver on additional capabilities we need.”

Coburn Watson, Head of Infrastructure and Site Reliability Engineering – Pinterest


Based in Bangalore, India, Moonfrog Labs is the mobile game development studio behind hit games Teen Patti Gold and Ludo Club. With its infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Moonfrog Labs serves more than 10 million players each day and looks to AWS Business Support to enable its engineers to build quickly, experiment with new technologies, and prepare for potential challenges.

“We view AWS Support as an extension of our DevOps and engineering teams and can, at any time, get into details to understand systems or incidents with the help of the AWS Support experts. We get access to the AWS Personal Health Dashboard, which helps us plan out our ops activities in advance, and AWS Trusted Advisor, which enables our ops team to centrally monitor our environment and take preventative actions. With a relatively small engineering team we are confident about being totally self-sufficient because we know AWS Support has our back when we need it the most.” 

Guruprasad GV, Chief Architect – Moonfrog Labs

Snap Inc

Snap Inc. is a camera company empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. Its infrastructure handles billions of daily snaps and messages, making it critical to build secure, scalable and reliable systems to provide a seamless user experience.

“AWS Enterprise Support has been valuable in helping meet our growing demand and architect reliable systems on AWS. We have easy access to AWS experts while we work through difficult scaling issues, ensuring we get timely answers to our questions. We also get proactive advice on operational issues and architecture reviews—all to ensure that we are building efficient, performant, and reliable solutions for the benefit of our customers and business. We value the deep relationships our AWS Technical Account Managers have built with our Infrastructure and Engineering teams to improve operational reliability, ensure security, and help us optimize our growing costs.”

Saral Jain, Director of Engineering, Infrastructure and Data – Snap Inc.


Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudHealth by VMware offers an integrated cloud cost management solution that helps simplify financial management, streamline operations by automating daily tasks, and strengthen security and compliance for its customers.

“AWS Support is our lifeline—it has unequivocally been a material accelerant to our success enabling us to drive innovation. AWS Enterprise Support helps us navigate the AWS Cloud and through our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) we receive service and roadmap guidance that helps increase the efficiency of our product delivery process by eliminating disruptions. With guidance from our TAMs, we saved more than 60 percent of time in dealing with Support cases. The AWS Support teams and TAMs have been the best we have experienced in any company and across all industries, and we highly recommend AWS Enterprise Support.”

Ennio J Carboni, Director of Cloud Products – CloudHealth by VMware


Carbon Black leverages the power of big data and analytics to solve the challenges surrounding endpoint security. VMware Carbon Black Cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is transforming cyber security by delivering a cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) designed to protect against the most advanced threats.

“With the expertise of the AWS Support team, we were able to reduce our mean time to repair (MTTR) drastically. AWS Support technology, like AWS Trusted Advisor and AWS Personal Health Dashboard, provides us with data to catch waste, anomalies, and other operational gaps that we might have missed otherwise. With AWS Enterprise Support we get access to AWS experts and Technical Account Managers (TAM), who have been great guides, working with us throughout our planning and executing phases of product delivery on AWS. This has provided us the comfort of knowing we have help available if things go sideways. Our success on AWS has been, in large part, due to our TAM support.”

Kal D, VP Engineering – Carbon Black VMWare


InVision offers a product design platform that connects the entire design and development workflow so teams can build better products, faster. As the company expanded its AWS infrastructure footprint, it sought to optimize usage and make the most of its infrastructure. InVision turned to AWS Enterprise Support to support those goals.

“AWS Support has helped us reduce cost by 15% over the last four months, enable consolidation across accounts, and develop better awareness of improvement opportunities. With guidance from our AWS Technical Account Manager, we were able to right-size large portions of our infrastructure as well as leverage Reserved Instances to achieve more cost savings over time. AWS Enterprise Support also gives us access to technology, like AWS Trusted Advisor, that has been instrumental in providing us insight into the areas that would most benefit from our limited capacity. Since we are unable to tackle all our problems at once, prioritization is key and the technology we get as part of AWS Enterprise Support has helped inform and guide us.”

