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One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out. When the world changes around you and when it changes against you – what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind – you have to lean into that and figure out what to do.
Jeff Bezos

The AWS Transformation Day brings senior executives, business leaders and tech heads together to explore the transformative opportunities of the cloud for your organisation.


If you are a CFO trying to understand the financial impact of cloud adoption, a CMO looking to deliver a personalized experience to your customers or a Business Leader focusing on delivering digital transformation, this event has sessions tailored to you.


If you are a CIO or CTO wanting to leverage cloud to build an agile IT team while cutting costs, overcoming challenges of skills, processes and IT operating model, join this event to understand how AWS is helping leaders like you overcome those obstacles.

Gavin Jackson, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Amazon Web Services, talks about how innovation is transforming enterprises across all industry sectors.

Attend the keynote by Miriam McLemore, Director of Enterprise Strategy & Evangelism at Amazon Web Services, and join the breakout sessions where you will learn strategies to enable you to retire technical debt and innovate at start-up speed!


Please note: agenda is subject to change

  • Track 1


    Re-Skilling yourself and your team for Cloud

    For many organizations, a perceived lack of cloud skills in their staff can limit their move to the cloud. Proper training of your engineers and developers can speed the pace of adoption, cloud migration, and delivery of business benefits by effectively operating the AWS Cloud. In this session, we discuss field-proven, prescriptive steps for reskilling and scaling your technical teams so that you can use the AWS Cloud securely, efficiently, and effectively.

    Speaker: Jonathan Allen, Enterprise Strategist, AWS

    Tag: Culture  

    Enterprise Security

    What if security became the reason to move an application to the cloud? Historically, security has been a necessary afterthought. Today, with AWS, security is moving from obligation to advantage. In this session, you will get a glimpse of tools and techniques that enterprise customers are using today to secure their AWS environments at scale.

    Speaker: Brian Wagner, Compliance Specialist, Financial Services, AWS

    Tag: Security

    Culture of Innovation at Amazon

    In this session, we’ll review some of the mechanisms and best practices that help us innovate at Amazon, and go through some of the suggestions on how it applies to startups and particularly AWS customers. The goal is to drive simplicity through a continuous, explicit customer focus. Get insights on how we structure our teams for autonomy and speed, and how we’re 'working backwards' from our customers when deciding where to focus engineering efforts.

    Speaker: Ricardo Sueiras, Technical Evangelist, AWS

    Tag: Innovation

    The Business Impact of Cloud Adoption

    In this session, we investigate the impact of cloud adoption on business performance and the essentials of how to frame a cloud transformation project. A key takeaway will be a set of steps and metrics to measure cloud transformation value.

    Speaker: Muneeb Ahsan, EMEA Enterprise Transformation Lead, AWS

    Tag: Cloud Economics


  • Track 2


    Transform with Cloud to drive your future

    Cloud pioneers used to enjoy a competitive edge, but that edge is fading as more businesses make the change. Winning now requires combining cloud-based tools and business challenges in innovative ways to drive operating efficiency, open new revenue streams, and evolve customer engagement models. In this session we will imagine the future. We will explore how to transform with Cloud to drive your future.

    Speaker: JB McGinnis, Managing Director, Deloitte

                    Sebastien Burnett, Director, Deloitte

    Tag: Innovation

    An Amazonian approach to enterprise transformation

    As cloud becomes the ‘new normal’ for digital ‘breakouts’ from enterprises and startups, many are asking how they can accelerate cloud adoption within their large estate of existing business applications.  

    The session will cover how AWS has utilised their own key tenets to provide an approach to cloud adoption and migration, designed to address the key challenges of ‘enterprise-inertia’ and enable our enterprise customers to benefit from cloud in a secure, reliable and cost effective way, operating within appropriate enterprise controls.

    Speaker: Paul Hannan, Enterprise Technology Lead (UKI), AWS

    Developing a Culture for Innovation & Change

    Transformation has been a business priority for most organisations for several years, but inspiring change is hard. In this session Mike will share how culture has enabled Amazon to continue to innovate. You will learn why having a shared mission is critical to success, what principles resonate with customers and colleagues, and how to get started on a new innovation challenge.

