Amazon Connect Contact Lens

Real-time contact center analytics and quality management powered by artificial intelligence

Amazon Connect Contact Lens provides contact center analytics and quality management capabilities that enables you to monitor, measure, and continuously improve contact quality and agent performance for a better overall customer experience. With analytics that provide a complete view of your customer conversations for both voice and chat, you can automatically transcribe customer calls, analyze customer sentiment, discover top contact drivers, redact sensitive data, and more, all natively within Amazon Connect. Generative AI capabilities automatically create post-contact summaries, freeing up time for agents to assist more customers by eliminating manual note-taking, and facilitating supervisors in understanding customer conversations to ensure the completion of committed follow-up actions. Contact Lens enables agent performance evaluations against defined quality  standards, aided by conversational analytics and screen recording capabilities. Supervisors can perform evaluations assisted by generative AI recommendations, or automatically complete evaluations for 100% of agents’ customer interactions, and get aggregated agent performance to identify coaching opportunities.

Getting Started with Amazon Connect Contact Lens (6:24)

Uncover trends and insights from every conversation

Contact Lens uses natural language processing (NLP) and conversational analytics to understand sentiment, conversation characteristics, themes, and agent compliance risks during customer calls and chats. Supervisors can use conversational analytics to verify that standard greetings and sign-offs are used, help train agents, and replicate successful interactions. Set real-time alerts to flag agent coaching opportunities and discover customer insights with detailed analysis in the analytics dashboard. Use real-time data streams to build customized dashboards that include sentence-by-sentence transcripts, sentiment analysis, and categories from customer conversations.

Uncover trends and improve customer service

Automatically summarize conversations with generative AI

Save valuable time with generative AI-powered post-contact summaries that provide essential information from customer conversations in a structured and easy to read format. Without having to read through transcripts or monitor calls, supervisors can review a synthesized summary of customer interactions, including issues, actions, and outcomes, enabling you to quickly take follow up actions and provide feedback to agents. 

Improve agent productivity and customer service

Enhance contact center security and compliance

Detect and redact sensitive customer data such as credit card details, addresses, and social security numbers from audio recordings and transcripts. You can also improve agent compliance with company policies or regulatory requirements by tracking all customer conversations for script adherence using categorization-based on criteria you determine. For example, you can track words or phrases used in required disclaimers, greetings and sign-offs.

Enhance contact center security and compliance

Use automation and generative AI to evaluate agent performance

Evaluate agent performance alongside contact details, recordings, transcripts, and summaries, without the need to switch applications. Contact Lens with generative AI enables generative AI-powered insights and recommendations to perform evaluations or use conversational analytics to automatically evaluate agent performance on 100% of customer interactions. Automated evaluations enable managers to comprehensively monitor and improve regulatory compliance, script adherence (e.g. customer greetings), and sensitive data collection, while reducing the time spent on evaluating agent performance.

Use evaluation forms to improve agent performance