AWS Cloud Financial Management

How can I use AWS Budgets to track my spending and usage?

Monitoring your service costs and usage while scaling on AWS is often cited as a top customer concern. Businesses and organizations need to plan and set expectations around cloud costs for projects, applications, and more. The cloud empowers you to acquire and deprecate resources on an ongoing basis, without relying on teams to approve, procure, and install infrastructure. However, this flexibility also requires that you understand and adapt to a dynamic forecasting and budgeting process.

To make sure you don’t exceed your desired usage thresholds and overall budget, we recommend using AWS Budgets. With the cost control features of AWS Budgets, you can create custom cost budgets that alert you when you exceed your budgeted threshold to help you track your AWS spend and usage.

Watch the video below to learn how AWS Budgets can help you keep your spend and usage in check.

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Luis Abud

Luis Abud

Luis oversees the Digital Experience for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. He focuses on enabling finance and business leaders to transform their business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization. In his previous career, he helped tech and retail companies establish and enhance their digital presence in Latin America.