Build better. Build faster. Build on AWS.

Welcome to the cloud built for builders. A cloud that gives those bootstrapping startups the scale of enterprise, and the Fortune 500s the agility of the garage entrepreneur.

Build better. Build faster. Build on AWS.

Welcome to the cloud built for builders. A cloud that gives those bootstrapping startups the scale of enterprise, and the Fortune 500s the agility of the garage entrepreneur.

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We've created the Builders' Toolbox designed for anyone looking to get building on the the cloud. Like any good box of tools, the Builders' Toolbox is full of useful pieces you didn't know you needed; think of it as your guide to find AWS resources, whichever way you enjoy learning.

Let’s meet some of the builders bringing their vision to life using AWS.

Building intelligence into power tools.

This is Oliver. Oliver and his team developed a smart system for the predictive maintenance of power tools - automatically detecting when tools need a tune up to keep working more effectively (and safely).

Best of all, they achieved it in a matter of hours, using two readily available tools.


Intel UP Squared device

The Intel UP Squared device allows you to connect sensors and track a vast number of metrics, like use time, and number of rotations, ambient temperature and machine temperature.

AWS IoT Core

The data generated can then all be fed into the AWS IoT Core, a managed AWS service that lets devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.

Oliver’s big takeaway?  

“Anything you imagine is possible using IoT. The power of the cloud enables you to not only manage millions of different devices, but to easily collect, report and analyse data.”

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Why innovators build on AWS

Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in no time.

Meet Darius

Darius was working for a startup that had a ‘build it fast, see what happens’ mentality.

The CEO would give the team an idea, they would spend eight hours spinning it up.

When Darius saw that 4% of retail revenue is lost due to stock not being on the shelves, it got his gears turning.

He wanted to see if (in a few hours) he could build a technological solution to prevent under-stocking.  


Amazon Rekognition (Rekognition)

Rekognition is a computer-vision tool that lets you identify the subjects of video and image files stored in S3 (including objects, people, places, text, and action).

Amazon API Gateway (API Gateway)

API Gateway allows you to create and manage your APIs, handling the hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls, keeping your APIs secure, and tracking version history.

Because he didn’t have to build any of the tools himself, Darius and his team were able to grab a few IoT sensors an Intel board, and a shelving unit, and build a solution in a few hours.

And as AWS tools learn from every application built on them, Darius’ learnings will help every builder who builds a similar solution. Plus, his solution will improve over time without them having to work on the software.

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Build first, pay as you scale


Build for free:

All AWS accounts start on the Free Tier, and include free access to all the stuff you’ll need to build solutions with real value. You get 750 hours per month of Amazon EC2 compute capacity, 5GB of standard storage with Amazon S3 (and 25GB of storage with Amazon DynamoDB), 750 hours of db.t2.micro database usage through Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), and one million free AWS Lambda requests per month.

Go over those limits, and you simply pay for what you use.



Build yourself:

Better builders build better solutions. That’s why we’ve created the Getting Started Resource Centre. It’s full of tutorials, whitepapers, projects, and training. All to make you a better builder. And as you’ve probably guessed, they’re free.

Solve customer pain points.

Let’s meet another builder. Here’s Shafreen.

Mowing the lawn can be tedious. Having identified this as a customer pain point, Shafreen and her team worked backwards to build a solution on AWS that would make cutting grass more fun—and help people keep on top of their gardening.

Using an Intel board and a variety of sensors, they built an IoT-enabled lawnmower, and a dashboard for people to keep track of their mowing.


AWS Lambda

Lambda lets your run code without provisioning or managing servers. You only pay for the compute time you consume (and only when you’ve used up your 12-month free trial).

Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a fully-managed, multi-region nonrelational database that delivers low-latency performance at any scale, making it ideal for IoT applications, amongst others.

The Mowbile was incredibly simple to put together. With all of the services available on the fly, Shafreen’s team didn’t have to waste any time pre-provisioning anything.

They could quickly test out solutions, and move from one to the next until they found the right one.

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    Architecture Diagram

    Mowbile_architecture diagram

What else can you build?

A robotic lawnmower

Virtual reality shopping experience

Alexa-powered lawnmower

Start building now

If you’re going to build something that matters, you’re going to want to do it right.

AWS was built for builders. We make things that work for people who work hard.
And we’ve managed to build a platform where everyone’s experience feeds into everyone else’s, giving you years of experience—even if you haven’t got any yourself...yet.

What will you build?