AWS Support Automation Workflows (SAW)

Self-service diagnosis and remediation for AWS customers

Resolve common issues in your AWS environment using secure and fast self-service automation, created by the AWS Support Engineering team.

Troubleshoot, proactively monitor and identify network issues, collect and analyze logs, and more.

Reduce manual effort, administrative overhead, and human errors, following AWS best practices.

How it works

AWS Support Automation Workflow is a collection of curated AWS Systems Manager self-service automation runbooks. These runbooks are created by AWS Support Engineering with best practices learned from solving customer issues. They enable AWS customers to troubleshoot, diagnose, and remediate common issues with their AWS resources.

Introduction to Data Warehousing on AWS with Amazon Redshift (2:07)

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Why SAW?

SAW helps you troubleshoot, remediate, manage, and reduce costs on your AWS resources, AWS Support maintains a subset of the AWS provided predefined runbooks.

Use cases

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