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The world’s leading sports organizations are leveraging AWS to elevate fan engagement, produce insights from performance analytics, create enhanced live broadcasts, and deliver smart venue experiences—all the while enabling more flexibility, lowered costs, and increased return on investment.

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AWS is transforming sports
The world’s best sports and entertainment organizations use AWS to build data-driven solutions and reinvent the way sports are watched, played, and managed. AWS provides cloud services that are at the core of innovation, athlete optimization, and epic fandom. Whether it's predicting the probability of a catch in real time, or forecasting ticket sales after a winning season, technology is changing the game. And AWS is how.

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Generative AI is helping reinvent the sports industry by increasing efficiencies and elevating fan engagement. Learn how AWS is helping leagues, teams and media & entertainment with this cutting-edge technology.


Elevate the fan experience
With over 16 years delivering cloud services to millions of customers, AWS enables sports organizations to deliver high-quality, low-latency, and interactive live sports content directly to fans, enhancing in-venue engagement and incremental monetization opportunities.
Turn data into insights
Sports organizations use data to gain business insights that can maximize ROI, and drive new efficiencies and business models. AWS enables these organizations to analyze their data at scale, and make better, more informed decisions.
Accelerate innovation
AWS is changing the game of sports and helping customers solve true business problems by increasing the pace of innovation, and changing how we collect, automate, analyze, and leverage data for leagues and teams, as well as secondary stakeholders.
Lower costs and increase ROI
With a vast array of services and features, AWS makes it faster, easier, and more cost effective to move existing applications to the cloud and build nearly anything you can imagine. Eliminate technical debt, better link demand with IT costs, and reallocate resources to higher value projects faster.

Customer stories

AWS works with many of the world's leading sports organizations—innovators and pioneers—that expect more from technology partners because great experiences speak louder than words. Learn more about the exciting ways sports organizations are leading fan experiences with AWS.

NFL logo

The NFL scheduling sweet spot: A look inside how AWS delivers a winning schedule

AWS helped the NFL sort through a quadrillion possible options for the 2023-2024 season. Learn about the science—and art—behind finding “the one.”

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F1 Thumbnail
F1 logo

Formula 1 redesigns car for closer racing and more exciting fan experience

By relying on AWS Graviton2-powered EC2 instances, F1 has seen an 80% reduction in simulation time and lowered the cost of running these workloads by 30%.

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NHL logo

AWS and NHL debut new advanced stats

Two new advanced statistics powered by AWS, shot analytics and save analytics, give fans a better understanding and deeper appreciation of how their favorite players and teams perform during crucial moments.

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Bundesliga logo

Why Bundesliga, Germany's premier national football league, chooses AWS

Bundesliga is using AWS AI/ML, analytics, compute, database, and storage services to deliver real-time statistics that improve insights into game strategy and outcomes and recommend personalized match footage for fans.

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Sportradar logo

Sportradar migrates to the cloud, reduces data latency by 76%

Discover how Sportradar leveraged AWS MAP to migrate divisions across 19 countries to see not only increased agility, staff productivity, and cost savings, but also reduced latency for the transfer of time critical data and time to market for its products.

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Accelerate sports innovation with AWS

AWS solutions and services provide value across the entire spectrum of sports organizations' IT operations. Explore services and solutions for AWS Sports solution areas.

Solution areas

Fan Engagement icon

Fan Engagement

Leverage data to promote, monetize, and deliver personalized experiences for fans.

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Performance Analytics icons

Performance Analytics

Monitor athlete health and safety and optimize scouting, officiating, and performance.

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Next-Gen Broadcast icon

Next-Gen Broadcast

Run low-latency, high-quality broadcast workloads backed by the most agile, flexible, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure.

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Smart Venue icon

Smart Venue

Drive operational efficiency, sustainability, provide a more captivating fan experience, and maximize the ROI on sports venue investments.

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IT Transformation icon

IT Transformation

Take the next step into the digital future and modernize front office and business operations while reducing costs.

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What businesses can learn from sports leagues

How to create emotional connections and build loyalty with your customers

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Innovate with key industry partners

Accedo logo

Accedo offers a combination of the products and services needed to support customers at every stage of the video business journey, from strategy, design, and conception through to delivery and post-launch optimization.

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LiveLive logo

LiveLike is an audience engagement platform that transforms digital users into engaged fans through customized, interactive experiences.

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Kinexon logo

KINEXON is a global technology leader that provides performance and analytics solutions for sports teams and leagues.

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StellarAlgo logo

StellarAlgo helps the world’s leading sports and live entertainment brands understand, grow, and monetize their audiences.

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C360 logo

C360 Technologies, Inc. is a computer vision SaaS company that provides solutions to broadcasters and sports leagues racing to capture D2C OTT Streaming market share by producing more immersive media.

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Pixellot logo

Pixellot is revolutionizing the sports broadcast world with its pioneering AI-automated video production solutions.

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Magnifi logo

Magnifi is the flagship enterprise solution offered by VideoVerse. Magnifi endeavors to connect fans with real-time, relevant, and customized video content and make content discoverability easier. 

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Second Spectrum logo

Second Spectrum, a part of the Genius Sports family, is the Official Tracking Provider for the NBA, Premier League, and MLS, and provides an unparalleled machine understanding of every game.

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ShotTracker logo

ShotTracker is a sensor-based system that automatically captures statistical and performance analytics for your entire team in real time. 

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