    Speaker: Mike Bainbridge, Digital Innovation, AWS

    Tag: Culture

    Accelerate Cloud Migration to AWS Cloud with Cognizant Cloud Steps

    Digital transformation and cloud migration are complex but necessary­ mandates for modern organizations. Cognizant’s Cloud Steps transformation and migration framework simplifies the process, enabling enterprises to quickly and easily build resilient cloud foundations and confidently migrate applications, infrastructure, security, and DevOps to an AWS environment at speed and scale.  

    Speaker: Frazer Jamieson, Principal Architect, Cloud Strategy and Consulting, Cognizant

    Tags: Technology, Migration

    Achieving Business Value with AWS

    It is well understood by the enterprise that cloud computing enables companies to host applications, mission critical workloads, and special projects on infrastructure that is built and managed by a third-party provider such as AWS. However, many customers find themselves having a difficult time in assigning value to the benefits of the cloud. In this session we will introduce a framework that can be used to identify the impact of moving to the cloud and the business value around areas such as cost savings, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility.

    Speaker: Leslie Goldstein, Business Development Manager, Cloud Economics, AWS

    Tag: Cloud Economics

  • Track 3


    CFO Corner

    Customers often have financial motivations for moving to a more efficient, scalable, and cost effective model that AWS provides. In this session, we will help CFOs and senior finance executives gain a better understanding for how moving to the cloud impacts business value and supports strategic objectives. From enabling customers to exceed revenue and EBITDA targets, to tackling the challenge of digital transformation, you will hear how other customers have realized the value of moving to the cloud and best practices to make your cloud migration successful.

    Speaker: Thomas Blood, EMEA Enterprise Evangelist, AWS

    Going beyond cost reduction: the real AWS migration opportunity

    Transforming to a digital business with cloud as the foundation supports a more agile, resilient and responsive business. In this session, we’ll introduce the fundamentals of an optimized AWS Cloud migration approach. And we’ll take a closer look at Vodafone, which by making the bold move to transition the majority of its legacy infrastructure to cloud, is pointing the way ahead for its industry.

    Speakers: Retesh Shah, Senior Manager, Accenture

                   Ajit Dhaliwal, Head of IT Delivery, Vodafone UK

    Tag: Cloud Economics

    The Cloud business case: overcoming hurdles & achieving business benefits in three steps

    There’s never a perfect time to move to the cloud. But, if you want to fundamentally change the way your business interacts with your customers, moving to cloud is a key stepping stone in this process. A stepping stone, that also happens to be a substantial cost saver. Chris Dudgeon will share insights on the way he works with UK enterprises to build their business case for cloud transformation, using a three step methodology.

    Speaker: Chris Dudgeon, Commercial Finance Director, Capgemini

    Are you Well-Architected?

    In this session, we describe how to use the Well-Architected Framework to evaluate the technology solutions built by your teams. The AWS Well-Architected Framework describes best practices across five pillars (Security, Reliability, Performance, Operational Excellence, and Cost), and provides a consistent approach to review architectures against those best practices. This review process shows where your architectures can be improved, and helps you address weakness that may put your business at risk.  

    Speaker: Philip Fitzsimons, Sr Manager Well-Architected, AWS

    Tag: Innovation

  • Track 4


    Migrate, Modernize, and Manage: Best Practices for a Cloud Migration

    Come learn about best practices to migrating to the cloud, and how we can integrate with your It Operations Control / It Service Management platform within AWS and enable this transition while ensuring governance, security, and access controls that can be deployed to your internal teams.

    Speaker: Benjamin Andrew, Global Lead, Security and Networking, AWS Marketplace

    Tag: Technology, Migration

    Cognitive Claims Processing for Insurance using Alexa

    Speaker: Anuradha Raghunathan, Advisor - Technologist, DXC Labs

    Tag: Innovation

    Re-Architecting for Innovation

    At Amazon it is always Day 1, which means staying focused on the customer with the ability to respond to ever changing opportunities and challenges with speed and agility. Thomas Blood, EMEA Enterprise Strategist for Amazon Web Services will share how Amazon and it’s cloud customers stay agile and grow their businesses by re-architecting not just their technology, but also their mission and culture.