Aaron Lerch, Director of Engineering – InVision


Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation through an all-in-one platform powered with advanced observability, AI and complete automation. To provide hands-on training sessions at its annual conference, Dynatrace needed to virtually triple its infrastructure and its team turned to AWS Enterprise Support for technical expertise and assistance.

“With more than 2,500 VMs and 120 Kubernetes clusters, our automation needed to be flexible, timely, and support failover, and AWS Enterprise Support was critical in making this happen. AWS Trusted Advisor enabled us to meet the operational excellence we strive for. With training environments all over the world, the AWS Trusted Advisor allowed us to keep track of limits, ensure we are secure, and actively advised us on ways we can save on costs. Our AWS Technical Account Manager was instrumental in the coordination of limit increases and helped identify and mitigate risks that may have occurred during the event. These situations directly impact our customers and having the ability to reach out to AWS experts to work through these issues and getting answers to our questions in a timely fashion has been critical.”

Cale Gady, VP of Customer Success – Dynatrace

“AWS Support has allowed us to move rapidly, and deliver our cloud solutions much faster than we would’ve ever been able to without them.”

Jim Plourde, SVP of Cloud Services – Infor

Showa Denko

Showa Denko Materials(SDMC) is one of the biggest companies in Semiconductor industry. The company also has many business lines in the Information and Telecommunications, the Mobility including plastic molded products, the Manufacture and sale of diagnostic reagents, and Life-Sciences areas. SDMC’s’ quality control system is running on their platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This system controls the quality of products 24*365, and is critical to their business activities. When building the system, they decided to build it on AWS from scratch, Standpoint of availability, Fault Tolerance, Business Continuity(BCP), and Cost Optimization. AWS Account team continued attentive proposal resulted in the AWS selection, and they had the first step in the company’s digital transformation (DX). For systems running on the AWS platform, the decision was made to turn to “AWS Enterprise Support” to maximize AWS support capabilities, further optimize costs, and increase system availability.

Reasons for selecting AWS:
We selected AWS for the following reasons. The overwhelming amount of information is available on AWS website and through some media. AWS had their advantages in resource flexibility and cost optimization that our quality control system is required. At the time when we are selecting cloud providers, AWS account team was the most close and understood our system through better communication than others.

Reason for selection of AWS Enterprise Support:
We turned to AWS Enterprise Support with the expectation of decreasing downtime in failure events, increased availability, continuous system improvement, and cost optimization in our critical systems.

Impressions after using the service:
The service provided us with detailed information on system resources, which had been difficult to grasp in the past, as well as techniques and know-how to grasp the latest information on system maintenance and service updates, etc. We are now more proactive in utilizing AWS. We felt comfortable with the presence of a Technical Account Manager “TAM (Technical Account Manager)” who understands our environments, and the support that they provided to us. The PDCA cycle of the operation and continuous improvement, along with recommendations for cost optimization while maintaining availability, has resulted in a very high level of satisfaction, which is reflected in the effectiveness of the service. This has also given us confidence when launching a new system on AWS.

Impressions after using the AWS Enterprise Support:
We are able to utilize AWS proactively and also have the confidence to set up new systems on AWS, because we have learned AWS techniques and knowledge that were previously difficult to understand, and feel safe of having a TAM, The knowledge provided includes detailed information on system resources, system maintenance and new service updates. Satisfaction with the TAM is very high and it has also been effective. We feel ease of understanding our platform, leaning communication, and recommendations for cost optimization while maintaining availability in the PDCA cycle of operations and continuous improvement.

We are also very satisfied with the support engineers and able to take the right solutions and answers because they have the technical skills and fast to solve issues.I am helped by their breadth of knowledge and their willingness to not shy away from issues.

AWS and account team show us the earth’s most customer-centric company. We feel that we’re taking a shortcut to digital transformation by using AWS. In the future, we are looking at server less and application modernization, which we would like to promote with AWS and account team

Masahiro Horie, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) - セキュリティプロフェッショナル, Showa Denko Materials