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Build game development pipelines for distributed teams working anywhere in the world.

Cloud Game Development Learning Plan

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Enable your teams and accelerate your development

Increase productivity and efficiency
Build your game with flexibility in mind with AWS global infrastructure. Allow your team to create content, build and test, wherever they are located.
Scale up and down, to match demand
Create a development pipeline that you can extend when you need to. Accelerate your content creation and game builds with compute where you need it.
Protect your game assets and infrastructure
Reduce the security risk with a cloud build pipeline that allows you to monitor and protect your game IP.

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Create virtual workstations for artists and designers, and build storage workloads comprised of petabytes of data for both hybrid and full cloud pipelines.

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Version Control

Build a fast and scalable version control system, store assets in a central location, accessible by developers working remotely.

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Build Pipelines

Benefit from faster game builds and convenient, distributed testing, without needing to procure, configure, operate, maintain, and upgrade fleets of physical computers.

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Explore our Partners Solutions

TeamCity Cloud

TeamCity Cloud is a SaaS version of the powerful and intelligent CI/CD platform by JetBrains.

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Nasuni Cloud File Services leverages Amazon S3 to consolidate NAS, distributed file server, backup, archiving, DR, and multi-site file synchronization capabilities in one scalable platform that spans the data center and the cloud.

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A purpose-built cloud platform for interactive creators and teams using game engines.

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AWS services

Accelerate visual content creation in the cloud.

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Secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload.

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Easy to use, high performance block storage at any scale.

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Secure your workloads and applications in the cloud.

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Customer stories

Read what our customers are saying about why they run their remote game production on AWS.

Epic Games

How Epic Games develops Fortnite faster with a build farm on AWS

By migrating its internal build farm from on-premises to AWS services, including Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, Epic drastically improved development iteration times and its rapid release cycle to continually deliver fresh content to players.

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How Epic Games develops Fortnite faster with a build farm on AWS
Gearbox Entertainment goes remote with AWS and Perforce
Gearbox Entertainment

Gearbox Entertainment goes remote with AWS and Perforce

Gearbox turned to AWS and AWS Partner Perforce to help keep its business running effectively with employees working from home by moving game production to the cloud.

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How Sony Interactive Entertainment renders with AWS
Sony Interactive Entertainment

How Sony Interactive Entertainment renders with AWS

Sony Interactive Entertainment is modernizing its existing infrastructure to remotely render visual images and effects using AWS.

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Taking Apocalypse Studios to the Cloud via AWS
Apocalypse Studios

Taking Apocalypse Studios to the Cloud via AWS

Apocalypse Studios uses AWS to transfer large game assets between colleagues, allowing its team to work effectively from home.

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Star Stable Reduces Build Times by 50% Using Amazon EC2 Mac Instances
Star Stable

Star Stable Reduces Build Times by 50% Using Amazon EC2 Mac Instances

Star Stable Entertainment implemented EC2 Mac Instances and reduced build times, using on-demand scaling to adjust the power of its build environment as needed to deploy changes faster.

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Case Studies and Use Cases

It's dangerous to go alone...take this. Learn from the experience of others who have taken this journey and want to see our industry become stronger and more secure while delivering the best experiences for our customers.

Don't let your version control server be a bottleneck, improve data transfer performance by hosting on AWS.

Studios are realizing that they can reduce the delays waiting for file synchronization and increase productivity by migrating their version control to AWS. With more and more studios having a distributed workforce they need reliable working solutions that provide the agility and scale required to ensure secure access to the development pipeline from anywhere their developers are located. Version control solutions that reduce the cost of provisioning and maintaining hardware, are optimized for performance and have reliable backup systems. Read about how customers use the global network of AWS Regions to ensure team productivity.

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Scale, security, and cost savings for creative workstations on AWS

Scale, security, and cost savings for creative workstations on AWS

Learn how to take that initial deployment from test to production by introducing scaling automation, security, and cost management techniques.

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Unify your iOS mobile app CI/CD pipeline with Amazon EC2 Mac Instances

Unify your iOS mobile app CI/CD pipeline with Amazon EC2 Mac Instances

Run macOS workloads on AWS and benefit from the scale, elasticity and reliability of AWS. With EC2 Mac instances, it’s possible to bootstrap macOS machines in the cloud and use these for building, testing, and deploying iOS applications.

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A fast and scalable version control system for remote working

A fast and scalable version control system for remote working

With games growing larger in size and getting more complex, studios not only need their assets stored in a central location they need it to be accessible by developers working remotely. Learn how to you can get started with Perforce on AWS today.

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Create, build and accelerate your development on AWS

Create, build and accelerate your development on AWS

This example shows you how you can setup a remote workstation, version control and accelerate compute intensive processes on AWS.

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Innovate with key industry partners

Discover purpose-built AWS for Games solutions and services from an extensive network of industry-leading AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical expertise and customer success in building solutions on AWS.


Memory and graphics intensive, burstable compute

Through our partnership with AMD, AWS offers additional EC2 instances that add to the broadest and deepest portfolio of instances and enables you to optimize both cost and performance for your workload needs.

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Autodesk, Inc.

Deliver unforgettable game experiences

From jaw-dropping character animation to elaborate 3D worlds and props, scale for your most complex game projects with Maya and 3ds Max on AWS.

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Deploying Online Gaming Solutions at Scale

We embrace cloud technologies to reduce the complexity of game servers and enable large cross-player gaming experiences.

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Epic Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine, the world's most advanced real-time 3D creation tool.

Unreal Engine on AWS globally and seamlessly delivers high fidelity, immersive 3D experiences without the need for cumbersome/expensive hardware and workstations to host/render the 3D data.

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HP Anywhere

High-performance remote game development

Industry leading desktop streaming solution that supports existing deployments and can also build new environments.

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Accelerate heavy workloads, increase productivity and optimize costs

Incredibuild turbocharges development by allowing you to seamlessly scale up to the cloud and use unlimited development acceleration potential in AWS, to reduce builds, tests, code analysis, CI pipelines, and other task times.

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DevOps for Games with a scalable, ecosystem-integrated platform; universal repository, continuous security, CI/CD & customizable software distribution

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Metahuman Creator

MetaHuman Creator is a free cloud-based app that empowers anyone to create photorealistic digital humans, complete with hair and clothing, in minutes.

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Do what you need to do, from anywhere

Allows teams to run Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machines and connect easily to them.

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Perforce Software

Partner Spotlight: Perforce Software

Version control that helps development teams move faster. Perforce Helix Core manages 10s of thousands of users, 10s of millions of daily transactions, 100s of terabytes of data, and 10,000+ concurrent commits.

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You design the game, we give you the playing field to win.

Graphic workstations in a cloud-native studio environment. Enable your creators to collaborate remotely while keeping your data fully secure.

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Empower your artists, producers and studio managers

Enable your next production project with a simplified and secure studio platform. Rapidly deploy virtual workstations with a few clicks.

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Get started with cloud game development

Developers would rather be creating fun, innovative games that delight players, versus spending time and effort handling infrastructure. Build a cloud development pipeline that reduces the security risk and accelerates development.

Accelerate content through the pipeline

See how you can set up a virtual workstation, enable remote working, connect to a version control system, accelerate rendering and large code builds all with AWS.  

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