Automated Data Analytics on AWS

Ingest, transform, govern, and query diverse datasets from a range of data sources using familiar methods without specialist technical skills


Automated Data Analytics on AWS enables you to derive meaningful insights from data in a matter of minutes through a simple and intuitive user interface. 

This solution helps to easily consolidate data distributed across siloes, apply fine-grained governance controls, and query data through a tailored user experience that is abstracted from underlying AWS services. The solution is quickly deployed to an AWS account through a single click, removing the need for deep technical expertise.

What's new  | September 2023

To find out about other new features, refer to the Revisions page.


Faster time to value

Ready to use out of the box, no need to build your own platform. If you are early in your data journey, get started quickly with the solution, and expand your capabilities over time.

Reduced operational overhead

Removes the heavy lifting of joining and managing disparate datasets.

Self-service analytics

Anyone with SQL skills can quickly and easily derive insights from their data.

Organization wide collaboration and controls

Users can share datasets and queries across teams with flexible controls to enforce access protection.

Technical details

The diagram below presents the architecture that will be automatically deployed following the steps in the solution's Implementation Guide and accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

Once deployed, users will access the application through a standalone user interface that abstracts away the underlying AWS services used.

Learn how to use this AWS Solution, ingest data from a range of data sources and more in the implementation guide.

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Note: Before you launch the solution in the AWS Management Console, ensure that you meet the prerequisites in the implementation guide.

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