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AWS Enterprise Support

Why AWS Enterprise Support?

AWS Enterprise Support provides a comprehensive suite of resources, including proactive planning, advisory services, automation tools, communication channels, and 24/7 expert support. Our Support engineering team is trained in all technical domains covered by AWS, and is available to provide you with general guidance, how-to advice, best practice help, troubleshooting, and operational support. You will also get access to a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will provide consultative architectural and operational guidance delivered in the context of your applications and use-cases to help you achieve the greatest value from AWS. Learn more about engagement with your TAM.

By utilizing these services, you can achieve your desired business outcomes in the cloud, such as improved performance, optimized costs, and increased security. Customers on AWS Enterprise Support can experience more than 15% cost-savings across select services when compared with customers with similar total AWS spend on other tiers of AWS Support. We continuously invest in proactive tools, technologies, and expertise to provide world class support for the breadth of AWS services.  


Proactive reviews

AWS Countdown, included with Enterprise Support, helps assess operational readiness, identify and mitigate risks, and plan capacity, using proven playbooks developed by AWS experts during the planning and execution of planned events such as product launches, sales events, and migrations. AWS Countdown Premium is available as a monthly subscription for an additional fee.  

Evaluate your architecture and implement designs that can scale over time through architectural reviews with AWS Solutions Architects and TAMs and leveraging the AWS Well-Architected framework.

Proactive services are included with Enterprise Support and help you review the health of your cloud operations, optimize costs, and scale workloads efficiently through workload reviews, best practices workshops, and deep dives.

Technical account management and billing support

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) provides consultative architectural and operational guidance delivered in the context of your applications and use-cases to help you achieve the greatest value from AWS. The TAM will work with you to provide tailored engagements including Strategic Business Reviews, Security Improvement Programs, guided Well-Architected reviews, Cost Optimization workshops, and a range of proactive services. TAMs throughout your journey will consult on architecture, governance, security, and operations, including cost management and other pillars of building on AWS. They will also cover progress made towards your desired outcomes, and help you to validate the planned outcomes in subsequent periods of performance.

Cloud Support Engineers, Solutions Architects, Technical Account Managers, and product teams are available to provide guidance and help as needed. The AWS Trust & Safety team assists you when your AWS resources are used to engage in abusive behaviors, such as spam, port scanning, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, or malware.

24x7 access to Cloud Support Engineers via phone, chat, and web. You can have an unlimited number of contacts that can open an unlimited amount of cases. Response times for general guidance is less than 24 hours, system impaired is less than 12 hours, production system impaired is less than 4 hours, production system down is less than an hour, and business critical system down is less than 15 minutes.

AWS billing and account experts specialize in working with enterprise accounts. They will quickly and efficiently assist you with your billing and account inquiries, and work with you to implement billing and account best practices so that you can focus on what matters: running your business.

Guidance, configuration, and troubleshooting of AWS interoperability with many common operating systems, platforms, and application stack components

Self-service support

Additional offerings

AWS Incident Detection and Response provides custom Support for critical workloads. It offers 24x7 proactive engagement, 5-minute response time and incident management for critical workloads. AWS Incident Detection and Response leverages the proven operational, enhanced monitoring, and incident management capabilities used internally by AWS teams and externally by AWS Managed Services (AMS).

AWS Managed Services is available on a per-account basis for an additional fee for Enterprise Support and Enterprise On-Ramp customers. AMS helps you achieve operational excellence by executing your cloud operations at scale, enabling you to operate more efficiently and securely in the cloud leveraging AWS services. AWS Managed Services executes operational best practices on your behalf with specialized automations, skills, and experience that are contextual to your environment and applications. We provide proactive, preventative, and detective capabilities that raise the operational bar and help reduce risk without constraining agility, allowing you to focus on innovation.

AWS Countdown Premium provides critical support across all phases of your cloud projects from design to post launch retrospectives. It offers designated engineers selected from a team of AWS experts who provide proactive guidance and troubleshooting. Designated engineers are involved from project inception to ensure continuity, provide access to subject matter experts, and leverage support tools for faster issue resolution. They participate in critical events calls, e.g. for sales events or migration cutovers, to provide rapid issue resolution. AWS Countdown Premium helps you increase your infrastructure investment return by accelerating migrations and modernizations, and enabling you to deliver high impact go-live events and achieve your business goals.

AWS re:Post Private is available on a per-account basis for an additional fee for Enterprise Support and Enterprise On-Ramp customers. re:Post Private is a knowledge service to accelerate cloud adoption and increase developer productivity. With re:Post Private, you can build an organization-specific cloud community that drives efficiencies at scale and provides access to valuable knowledge resources. re:Post Private centralizes trusted AWS technical content and offers private discussion forums to improve how your teams collaborate internally—and with AWS—to remove technical obstacles, accelerate innovation, and scale more efficiently in the cloud.


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