AWS Transformation Day in London explores how the cloud is transforming organisations, industries and the world around us. The one-day event brings together business and technology leaders to examine the disruptive opportunities of cloud for today’s enterprises.

Whether you’re looking to create a culture of innovation; prepare your talent for change; modernize your infrastructure with the latest security, risk management and compliance measures; differentiate your offering with AI and machine learning; or learn how to qualify the impact of the cloud on your business – you’ll get practical tips and advice, glean best practices, and discover new, enabling technologies and services at AWS Transformation Day.


Who should attend?

Who should attend?

Business leaders: If you’re planning the digital transformation of your business; a CFO trying to understand the financial impact of cloud adoption; or a CMO wanting to deliver a more personalised experience to your customers, you’ll get all the advice and insights you need to be successful.

Technology leaders: Discover AWS products and services to help you accelerate your cloud journey, plus methodologies to support your innovation strategies. You can also pose your technical questions to AWS experts.


Feature Topics

Explore a variety of topics around enterprise transformation and dive deeper into cloud best practices

AWS Transformation Day will provide you with insights into how organizations can accelerate their enterprise transformation and will include topics like cloud economics, mass migration, enterprise workloads, compliance & data security, innovation culture as well as industry solutions. In all sessions and workshops, you will be able to learn directly from AWS experts, customers and partners.

Leveraging AI & Big Data
Cloud Economics
Migration & Enterprise Workloads
Security & Compliance
Industry Trends & Solutions
Digital Innovation & Business Transformation
Culture & Organizational Change


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Philip Potloff, Head of Enterprise Strategy at Amazon Web Services

Philip joined AWS in 2017 and serves as the head of enterprise strategy. Philip leads a team of former CIOs and CTOs that work with technology executives to develop cloud adoption strategies for their own companies by sharing experiences and approaches for how the cloud can help them increase speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers.

Prior to joining AWS, Philip held multiple senior executive positions at including CIO and COO. During his 12-year tenure, Philip led the transformation of the car shopping website's technology architecture and product development methodologies. This included a successful all-in cloud migration to AWS that was completed in 2016.

Philip most recently served as the company’s first Chief Digital Officer where he leveraged Edmunds’ new cloud-based technology model to accelerate innovation and delivery of the next generation of products and features for the site’s millions of monthly car shoppers and thousands of dealer partners.

In 2017, Philip was recognized as one of Computerworld’s Premier 100 Technology Leaders for extending the influence of the technologist’s role to include digital transformation and business model innovation.

Prior to, Philip served in technology leadership roles for several Silicon Valley startups including a natural language search engine, and speech recognition software company, Nuance Communications.

Philip earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from UCLA.


08:00 - 09:15 Registration & breakfast

    • AWS Speaker: John Enoch, Principal, Technical Business Development/EMEA Cloud Economics

      Location: Interact

    • AWS Speaker: Mark Preston, Strategic Engagement Lead - Enterprise Transformation

      Abstract: AWS Digital Transformation outlines the business and technology objectives and how they are aligned to drive prescriptive transformation journeys for digital business. The session contrasts the conflict in enterprise between agility and efficiency and reflects on how Amazon have transformed.

      We introduce transformation journeys and this includes alignment to sponsors for change and associated strategic objectives and outlines the blueprint for the operating model. The presentation includes the AWS enterprise transformation framework approach to driving broad change with scale and pace to deliver results in shorter time frames but as part of a longer term vision.

      Location: Synergy

    • AWS Speaker: Neil Mackin, Technical Business Development Manager

      Abstract: The application of AI/ML can provide enable digital transformation with smart capabilities that enable a step change in the potential benefits. AWS provide a range of AI and ML services to enable organisations to realise this potential. We will review some of these technologies and a number of use cases, as well as considering the keys to success for embedding AI/ML into your transformation projects.

      Location: Engage

10:15 - 12:00 Keynote

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch

    • AWS Speaker: Jennifer Davis, Head of Product Marketing Management, Training & Certification

      Abstract: One of the biggest misconceptions we hear from IT leaders is the belief that not having the right people on staff stops you from moving faster, saving money, and expanding your business on the cloud. You already have the people you need to succeed in the cloud, and these highly skilled, experience and dedicated employees have the ability to learn AWS cloud skills and become certified experts. Transforming your talent has a profound impact on workforce productivity and satisfaction, and in this session we will walk through best practices and AWS capabilities to help you along the way.

      Location: Enterprise 2

    • AWS Speaker: TBC

      Abstract: Cloud computing is disrupting the way organisations do business. Users can spin up hundreds, or even thousands, of servers in minutes. From start-ups to global Enterprises, businesses are moving to the cloud at scale to take advantage of the agility, cost savings and innovation that cloud enables.

