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AWS TechAction

Empowering nonprofits and credit unions to build, modernize, and scale donor, member, and fundraising solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

No matter your organization’s size, scope, or experience using AWS, TechAction offers the resources nonprofits need to enhance donor and member engagement, develop compelling digital experiences, and advance fundraising goals on the cloud.

AWS for Data: Unifying Data to Boost Fundraising Outcomes

Learn how your organization can leverage cloud solutions to enhance fundraising initiatives, donor engagement, and program services, as well as overall organizational performance.

TechAction benefits

TechAction helps nonprofits and credit unions access the resources they need to successfully start, grow, and innovate with AWS. These resources include up to $5,000 in AWS Promotional Credit, access to training and partners, community events and forums, and ready-made solutions as well as content and guidance.

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  • AWS TechAction credit is AWS Promotional Credit that offset costs associated with launching nonprofit workloads on AWS, as your organization builds towards long-term success. Based on the scope and complexity of your project, nonprofits have the opportunity to receive up to $5,000 USD in AWS TechAction credit. Apply here.

    In addition to the TechAction program, we also provide nonprofits AWS Promotional Credit support through the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program, which provides $1,000 USD annually to nonprofits globally.  Learn more.

  • Join our active community of like-minded nonprofit leaders and technologists to share learnings, offer support, and inspire one another with what’s possible.

    Contribute to conversations on re:Post and learn about upcoming in-person events in your area by subscribing to the TechAction newsletter.

  • Connect with AWS experts, access cloud training and tutorials, and leverage partners, technologists, and ready-made solutions to bring your ideas to life on AWS.


Please review the program's FAQ for more information.

Modernize your fundraising, donor and member experiences

Modernize applications and unify data

Make your data work for you through modernizing your applications and bringing your data together to ensure your employees have a secure, accessible, and shared source of truth.

Unlock actionable insights

Leverage capabilities such as analytics and machine learning to understand and analyze your data, in an automated way, to transform donor and member engagement strategies.

Enhance digital experiences

Delight your donors or members with compelling, easy to use digital capabilities and personalize outreach through data-driven marketing and communication tools.

Engage with your community

Meet your donors and members where they are with multi-channel communication tools such as call centers and AI/ML-driven chatbots and voice technology.

Get inspired by your nonprofit peers

Explore how nonprofits of all sizes and mission areas are using AWS for goals related to fundraising, donor and member engagement.

Digitally transform member engagement

Read how one nonprofit digitally transformed to support art and culture in a changing world.

Gain insights from data

Watch the ways Share our Strength breaks down silos to put their donor data to work.

Deliver personalized member experiences

See how AARP makes use of their data to invent new experiences for their community of members.

Launch community-focused contact centers

Read how the LA LGBT Center provides superior customer service and community support quickly and at scale.

Leverage technical how-to resources developed by nonprofit solution architects which will take you step by step through how to launch high value workloads.

Cloud Call Center for nonprofits

By adopting Cloud Call Center solutions on AWS, nonprofits can connect callers with the right information faster and better serve their needs.

Unify data with a data lake

Build and store your data lakes on AWS to gain deeper insights than with traditional data silos and data warehouses allow.

Predictive Engagement with Machine Learning

Provide a simple architecture that automates the process of making predictive recommendations based on user activity.

QnABot on AWS

Deploy a multi-channel, multi-language conversational interface (chatbot) that responds to customer’s questions, answers, and feedback.

To explore more nonprofit solutions visit the AWS Solutions Library for nonprofits and Nonprofit Marketplace

Partner spotlight & resources


Browse through a library of cloud-certified talent to help your organization with everything from getting started to maintaining and growing your work on AWS.


Personalize cross-channel donor and member experiences with Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Personalize, and Twilio Segment


Complete projects faster with AWS Certified freelancers and consulting firms here. Pay directly through AWS only when work is complete and you are satisfied.

To explore more nonprofit partners visit the AWS Nonprofit Partner Competency and Nonprofit Marketplace

Power your fundraising, donor and member engagement projects with AWS TechAction

Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced builder, TechAction has the resources you need to delight donors, manage members, and advance fundraising goals.

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