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Top 10 posts

Top 10 posts


Jonathan Jenkyn, Liam Wadman
03 NOV 2022

TLS 1.2 to become the minimum TLS protocol level for all AWS API endpoints
Janelle Hopper, Daniel Salzedo, and Ben Sherman
28 JUN 2022

Amazon introduces dynamic intermediate certificate authorities
Adina Lozada, Chandan Kundapur
14 SEP 2022

Announcing an update to IAM role trust policy behavior
Mark Ryland, Stephen Whinston
21 SEP 2022

How to secure API Gateway HTTP endpoints with JWT authorizer
Siva Rajamani, Rajat Mathur, and Sudhanshu Malhotra
14 FEB 2022

How to use AWS Security Hub and Amazon OpenSearch Service for SIEM
Ely Kahn, Aashmeet Kalra, Grant Joslyn, Akihiro Nakajima, and Anthony Pasquariello
21 MAR 2022