      How do Enterprises manage third party governance and risk in this rapidly evolving technology environment?

      This session looks at tools and mechanisms available to help procurement unlock the benefits of cloud for their organisation while maintaining governance and managing risk.

      Location: Synergy

    • AWS Speaker: Francisco Gonzalez, Solutions Architect

      Abstract: IoT adoption in the Public Sector is perhaps the most complex of any sector with many difference use cases across a single organisation such as transport, building management, staff and health & safety. This talk will explore some of the hurdles to implementing IoT and the steps organisations can take to help foster adoption such as:

      - Building the technology infrastructure

      - Empowering department teams to build PoC's

      - Citizen engagement by opening data and infrastructure

      - Technology Selection

      - Scaling considerations

      - Long term management

      Location: Interact

    • AWS Speaker: Paul Hannan, Enterprise Technology Lead (UKI)

      Abstract: As cloud becomes the ‘new normal’ for digital ‘breakouts’ from enterprises and startups, many are asking how they can accelerate cloud adoption within their large estate of existing business applications.

      Large scale enterprise migrations run the risk of stalling or failing, unless changes to controls, processes and operational models within the traditional IT department and beyond are addressed. AWS have taken a customer-centric view, utilising insight from experienced practitioners, to develop a prescriptive approach to accelerate and de-risk the large scale adoption of cloud. This enables our customers to be ‘enterprise-ready’ to operate cloud at scale within 180 days.

      The session will cover how AWS has utilised their own key tenets to provide an approach to cloud adoption and migration, designed to address the key challenges of ‘enterprise-inertia’ and enable our enterprise customers to benefit from cloud in a secure, reliable and cost effective way, operating within appropriate enterprise controls.

      Location: Enterprise 1


    • AWS Speaker: Philip Fitzsimons, Well-Architected Lead, AWS

      Location: Enterprise 2

    • AWS Speaker: Mary McDaniel, Global Application Migration and Modernization Practice Manager, EMEA

      Abstract: Enterprises have developed complex portfolios of enterprise applications and virtualized with VMware vSphere. Moving these application portfolios to the cloud is imperative in order to free up resources and gain agility for the business. This session shows how AWS can help your enterprise achieve value faster, reducing its time to cloud maturity by utilizing best practices and strategies developed by working with hundreds of customers on their large-scale migrations.

      Location: Synergy

    • AWS Speaker: Muneeb Ahsan, Enterprise Transformation - Principal Partner

      Abstract: Most organisations know that they can achieve cost savings and greater business agility by moving to the cloud, but they often struggle to develop a comprehensive business case that quantifies the benefits they will see beyond just infrastructure cost savings. In this session, we will introduce the AWS Cloud Value Framework (CVF) and explain how it can be used to quantify not only cost savings, but also the value of business agility, operational resilience, and staff productivity. After this session, you should be able to describe the benefits of the cloud to different stakeholders across your organisation and present a comprehensive value-based business case.

      Location: Interact

    • Speaker: TBC

      Location: Engage

    • AWS Speaker: Jonathan Allen, Enterprise Strategist

      Abstract: With the benefit of hindsight, find out what are the best 12 steps enterprises can take to get started with cloud to enable them to go fast and safely.

      Location: Enterprise 1

    • Speaker: TBC

      Location: Enterprise 2

    • AWS Speaker: TBC

      Location: Synergy

    • Speaker: TBC

      Location: Interact

    • Speaker: Russell Easter, Senior Consultant

      Abstract: You know your business can benefit from the cloud, but what does this mean for your staff and operating model? In this webinar, we share best practices we've learned from helping thousands of organisations transform their operating models to accelerate cloud adoption and create innovation flywheels. We show you how you can start with a small, dedicated team from your existing business, design, engineering, and operations staff to free development teams to focus on delivering applications instead of focusing on platform or governance concerns.

      Location: Engage

15:10 - 15:35 - Coffee & refreshment break

    • BBC TV Licensing (TVL) faced the obsolescence and end of support of their Campaign Management System (CMS) and the related Data Management System (DMS). The crucial data resided in disparate source systems, resulting in inconsistent customer insights and intelligence. The organisation wished to modernise these systems while enabling the agility and business analytics granted by cloud technology.

      Cognizant is working with BBC TVL to transform and migrate the incumbent DMS platform to AWS. With a layered architecture, the solution comprises of Informatica, Cloudera and BMC components tightly integrated on the AWS platform. This combination delivers a bespoke, scalable, natively resilient and agile platform that allows the BBC to derive a greater understanding of its licence fee customers than ever before.

      In this interview-style session we will explore how the BBC is leveraging AWS technology to use TVL data, which increases their understanding of customer behaviour and preferences, and ultimately enables the organisation to serve their customers better.

