MontyCloud Collaborates with AWS Built-in to Drive and Simplify AWS Consumption

Executive Summary

When MontyCloud set out to simplify managed service deployments through their DAY2 CloudOps platform, they discovered that 10% of workload consumption came from AWS foundational services. They needed a solution that would both simplify deployments and automate configuration tasks to help customers embrace AWS best practices. They worked with the AWS Built-in team to create an in-platform solution to help drive AWS consumption while making things easier for customers. As a result, MontyCloud has reduced deployment time for customers from weeks to just a few minutes, giving them a single view into their overall cloud footprint, and tools for identifying and resolving issues on the spot.  

MontyCloud Needed to Makes Things Easier for Customers

MontyCloud’s company goal is to simplify cloud operations and make things easier for customers. Part of fulfilling that goal is understanding the types of workloads their customers spin up on AWS. Recent data shows that at least 10% of workload consumption comes directly from provisioning AWS foundational services like AWS Control Tower, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Systems Manager, and AWS Config. They knew that they needed a better way to help customers provision those AWS services without requiring them to have AWS expertise and coding skills.

In addition, MontyCloud knew it needed more built-in features to help customers confirm that they’re using AWS services properly in their cloud environments. According to Mitch Ivanicki, Senior Director of MontyCloud’s Go-to-Market (GTM) team, “Without knowing if they’re operating according to AWS best practices, customers have no easy way to understand their cloud footprint to identify where to save money and make improvements in security, compliance, and performance.”

As a partner in the AWS Well-Architected Framework program, MontyCloud knows the benefits and value of testing customer environments according to AWS architectural principles. Mitch explained, “When customers are tasked with performing this testing themselves, they assume the process will be overly time intensive and end up skipping it altogether. We knew we needed a way to automate that testing directly through our platform if we wanted to set up our customers for success.” 

According to Mitch, MontyCloud needed to continue simplifying AWS adoption and enforce AWS best practices through DAY2. “AWS services are foundational to our customer’s cloud infrastructure, but they can’t see the immediate business impact when they’re bogged down with finding AWS experts. We were ready to find a solution to help with these higher-level, differentiated AWS security services and take customers beyond just databases, compute, and storage. Simply put, we needed an AWS ‘easy button’ that we could take to market for our partners and customers.”


We were ready to find a solution to help with these higher-level, differentiated AWS security services and take customers beyond just databases, compute, and storage. Simply put, we needed an AWS ‘easy button’ that we could take to market for our partners and customers.”

Mitch Ivanicki
Senior Director, GTM team at MontyCloud

AWS Built-in is MontyCloud’s AWS “Easy Button”

When the AWS Partner Organization approached Mitch about becoming an early adopter of the AWS Built-in Competency, he saw it was an opportunity to resolve some of the challenges that his customers face when installing and deploying AWS services. AWS Built-in is an AWS Specialization designed to install, configure, and integrate partner products with AWS foundational services across multiple domains using a single AWS CloudFormation template.

AWS Built-in solutions deliver a fully deployable architecture that’s certified by the AWS Well-Architected Framework so organizations without AWS experts onsite don’t have to hire expensive consultants or book an appointment with AWS Professional Services. Teams from partner organizations and AWS share a modular codebase in GitHub to co-build a solution that’s tested against AWS best practices and validated by AWS

“The whole program is designed to help customers, even large organizations with multiple accounts, deploy fully configured AWS services across their cloud environment in just a few minutes. When we saw how we could integrate it directly into our platform, we were all in,” said Mitch. After a few weeks of collaborating with AWS solutions architects and co-building a solution, Mitch and his team had a new sales tool that he could take to market for his partners and customers.

One-Click Deployments Help Customers Get Up and Running in Minutes

MontyCloud’s AWS Built-in solution is integrated into the DAY2 Foundational Best Practices (see Figure 1). Customers can access one-click deployments of AWS services like Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Security Hub. Mitch explains, “The AWS Built-in integration builds on our vision of automating a cloud center of excellence. It’s a single access point for installing and deploying managed services packages along with key AWS foundational services. We designed it this way to make it easier for customers—especially those who aren’t cloud experts—to get up and running in just a few minutes.”