    Speaker: Thomas Blood, EMEA Enterprise Evangelist, AWS

    Tag: Innovation

    12 Steps to getting started with AWS Cloud

    Learn the fastest steps you can take to adopt AWS

    Speaker: Jonathan Allen, Enterprise Strategist, AWS

    Tag: Technology, Migration


  • Track 5


    Enterprise Governance at Scale

    AWS Governance @ Scale is a concept that allows large organizations to streamline their adoption and oversight of cloud services. During this session we review the key concepts and highlight those things that an enterprise must do to ensure that they remain secure, agile, and efficient in their cloud operations. Through implementations with hundreds of AWS customer, some of which are among the largest users of cloud services in the world, we have developed patterns that will enable success. We cover these patterns and invite conversation around how to adopt them successfully.

    Speaker: Doug Vanderpool, Principal, Global Advisory, AWS

    Tag: Security

    Accelerate Cloud Migrations and Modernize your Microsoft workloads on AWS

    Learn how customers are leveraging AWS for migration and modernization of Enterprise applications. See how AWS helps customers to modernize using serverless and microservices, learn about common pitfalls around licensing. Hear from Guinness World Records on their transformation journey and questions you should ask when considering a migration with Microsoft workloads.

    Speaker: Harjeet Kumar, EMEA Microsoft Partner Segment Lead, AWS

    Tag: Technology, Migration

    Governance in the Cloud

    How does cloud adoption impact the 3 lines of the defence model of risk management? This session examines market trends and feedback and where AWS sees emerging best practice.

    Speaker: Brian Wagner, Compliance Specialist, Financial Services, AWS

    Tag: Security

    Cloud Enablement: Control & Agility – the best of both worlds

    Join our session to learn how you can leverage Cloud technology to structure your organisation and control objectives, continuing to move at pace and scale whilst remaining in control of your estate. KPMG has adopted a distributed operating model, which can enable your business to embrace the agility that the Cloud offers, whilst retaining an improved security posture through automation.

    Speaker: Chris Astley, Director of Cloud Operations, KPMG



Paul Misener

Miriam McLemore is a Fortune 100 Executive recognized for leadership agility and ability to drive results. Miriam’s career spans roles in consulting, finance, marketing research and core IT across all business functional areas, including Marketing, Commercial, Finance, HR, PR, R&D, Lab Informatics, and Legal. She has deep experience delivering technology platforms from incubator and VC backed startups to large global business solutions and has led global business process change, portfolio reviews, M&A due diligence/integration, internal system reviews and investment decisions.

As a skilled strategist Miriam has built and led top-tier strategy & development teams across 30 major markets to deliver global technology platforms, increase business unit efficiency/collaboration, and enhance the regional effectiveness of Coca-Cola's enterprise technology solutions & infrastructure. She has Identified and built mutually productive technology relationships with external companies including Adobe, AWS, Facebook, Google, Box, VCs and a Coke owned incubator in Tel Aviv.

Paul Misener

Gavin is Managing Director of Amazon Web Services in the UK & Ireland and is responsible for driving the teams and strategies that are helping customers and partners to power Britain’s digital economy, through Cloud Computing. Gavin has more than 16 years’ experience working in some of the most prominent technology companies of their time.

Discover how the cloud can help you innovate, save money, bolster security and improve agility. See how your organisation can respond faster to changing conditions and grow with seamless scalability.

For many, the cloud represents a step into the unknown - raising questions around cost, compliance and security. This is a great opportunity to get clear, pragmatic answers and put your mind at rest.


Innovators, pioneers, growth hackers: meet the people who are achieving great things with the cloud. And yes, they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions – that’s why we invited them!

Share your experiences and best practices with your peers, meet intriguing new thinkers, and gain valuable new contacts. We’re all exploring the world of cloud together, so let’s share, talk and learn.

Be inspired by others’ experiences – hear what organisations have achieved with the cloud, and get the knowledge you need to maximise your cloud potential.