AWS Solutions for Hybrid and Multicloud

Simplify and centralize operations in hybrid and multicloud environments

AWS Solutions for Hybrid and Multicloud enable you to simplify and centralize the management of your infrastructure and applications on AWS, on premises, and on other clouds. You can extend the AWS cloud operations experience across hybrid and other cloud environments for secure and seamless management, compliance, and observability. AWS Hybrid Cloud Solutions enable you to deliver a consistent AWS experience wherever you need it—from the cloud, to on premises, and at the edge. AWS data and analytics services allow you to gain insights from your data wherever it’s stored, including other cloud storage services. Discover how you can streamline, manage, and govern your hybrid and multicloud infrastructure and applications with AWS.

Management & Governance

Simplify your infrastructure management

AWS management and governance services reduce IT complexity, offering a single control plane for you to operate your hybrid and multicloud environments. AWS Systems Manager enables you to automate processes such as updating and patching virtual machines (VMs), improve the visibility and control of resources and applications, and quickly diagnose and remediate operational issues before they affect users. Continuously monitor configuration changes and automate compliance reporting with AWS Config.

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ConnectWise diagnoses application performance issues in minutes, not hours

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Centralize your application monitoring

AWS observability services help you rapidly gain insights into the behavior, performance, and health of resources running in hybrid and multicloud environments. Monitor key metrics and logs, create alarms, and visualize your entire application and infrastructure stack with Amazon CloudWatch. Perform interactive log analytics and real-time application monitoring with Amazon OpenSearch Service. Monitor and provide alerts for containerized applications and infrastructure at scale with Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, and build interactive dashboards to visualize and analyze your operational data with Amazon Managed Grafana.


Automatically centralize and analyze security data

Amazon Security Lake centralizes security data from AWS, SaaS providers, on premises, and other cloud sources so you can analyze data across hybrid and multicloud environments to improve the protection of your workloads, applications, and data. It is the first data lake to support the open standard for security data defined by the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), which was co-founded by AWS. With Security Lake, you can automatically collect and combine security data from AWS and a broad range of enterprise security data sources that support the OCSF standard. You can also ingest security data from custom sources—including other cloud providers—and transform it to the OCSF standard. You can then use your preferred tools from AWS and AWS Partners to analyze data across your environment.

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OCSF simplifies data ingestion and normalization for over 80 security and analytics solutions

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Sophos simplifies and centralizes AWS account management using AWS IAM Identity Center

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Identity and Access Management

Securely manage identities and permissions across environments

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) helps you securely manage identities and permissions to AWS resources for your applications and infrastructure running across hybrid and multicloud environments. Using AWS IAM Identity Center, you can create and manage user identities in AWS, or connect your existing identity source, including Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, Ping Identity, JumpCloud, Google Workspace, and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). For your server, container, and application workloads running in hybrid or multicloud environments, you can use AWS IAM Roles Anywhere to obtain temporary AWS resource access.

Data and Analytics

Get insights from all of your data, wherever it is stored

AWS data and analytics services enable you to unlock insights from all of your data, whether it’s stored on AWS, on premises, or in multicloud environments. Easily query and surface insights from data stored in more than 25 external data sources without copying data, ETL, or pre-processing with Amazon Athena. Discover, prepare, and combine data for machine learning and application development with AWS Glue. Move data between AWS, on-premises file systems, and other cloud storage services using AWS DataSync.

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Bayer centralizes and standardizes data from different sources and formats

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Morningstar streamlines the deployment of applications to the cloud

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Deliver a consistent AWS experience on premises and at the edge

AWS hybrid cloud services use the same hardware infrastructure, tools, and management controls available in the cloud to provide a truly consistent developer and IT operations experience wherever you need it. Deliver AWS infrastructure and services to virtually any on-premises or edge location for low latency, local data processing, and data residency needs with AWS Outposts. Embed AWS compute and storage services at the edge of 5G networks with AWS Wavelength, and deploy low latency applications near large population centers with AWS Local Zones. Collect and process data at the edge with secure and ruggedized AWS Snow Family devices.


Run applications on AWS, on premises, and in other clouds with AWS container services

AWS container services make it easier to manage your underlying infrastructure, whether on premises or in the cloud, so you can focus on innovation and your business needs. Deploy and run containerized applications on AWS with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), or in hybrid environments with Amazon EKS Anywhere and Amazon ECS Anywhere. Build self-managed Kubernetes clusters on AWS, on premises, or on other clouds using Amazon EKS Distro, the same open-source version of Kubernetes used by Amazon EKS. View and explore all of your Kubernetes clusters, applications, and associated cloud resources running in hybrid and multicloud environments in the Amazon EKS console using the Amazon EKS Connector.

Hybrid and Multicloud Use Cases

Simplify resource management

Automate processes such as patching and resource changes across your hybrid and multicloud environments.

Unify your observability

Query and correlate metrics, logs, and traces from tools running on AWS, on premises, and on other clouds, then view and analyze them in a single visualization or dashboard.

Analyze petabyte-scale data where it lives

Query data from 25+ external data sources without the need for data transformation or data transport.

Deploy containers consistently on premises and in the cloud

Run the same secure, validated, and tested Kubernetes components that power Amazon EKS within self-managed infrastructure in hybrid and multicloud environments.

AWS Solutions for Hybrid and Multicloud

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Category Use Case AWS Service
Management & Governance Centralize and manage operations AWS Systems Manager
Audit configurations of your resources AWS Config
Observability Monitor resources and applications Amazon CloudWatch
Monitor the performance of containerized applications Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus
Create observability dashboards Amazon Managed Grafana
Perform real-time application monitoring and website search Amazon OpenSearch Service
Security & Identity Automatically centralize your security data in a few steps AWS Security Lake
Easily connect and manage identity sources on other clouds AWS IAM Identity Center
Securely obtain temporary credentials for workloads running outside of AWS AWS IAM Roles Anywhere
Data & Analytics Query data instantly, wherever it lives Amazon Athena
Discover, prepare, and integrate all your data at any scale AWS Glue
Accelerate data migrations to and from AWS AWS DataSync
Compute Run AWS infrastructure and services on premises AWS Outposts
Embed AWS compute and storage at the edge of 5G networks AWS Wavelength
Place AWS services near large population centers AWS Local Zones
Collect and process data at the edge AWS Snow Family
Containers Run containers in hybrid environments Amazon ECS Anywhere
Create and manage hybrid Kubernetes clusters Amazon EKS Anywhere
Build self-managed Kubernetes clusters on AWS, on premises, and on other clouds Amazon EKS Distro

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