MontyCloud's Foundational Best Practices

With AWS Built-in, MontyCloud’s customers can provision environments from virtual private clouds (VPCs) to generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, tag resources, and run assessments on AWS services without touching the AWS Management Console. “Because we are tightly integrated with services such as AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail and AWS Systems Manager, customers can view actionable insights, and using automated tasks, they can perform remediations right there on the spot. For example, one of the insights might show an unencrypted EBS volume. Customers can encrypt that volume through the task library right then without needing to run a Python script or using the AWS console.”


The AWS Built-in integration builds on our vision of automating a cloud center of excellence. It’s a single access point for installing and deploying managed services packages along with key AWS foundational services. We designed it this way to make it easier for customers—especially those who aren’t cloud experts—to get up and running in just a few minutes.”

Mitch Invanicki
Senior Director, GTM team at MontyCloud

On-the-Spot Testing and Remediation Offers Intelligent Insights

AWS Built-in gives MontyCloud’s customers views into their accounts so they can think about their environments from a more holistic perspective. Customers can run on-the-fly AWS Well-Architected Framework assessments to generate reports and discover high-risk issues. With a list of failing and passing checkpoints, they can even resolve most of the issues on the spot.

Mitch explained, “In just a few clicks, we can provide customers with deterministic evidence to show them how they measure against AWS best practices. And we don’t just show them. We can help them immediately by capturing Well-Architected Framework findings and then remediating those issues directly from the platform.”

Automated MAP Tagging for Cost Optimization

As part of the AWS Built-in integration, MontyCloud offers partners a feature specifically for AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) engagements. “Partners can show their MAP customers exactly how they’re saving money using our cost optimization tools, but the real sweet spot is automated MAP tagging,” said Mitch. Directly from MontyCloud, partners can enter a customer’s AWS Migration Program Engagement (MPE) number and show how many resources have launched, which resources are tagged properly, and how many accounts have designated resources that have not yet been tagged. Using that data, customers can automatically tag multiple resources in a single click.


The benefits that come with cost optimization, automated MAP tagging, and AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews alone will more than pay for our DAY2 platform, especially when customers think about the high costs of professional services.”

Mitch Invanicki
Senior Director, GTM team at MontyCloud

AWS Built-in Extends to Other MontyCloud AI Offerings

AWS Built-in and Amazon Bedrock are enabling MontyCloud to further simplify cloud operations with the MontyCloud CloudOps Copilot (see Figure 2). The goal is to empower organizations to transform faster with the power of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), in natural ways, and without needing deep expertise in cloud services. By building on top of Amazon Bedrock, MontyCloud delivers AWS native, generative AI-powered solutions that help customers innovate more and operate less.

Figure 2: MontyCloud CloudOps Copilot

Also, MontyCloud customers can now safely provision a generative AI environment in their AWS accounts in about 10 minutes. They can upload data and interact with their own chatbot, all starting at about $70 a month with additional AWS infrastructure costs.

AWS Built-in has also helped simplify MontyCloud’s CloudTrail Lake offering, a feature that lets customers track MontyCloud events directly from the platform. With AWS Built-in, customers can automate audit readiness without doing additional configuration. According to Mitch, “With AWS Built-in driving this integration, we’ve added yet another simplification to our platform. Customers now have an automated way to carry out audits of CloudOps events performed by MontyCloud. We’ve essentially given them a single source of truth with added business context.”

Cost Savings Keep Adding up for Customers

With AWS Built-in integration, MontyCloud customers are saving money, especially in infrastructure costs. “Cloud Financial Operations companies may be experts in providing recommendations for saving money, but these services can be expensive and time-consuming,” says Mitch. “Because of our tight integration with AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Cost and Usage Reports, and AWS Compute Optimizer, we can pull up granular costs and deliver actionable cost optimization recommendations in the context of a customer’s business directly in our platform. We can enact cost savings in minutes.”

Mitch provides an example of a customer who saved a quarter of a million dollars in just 10 minutes by using MontyCloud to optimize their Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes and clean up snapshots on the spot. “They didn't have to go into the AWS Management Console and hunt down each of those volumes. That alone saved a lot of time, but they were also able to spin down infrastructure they weren't using almost immediately.”

With AWS Built-in, MontyCloud can initiate cost optimization enhancements and remediations with automated MAP tagging and AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews in under 30 minutes. “This is a huge selling point for our partners. Providing that level of personalization to customers can really help them win over professional services projects. Instead of all the normal churn, they can help customers deploy new workloads and modernize their environment by implementing additional components like more containers or cloud-native databases.”

