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Media services from AWS Elemental power video workflows for media and entertainment franchises worldwide. Solutions from AWS Elemental allow broadcast TV and multiscreen video to be customized, originated and monetized at global scale. This gives customers the ability to quickly, easily and economically scale and optimize video operations and the freedom to focus on what matters: transforming ideas into compelling content that captivates viewers.

Elemental | Perfecting the Media Experience
AWS Elemental Media Services | Perfecting the Media Experience

Use What You Need, Pay as You Go

Media companies are moving to the AWS Cloud to shift IT infrastructure investment from CAPEX to OPEX, enabling them to focus more time and reallocate resources to their core business of content creation and customer experiences.

Scale Elastically for Peak Demand

Content demand is difficult to forecast, making it challenging to properly size your infrastructure. AWS Elemental media services enable you to seamlessly scale your infrastructure to meet spikes in demand without investing in idle capacity.

Experiment with Less Financial Risk

Avoid overspending on new projects and services by quickly spinning up new development and test environments only when they are needed, then launch new offerings without having to invest in excess capacity. 

"By adding cloud services at many steps in our workflow including ingest, transcoding and storage, we've been able to overcome any bottlenecks in our end-to-end process. We've been able to improve the resilience and throughput of our service without huge investments in underutilized or standby resources. We've also been able to roll out change more quickly.”

Marina Kalkanis, Head of Core Services, BBC Future Media

“By leveraging the flexibility and scalability of Elemental Cloud, we can offer rich services without building a dedicated infrastructure, while simultaneously accelerating time-to-market and avoiding large capital expenditures.”

Marco de la Cruz, Deputy Director, Cinépolis KLIC

Elemental Cloud | Product Tour
Product Tour

Rapidly deploy broadcast and multiscreen offerings for live and on-demand content by migrating your video workflows to the cloud. AWS Elemental cloud solutions automatically provision and dynamically scale any combination of video processing, delivery and storage services within a highly resilient and secure architecture. The flexibility of cloud-based deployments allows customers to quickly and easily create enriched video offerings with reduced capital investment.


Cloud-based linear video processing offers a highly scalable and secure way to provide live 24/7 broadcast programming to consumers. Cloud services support an end-to-end video processing and delivery solution for linear content distribution.  

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File-based video processing in the cloud gives video operators the ability to transform live programming to readily accessible VOD assets. Cloud-based processing scales with demand to meet usage spikes without investment in excess capacity. 

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Deliver complex live, large-scale events to audiences around the world, on any device. AWS Elemental video processing paired with AWS ingest services and Amazon CloudFront content delivery ensures exceptional real-time viewing experiences.

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Integrate live-to-VOD capabilities into video offerings such as catch-up and start-over TV for a range of viewing devices, with the scalability to quickly and easily meet global customer demand. Increase streaming content monetization with server-side ad insertion. 

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Deliver Live-to-VOD Services Using AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Learn how to boost revenue opportunities quickly and easily by making live video content instantly available on-demand in this white paper.

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Linear Video Delivery from the AWS Cloud

This white paper describes the benefits of an end-to-end cloud infrastructure for video processing and delivery. Learn about content sourcing, formatting, distribution and monetization in this new paradigm for 24/7 broadcasting.

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Server-Side Ad Insertion
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Live-to-VOD in the Cloud
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Broadcasting Live from the Cloud
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Cloud-Based DVR Services
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