      Customer Speakers: Sanjiv Dodeja - Head of IT, BBC TV Licensing & Keshav Nagaraja - Client Partner, Cognizant

      Location: Synergy

    • Speaker: Mike Bainbridge, Digital Transformation and Innovation

      Abstract: The acceleration of technology change is disrupting all industries and provides an opportunity for organisations, of any size, to truly differentiate their business through innovation. In this session, we will discuss the key drivers for innovation that will help your organisation differentiate itself by improving your pace of innovation, getting to market faster and building an operating model that enables continuous innovation so you can stay ahead of your changing business needs.

      Location: Enterprise 2

    • AWS Speaker: TBC

      Location: Synergy

    • Speaker: Michael Matta, Head of Business Development - Database Services - EMEA

      Location: Interact

    • Speaker: Mario Thomas, Global Executive Advisory

      Abstract: We often find that customers are focussed on immersing themselves in the AWS platform from a technology perspective in the early stages of adoption; often leaving financial management and operations (FinOps) to a later date after adoption has commenced. This can lead to customers paying more for their use of AWS than otherwise would have been the case, or delaying adoption at a critical point while FinOps is brought up to speed. The route to maximising these opportunities is to ensure that the CFO and their finance leaders are aware of the best practices that exist around cloud financial management and operations (“FinOps”), and have the necessary finance policies in place to accelerate adoption, and operate in AWS.

      In this session, Mario Thomas from our Global Advisory team, shares insights gained from working with finance and non-finance leaders in some of our largest customers to transform their FinOps capabilities to support adoption of the cloud; supporting modernising existing applications and innovating new ones to drive material organisational transformation through the Cloud Finance Office.

      Location: Engage

    • AWS Speaker: Anya Epishcheva, Principal Consultant (Advisory)

      Abstract: Have you ever wondered why change in organisations is painful? As human beings, it seems that we know how to deal with change: we learn new skills, move countries, change careers, find new friends and hobbies. But when it comes to groups of people (organisations) the rate of success for company-wide transformations is 16% in digitally-advanced industries (and single digits for normal industries). Does it mean that when many people come together, they suddenly lose their ability to cope with change? Come to this talk and learn about some underlying concepts that shed light on the complex world of organisational transformation.

      Location: Enterprise 1

    • Speaker: Chris King, Solutions Architect , AWS

      Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) is often discussed as a future technology with transformational impact across society. In reality, many enterprises already use innovative AI powered solutions to drive new levels of scale, create new efficiencies, and generate new predictions. In this session, we will explore real world use cases that demonstrate how AI helps organisations innovate for realised business outcomes.

      Location: Enterprise 2

    • AWS Speaker: Thomas Blood, EMEA Enterprise Strategist

      Location: Synergy

    • AWS Speaker: Brian Wagner, Head of Compliance, EMEA, AWS Financial Services 

      Abstract: The practice of cloud security and compliance now enables enterprises to innovate both quickly and securely. Many enterprises moving to the cloud may find that some aspects of the cloud security model differ from the model used in their traditional on-premises infrastructure. At AWS, security is our top priority, and this session provides an overview of our security model and best practices to help your organisation innovate quickly while maintaining enterprise-level security in the cloud.

      Location: Interact

    • Speaker: Jonathan Smare, Finance Leader - Enterprise Transformation

      Abstract: Today we’re going to talk about the role that the CFO can play in an organization’s digital transformation and business evolution. CFOs are already pursuing the elements of the digital transformation journey. They want actionable insights and value from data. They want to become hyper-aware and have insights inform their strategy. They want to be able to be agile and change. AWS absolutely has the tools to help your organization become a more agile, innovative organization, but that’s only half the picture.

      The real goal and prize is developing new, modern ways of working. It’s about adopting 21st century working practices and developing a culture of innovation, agility and speed. And it’s an executive decision that has to be driven from the top. So today we’re going to discuss the accelerating business challenges that are driving a huge wave of digital transformation. We’ll talk a little bit about Amazon’s journey of digital transformation, just as an example. Most importantly, we’ll focus on the nimble, inventive enterprise of the future – and how we can go about building it.  

      Location: Engage

17:15 - 18:30 - Networking & drinks

Agenda is subject to change.




  • The event is designed especially for Business Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers, CFOs, CISOs as well as Risk and Compliance Managers. We will provide sessions about digital transformation by sharing information about the transformation journey of large organizations, the migration to the cloud and many more.
  • You can review the AWS Transformation Day agenda here.
    Content is focused on giving insights into how organizations can achieve digital transformation including topics like cloud economics, migration, compliance, data security, innovation culture as well as best practices, and experiences of AWS customers.

  • At this time, we do not accept submissions for AWS Transformation Day speakers or session content.


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