Modern Applications: E-books and Reports

Modern application development is a powerful approach to designing, building, and managing applications in the cloud. Get best practices to accelerate modern applications with increased agility and lower total cost of ownership today. Dive deeper with these resources to help you develop an effective plan for your modernization journey.

  •  AWS E-books
  • Accelerating your AWS journey: Migration and modernization

    Businesses in every industry are feeling the pressure to increase agility, innovate faster, and respond to business changes in that moment. This means changing the way you build applications. But what about your existing applications? You might want to keep some as is, but other options include:

    • Migrating applications to the cloud
    • Modernizing applications via re-platforming with AWS services
    • Refactoring apps to a cloud native architecture

    AWS offers a variety of resources to help you get started and optimize costs. Read the e-book, Accelerating your AWS journey: Migration and modernization, and take the first steps on your cloud journey.

    Modern Applications: Reinventing how your business delivers value

    Organizations everywhere are looking for ways to build better applications and release them faster. Many are finding a powerful solution in modern application with AWS. Read this e-book to learn more about the characteristics of modern applications

    • Creating a culture of ownership
    • Designing with a microservices architectural pattern
    • Utilizing serverless and managed services for compute, such as containers and AWS Lambda
    • Selecting a database that is purpose-built for the task at hand
    • Automating your release process with continuous delivery pipelines
    • Adopting guardrails in your approach to management and governance

    Ready to increase the agility of your teams and the reliability, security, and scalability of your applications? The time to modernize your applications is now.

    Modernize today with Containers on AWS

    As companies consider their modernization journeys, containers are gaining momentum for developers to more efficiently package and deploy applications. Containers provide a portable, consistent, and lightweight software environment for applications to easily run and scale anywhere.

    Read this e-book to discover how containers on AWS:

    • Allow you to focus on building applications instead of managing compatibility requirements
    • Help break down traditional monolithic application architectures and enable a transition to microservices
    • Instigate improvements to your development process by shifting quality and control to the front of the process

    From orchestration to monitoring to automating to security, AWS will provide you the tools you need to get the most out of containers.

    Build the skills to develop modern apps

    Modern applications are built and released with a new technology stack as well as a new processes and architectures. Getting a better understanding of concepts like microservices and technologies like containers and AWS Lambda will help you get ahead.

    The set of four guides covers the following topics:

    • Evolve Development Processes
    • Microservices Architectures
    • Modern Compute: Containers and AWS Lambda
    • Databases: Purpose Built

    Download the guides to get started.

    Accelerate your modernization journey: Develop skills in designing, building, and managing modern application

    With the right training, you can lay the foundation for a successful career in modern application development. Download the e-book and learn which AWS Training and Certification courses are right for you.

    Read this e-book to learn more about:

    • Benefits of modern application development
    • How cloud training helps to bridge your employees’ skills gap, build confidence, and increase their value
    • Accelerate your modernization journey

    No matter your skill level, there’s a Training and Certification option that will elevate your expertise.

  •  Reports & Papers
  • 451 Research: The journey to serverless-first

    Learn what developers at Fender, Alma Media, and iRobot already know: A serverless enterprise allows you to spend more time unleashing creativity and less time managing infrastructure.

    Download the paper to learn how:

    • Fender, Alma Media, and iRobot made the transition to serverless, from overcoming challenges to lessons learned
    • Best practices and key considerations for developers building in a serverless environment
    • Having less code to write and maintain gives you more time to experiment and invent

    It’s time to build modern applications free from the constraints of legacy technology. The journey to serverless will get you there.

    IDC: Application modernization in the enterprise

    Enterprise require the agility of a modern technology platform to take advantage of new business opportunities. Learn why refactoring existing applications is an essential step for digital modernization.

    Read the IDC report to learn more about:

    • Benefits of a modern application architecture
    • Steps to take to modernize applications and real-world customer example
    • How AWS helps with application modernization

    Discover the lessons one AWS customer learned through their own modernization experience.

    Forrester New Wave™ reports on FaaS and Enterprise Container Platforms

    Evaluate the best providers of container and FaaS platforms with the help of Forrester. Gain online access to the latest Forrester New Wave™ analyst reports for Public Cloud Enterprise Container Platforms, and FaaS Platforms. Weigh the benefits and get a detailed evaluation of the leaders in each category.

    Read the reports to learn more about:

    • Top providers for containers and FaaS platforms and how they stand in relation to each other
    • Evaluate the best options for running containers and adopting FaaS

    This is invaluable insight for enterprise architects tasked with finding the right development environment for their organizations, as well as the right vendor to implement it.

    Deloitte: Determining the TCO of serverless technologies

    If you are looking to lower the cost of application ownership, consider evaluating your options when it comes to infrastructure. To get a framework for evaluating costs, download the Deloitte report and learn how much you can really save by adopting a serverless architecture.

    TechTarget: When containers are persistent, data storage needs evolve

    As modern enterprises become more sophisticated in the type of applications they enable with microservices and containerized applications, the need for persistent storage for those containers becomes increasingly critical.

    Read the whitepaper to learn more about:

    • Why persistent storage for containers?
    • Why 80% of containers in the cloud run on AWS

    This whitepaper looks at the evolution of containers from ephemeral to persistent and discusses ways for developers and DevOps teams to utilize scalable, performant, and inexpensive storage solutions for containers – whether traditionally provisioned or serverless – across geographies worldwide.

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