Q: How do I get started?

Please click here to get started with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect. You will be directed to our documentation that will give you instructions to turn on Contact Lens within your Amazon Connect instance. To learn more about Amazon Connect, click here.

Q: How do I access data in Contact Lens for Amazon Connect for use outside of Amazon Connect?

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect-generated metadata (including sentiment analysis, call transcript, non-talk time, etc.) along with the call recordings for each contact will be accessible in the customer’s Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. This data will be linked to Contact Trace Records (CTR) can be easily used in BI tools like Quicksight and Tableau to create custom visualizations by fusing it with data from other systems (such as CRM).

Q: How does Contact Lens for Amazon Connect relate to Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend?

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect uses Amazon Transcribe to generate call transcripts. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect uses Amazon Comprehend to apply natural language processing on these transcripts. This approach allows organizations to evaluate their customer experience using Contact Lens without requiring any technical expertise needed for Transcribe or Comprehend.

Q: What languages does Contact Lens for Amazon Connect support?

Currently, Contact Lens for Amazon Connect supports US English, UK English, AUS English, IN English, and Spanish. We will be adding more languages throughout 2020.

Q: Does Contact Lens for Amazon Connect provide real-time analysis?

Currently, Contact Lens for Amazon Connect provides analysis based on call recordings only. We will be expanding the current feature set to include real-time capabilities.

Q: Does Contact Lens for Amazon Connect support sensitive data redaction?

Yes, you can enable redaction to protect sensitive information (such as name, credit card information, and social security number) and provide permissions-based access to the unredacted transcript and call recording.

Q. What should I know before using sensitive data redaction?

The redaction feature is designed to identify and remove sensitive data. However, due to the predictive nature of machine learning, it may not identify and remove all instances of sensitive data in a transcript generated by Contact Lens. We recommend reviewing the results for accuracy after enabling sensitive data redaction to ensure they meet your needs.

Q. Can sensitive data redaction be used for healthcare data or protected health information?

The redaction feature is not intended to be used to de-identify healthcare data or to remove references to protected health information.

Q. What languages does sensitive data redaction support?

Currently, sensitive data redaction is only supported for English.

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