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Discover solutions that give governments the tools to act quickly

State and Local governments need innovative, secure ways to deliver services and enable telework, especially in times of emergency. AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that enables quick deployment of solutions for employees, contractors, constituents, and call center agents on AWS so governments can find resources to navigate rapidly changing situations.

Explore remote work and learning solutions

Remote work

Remote work solutions like AWS WorkSpaces and Amazon Chime work together with AWS Marketplace solutions to grant access and enable productivity from anywhere.  


Create your own branded file storage solutions and enable file sharing, sync, and mobile access using Amazon S3.

CloudBerry Lab

Enable end-users to share files, manage access permissions and encryption using Amazon S3 buckets.


Automate Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 life cycles to virtual desktop workload deployment and management.

Discover solutions for Local and Federal Government that help solve your challenges and serve constituents more effectively.


Communication solutions give government leaders direct, reliable connections to employees and constituents. Solutions like Amazon Chime work together with AWS marketplace solutions to ensure communities can easily access accurate information through a variety of mediums.

Session Border Controller that increases voice quality and privacy for Amazon Chime. 
 Code Creator

Open source video conferencing service with secure and scalable video.

VisualOn Inc.

In-browser video streaming service for Live and Video-on-Demand (VoD) content.

Emergency response

Emergency response solutions give governments the tools to coordinate action, manage communications, protect constituents, and secure sensitive data during times of emergency.

  • Organize and execute quick responses in crisis situations.

     TurnKey GNU/Linux

    Emergency development platform for rapid deployment and management of humanitarian response.

    Benchmarking Group International

    Feedback management tool that captures patient feedback and distributes responses to relevant staff and managers.


    Enterprise content management system (CMS) that enables collaboration during digital transformation.

  • Securely manage sensitive data for rapid communications.

     Mountain Fog

    Identify and remove sensitive information from natural language text.


    Detect, audits, protects, and monitors sensitive data assets in real time.

Contact center

Contact center solutions support the needs of communities and efficiently manage inbound requests, even if agents are outside the office. Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost. Working together with AWS Marketplace software solutions, you can provide a seamless customer experience across voice and chat.

  • Effectively manage customer communications and feedback loops.

    Symbee Connect

    Customer engagement platform that unifies contact center channel data from Amazon Connect and provides advanced enterprise omnichannel features.

    eGain Solve for Amazon Connect

    Customer engagement solution that leverages AI and analytics to guide agents as they support customers and improve the customer engagement experience.


    Offering an holistic approach to customer service combining knowledge, process, data, and channels into a unified application.

    All-in-one development platform that enables fluid conversations across channels to speed deployments, reduce complexity, and simplify administration.
  • Tools that optimize productivity, manage call capacity, and prioritize constituent experience.


    SaaS platform for building and managing AI-powered conversational applications at scale.

    Speech analytics solution that converts call recordings into structured data, allowing organizations to search and analyze phone conversations.
  • Tools that optimize productivity, manage call capacity, and prioritize constituent experience.


    Management suite for Amazon Connect that makes it easy to schedule agents, monitor performance, and improve the customer experience.


    Enterprise solutions for workforce optimization, employee engagement/management, security & compliance.

Machine Learning models

Ready-to-use machine learning models that can transform processes and analytics for governments, and can be quickly deployed on Amazon SageMaker.

  • Monitor the location, movement, and safety of employees and equipment.


    A crowd-ready human detector used to detect a wide variety of human features and conditions.

    VITech Lab

    Real-time computer vision model for identifying safety breaches and ensuring quality control policies.

  • Quickly react to news or community needs with innovative emotion recognition technology.


    Automatic speech recognition to deliver real-time actionable insights from voice data.


    Emotion analysis system that predicts and classifies emotion based on a corpus of text.


    Deep learning technology to determine if a text document's emotional tone is positive or negative.

AWS Marketplace is available for procurement through various contract vehicles supported by our network of partners. Our partners can provide assistance to your questions regarding their contract vehicle, procurement process, and other general information to support your order.

Additional state and local governments (SLG) resources

From remote workspaces to remote help desk, AWS tools are available to help enable virtual learning.

AWS delivers flexible cloud infrastructure to help state and local governments serve citizens better.
AWS remote work and learning services that can be deployed quickly at global scale. 
AWS Marketplace solutions empower agencies to securely and efficiently serve their public and protect their employees.

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AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy to find, testbuy, and deploy the third-party software you want, with the simplified procurement and controls you need.

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