MontyCloud’s Partners Have a Competitive Edge with MontyCloud

“AWS Built-in provides our partners with verified, vetted, and reliable automation that makes them more competitive in the marketplace,” says Mitch. Partners can show customers their options for AWS foundational services like Control Tower, CloudTrail, Security Hub, and GuardDuty and run assessments to see how their current environment rates when tested against AWS best practices and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. They can discuss the findings and put them into business context for the customer. And if they decide to try a particular AWS service, they can enable them with that service on the spot.

AWS Built-in is helping MontyCloud help customers become differentiated as AWS Partners. “This is true for our larger enterprises, MSPs, and systems integrators,” says Mitch. “It helps solve the churn and noise of deploying services and operating multi-tenant cloud environments. Partners can manage multiple customer accounts in one place. And because of AWS Built-in’s integration with AWS Organizations, partners can onboard multiple customer accounts simultaneously and have a full view into how their AWS infrastructure is set up in about 10-15 minutes.”

As an early adopter of the AWS Built-in program, MontyCloud piloted its solution with fellow AWS partners Innovative Solutions and North Labs. The results they achieved were even better than anticipated.

Innovative Solutions, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that specializes in cloud consulting, cloud migrations, and cloud-native development, uses MontyCloud as its customer enablement platform for installing their three individual tiers of managed services. Using MontyCloud’s AWS Built-in solution, they onboarded 40 customers and got them up and running with a fully configured cloud environment in an afternoon. For each customer, they were able to provision new services and conduct AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews in just a few minutes without writing any code or deep diving into customer’s accounts. This gave the Innovative Solutions’ team time to spend with customers and discuss additional services.

According to Mitch, “The time savings we provided Innovative Solutions was just amazing. They were able to onboard 40 customers in an afternoon, and they still had their regular responsibilities. They were doing other things in parallel. In the future, we expect our customers to have junior employees deploying entire cloud infrastructures in minutes, and manage them without writing code.”

North Labs, a cloud consultant that brings cloud and data transformation solutions to SMB customers in industrial and manufacturing organizations, has integrated MontyCloud’s AWS Built-in solution into its flagship program Data Concierge. “Because of the automation and massive time savings, North Labs is giving their customers time back to focus on ROI tasks that can actually bring in revenue and grow their business,” says Mitch. “They don’t have to hire more consultants or spend time monitoring disparate streams of data. Now they have full visibility into their entire cloud environment and can run reports of usage and cost data in a regulated, consistent fashion.”

Cost-Saving Tools Offset Professional Services Fees

MontyCloud’s partners can offset the cost of their professional service projects through the cost savings tools included with MontyCloud’s AWS Built-in solution. Mitch says, “The benefits that come with cost optimization, automated MAP tagging, and AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews alone will more than pay for our DAY2 platform, especially when customers think about the high costs of professional services.”

According to Travis Rehl, Senior Vice President of Product at Innovative Solutions, customer satisfaction is on the rise. “With MontyCloud and AWS Built-in, we’ve greatly reduced the friction for our customers. Because so much of the process is automated now, we’re seeing a lot less churn and mistakes around MAP engagements, passwords, access roles, and other details. The automated deployments from AWS Built-in have been particularly instrumental in closing those gaps.”

“Automated MAP tagging in particular has made a huge difference in costs, especially for our partners like Innovative Solutions,” says Mitch. “With the added capabilities of event collection and tracking, their customers can immediately tag new resources as soon as they’re spun up. The guardrails are there, and the resources are getting there faster.” A top priority for MontyCloud is making sure customers receive the credits they're expecting for AWS to accurately track what their MAP dollars are doing, for example ensuring that MAP Migrate/Modernize funds are actually translating into new workloads.

Out-of-the-box CloudOps automations for patching instances and triggering backups and on-demand scheduled reports also give MontyCloud customers peace of mind. “Company CFOs can get cost optimization summaries in their inbox every week without teams having to analyze and merge data from multiple systems,” says Mitch.

Saving Time Without Taking Shortcuts

With AWS Built-in, MontyCloud offers significant time savings without sacrificing functionality and quality. “We worked directly with AWS solutions architects to build this solution the right way,” says Mitch. “Just knowing that it’s been tested and validated against AWS best practices is so attractive to our customers.”

