Live Sports Workflows on AWS

Use the cloud to deliver the live sports experience that keeps your audiences coming back for more.

With Amazon Web Services there are many options to cost-effectively deliver live sports video content at a global scale – video providers can run end-to-end OTT workflows entirely in the cloud without ever having to leave the AWS platform. The platform offers the reliability of a traditional broadcast-grade media operation but with enhanced security, simplicity and integration. This means video providers can spend more time learning and innovating and less time worrying about infrastructure.

Customer Snapshot: Pac-12 Networks (3:23)

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E-book: Use the cloud to deliver great fan experiences

Nurturing digital relationships with fans means delivering “right-now” OTT live sports offerings that meet broadcast-grade. The cloud is the great equalizer, allowing anyone to deliver personalized experiences and cutting-edge apps for the superfan. This e-book explains how cloud media services and solutions can help you reduce video production costs, grow revenue, and tailor offerings to your specific audiences.

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White Paper: How to Build Live & VOD OTT Video Workflows with AWS

For organizations considering cloud options for over-the-top (OTT) video services, the path to building and deploying is significantly faster than traditional architectures. This white paper outlines steps for building live and video-on-demand (VOD) workflows in the cloud, discusses cloud video deployment examples, and explains the technologies for ingest, storage, processing, and delivery in production today.

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Webcast: How to Build OTT Workflows for Live Video Streaming on AWS

Broadcast needs to protect revenue as it evolves to meet customer needs. New media needs to focus on marketplace differentiators and remain agile. This webcast shows specific ways OTT providers can use AWS Cloud services to take control of and get the most from video workflows.

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More Innovation

Less time required to create and run new video workflows with AWS means more time available for video innovation with features like advanced analytics and machine learning.

Scale Easily

AWS cloud video services can be configured to scale processing resources up or down automatically in line with viewer demand, meaning you can serve tens of millions of viewers without a massive investment in anticipation of unpredictable peaks.

Operational Agility

Video providers using AWS cloud services aren’t limited by physical architecture and have the ability to power services up or down on demand, allowing for experimentation and deployment of production-ready services within minutes.

Bring your live sports workflows to the cloud

The sports world has become a 24/7, global enterprise. To compete as a live sports content provider, you’ll want to access the most up-to-date technologies that let you reach a global fan base. Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you access cloud solutions to simplify your workstreams, save money, and compete for audience share—no matter how small or large your organization.

The opportunity for today’s live sports OTT providers is immense. Consider the following statistics:

  • 63% of sports fans say they would pay for an OTT subscription
  • 50% of sports fans watch supplemental sports programming
  • 64% of sports fans live outside their favorite team’s region, and 73% do not live where their favorite athlete plays.

Fans today want to be able to follow their favorites from anywhere, on any device. Cloud technologies can help you streamline your workflows so that you can compete for this huge and growing audience.

Accessing cloud technologies for live sports OTT infrastructure allows your teams the time and resources to focus on what you do best, without the need to provision and maintain IT resources. AWS can help you:

  • Scale up or down effortlessly to allow for surging audience sizes without the long-term costs of provisioning and maintaining hardware.
  • Pay only for the services that you need, taking advantage of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing.
  • Provision infrastructure anywhere in the world to reach fans around the world with low-latency, high-availability video that streams smoothly on all devices.
  • Access continually-evolving technologies including machine learning that can help you understand your audience’s preferences, test concepts quickly, and serve personalized content.

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