Monetize your Video Workflows

Optimize streaming video revenue opportunities while reducing your bottom line

For broadcasters and video content providers, an inherent tension exists between the need to deliver a premium viewing experience, and to monetize streaming video offerings and services. The challenge of monetizing over-the-top (OTT) video content will only continue to grow as viewership on connected devices increases. 

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E-book: Key Ways to Monetize your Video Content Assets

The core of the video business revolves around monetization of content assets—how to turn art, information and entertainment into streams of revenue. This e-book describes some of the basic models that can help join the dots between content and revenue, giving some examples of services around the globe that effectively employ the different models.

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Webcast: Personalize and Monetize Multiscreen Video Content in the Cloud

See how you can turn your OTT streams into steady suppliers of profit. Watch the webcast and demo. AWS Elemental MediaTailor delivers personalized ad content at scale in a seamless over-the-top (OTT) TV experience to concurrent viewers across a range of multiscreen devices.

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White Paper: SSAI White Paper

As the art and science of making money while delivering video to consumers on connected devices evolves, targeted ads are a smart way to optimize revenue and viewer experiences. Learn how pay TV operators reap the benefits of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) compared to client-side ad insertion (CSAI), and see real-world examples of how the cloud delivers dynamic advertising at scale.

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Build Video Workflows Entirely in the Cloud

AWS cloud services are designed to grow, shrink, adapt, and evolve with your needs and are more easily kept up to date with current technologies than traditional video infrastructure – saving video providers money and time. AWS cloud video services can be configured to scale processing resources up or down automatically in line with viewer demand, meaning you can serve tens of millions of viewers without a massive investment in anticipation of unpredictable peaks.

Make Money with More Innovation and Quality

Less time required to create and run new video workflows with AWS means more time available for video innovation with features like advanced analytics and machine learning. AWS Video services offer the same reliability and quality as traditional physical infrastructure for live and on-demand video delivery. Video providers have access to a full range of codecs, features and integrations to optimize video workflows for better performance and minimal end-to-end latency.

Save Money with Less Capital Expenses and Operational Agility

Video providers using AWS cloud services trade significant upfront capital expense for variable, yet predictable operational expense that occurs only as services are used. Video providers using AWS cloud services aren’t limited by physical architecture and have the ability to power services up or down on demand, allowing for experimentation at costs as low as pennies per hour and deployment of production-ready services within minutes.

Monetization Challenges & Solutions

The core of the video business revolves around monetization of content assets—how to turn art, information and entertainment into streams of revenue. We are experiencing an epic series of changes in the marketplace for content that include the key players in the value chain, the way we think about video, the content being created, and the technology that powers our experience.

What has demonstrably changed over time is the range and scope of the options that exist to enable revenue generation strategies. The technologies now available massively increase the efficiency, scalability and reach of video services - and their tactical agility in response to a changing consumer landscape. And these shifts also enable new ideas about content consumption—time shifting, binge watching and enjoyment of a new freedom of device choice.

With AWS, video providers can stop worrying about the bottom line and start focusing on innovation for their customers. Whether for VOD or live streaming, video providers can run end-to-end video workflows entirely on the AWS cloud with improved security, simplicity, latency, and integration with other services – with AWS your content never has to leave the platform. With AWS you can:

  • Invest in Content – Trade capital expense for variable expense, and pay only for what you use as capacity scales and shrinks after peaks.
  • Move Faster – Save money by reducing time to market while AWS manages storage, compute, and other infrastructure requirements.
  • Start Innovating – Spend more time experimenting and utilizing new technology like machine learning to keep your viewers engaged
  • Personalization - AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a cloud-based service for server-side ad insertion that makes it easy to personalize and monetize streaming video content

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