MontyCloud frees customers from having to think about basic cloud requirements like storage and compute. Mitch explains, “Because of AWS Built-in, they can see the business impact of their AWS services immediately. Our integration with AWS Config gives customers peace of mind that they’re set up properly and using those services in a safe and efficient way. We’re building trust with customers in that we’re keeping their data safe and simplifying things at the same time.”

AWS Built-in also brings customers significant time savings with onboarding. “Just think about all the training that teams have to go through to understand the various AWS services and how to get them set up properly,” says Mitch. “When customers don’t have to put time and effort into becoming AWS experts, they can focus more on running their business. They innovate more instead of spending time on the undifferentiated shared responsibility burden of cloud management and operations.”

In addition to the AWS Well-Architected remediations and blueprints that MontyCloud offers out of the box, the DAY2 platform is entirely extensible. Some of their larger partners with 100 or more engineers store and manage thousands of Python scripts and CloudFormation or Terraform templates. MontyCloud can access and manage those scripts and templates directly from the platform, giving these organizations time back to win more professional services projects.

Helping Customers Innovate Without Taking Risks

AWS Built-in lets MontyCloud give partners and customers opportunities to reinvent themselves without taking a giant risk. “If a customer wants to start conducting research using differentiated AWS services like SageMaker or Bedrock, they can do it in a safe way because of the integrated guardrails. If it doesn’t work out, they can fail fast and move on to the next experiment.”

For example, MontyCloud is currently working with North Labs to implement data modernization for their customers. “Their offering could take a few different shapes. They might use Snowflake or Matillion, or it could implement a mix of Redshift and other AWS native services. But once it’s set up, they can do so many amazing things and differentiate their business, something that would have taken a lot of time and money to find the right experts,” said Mitch. “Combine that with our adjacent cost saving features, and we’ve helped offset the risks of innovation.”

According to Collin Graves, the founder of North Labs, “MontyCloud’s AWS Built-in solution combined with North Labs' experience and reputation represents the fastest path to data modernization in the industry. It lets us move the value needle for customers as early as possible in the relationship by addressing the two most common customer goals—getting the best value from their system data and finding the best way to mitigate risks.”

AWS Built-in is A Game Changer for MontyCloud’s Selling Power

AWS Built-in has given sales engineers a shiny new tool in their sales toolbox. With so many improvements in deployment and configuration, sales engineers can spend less time with initial setup and more time helping customers customize, innovate, and explore improvement opportunities in their cloud environments.

MontyCloud’s AWS Built-in solution is also helping build trust in the marketplace. “As a startup, participating as launch partners in programs like AWS Built-in—combined with our CloudTrail Lake integration for event auditing and achieving our AWS Cloud Operations Competency status—we’re really getting noticed. More and more Premier Tier and Advanced Tier partners know about us, and they’re helping us close sales cycles.”

AWS Built-in has helped MontyCloud check off items on their roadmap by accelerating feature enhancements for MSPs. Instead of having to onboard one account at a time, they can now onboard hundreds in the same amount of time. “That kind of organizational support is unprecedented. Our partners like Innovative Solutions saw the value when they recently onboarded 40 customers in hours. That leaves them time to start tackling some of that low-hanging fruit like customized configurations and added security.”

Next Steps

Looking ahead, MontyCloud is on a mission to cement themselves as a unicorn in the marketplace. Mitch and his team are currently working with more AWS Premier and Advanced Tier partners, and with the success they’ve already seen with North Labs and Innovative Solutions, they’re fully confident that other organizations will see similar results. “The benefits of AWS Built-in is bringing massive improvements to our MSP and SI partners, and those benefits are trickling down to all their customers. Through our partners, 1000s of customers will soon be using MontyCloud.”

Mitch says, “As a startup, when we see our logo on press releases with leading companies like Palo Alto, CrowdStrike, Orca, and Lacework, just being grouped with those titans in the partner community carries a lot of weight. That’s something that really excites our team and investors.”

AWS Built-in lets MontyCloud cater to partners and their customers because they see the long-term value. AWS Built-in and MontyCloud are doing it right for customers. According to Mitch, “doing it right” means setting up AWS foundational services correctly on day one. “Customers know they’re going to have the right guardrails in place from the very start. They're not having to take the time to build solutions and figure out how it all fits together. They just push the button and it gets done.”

AWS Built-in is a giant step forward in MontyCloud’s commitment to make things easier for customers. “This has been our sweet spot, and that’s where we’re going to continue to invest.”

Published November 2023


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