Date Announcement
Nov 30 Introducing Amazon EC2 R4 Instances, the next generation of memory-optimized instances
Nov 30 Introducing Amazon Rekognition
Nov 30 Introducing Amazon Polly
Nov 30 Announcing AWS Greengrass, now in limited preview
Nov 30 Coming Soon: Amazon EC2 I3 Instances, next-generation Storage Optimized High I/O instances
Nov 30 Announcing PostgreSQL compatibility for Amazon Aurora
Nov 30 Introducing AWS Mobile Hub Integration With Amazon Lex
Nov 30 Introducing Amazon Athena: a pay-as-you-go interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL
Nov 30 Introducing Amazon Lightsail
Nov 30 Amazon EFS Introduces the Ability to Access Amazon EFS File Systems from On-premises Servers via AWS Direct Connect
Nov 30 Announcing Regional Edge Caches for Amazon CloudFront
Nov 30 Available for Preview: Amazon EC2 F1 instances, custom FPGAs for Hardware Acceleration
Nov 30 Announcing an Improved AWS IoT Button Developer Experience
Nov 30 Coming Soon: Amazon EC2 C5 Instances, the next generation of Compute Optimized instances
Nov 30 Available for Preview: Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs for attachable graphics acceleration
Nov 30 Introducing Amazon Lex, now in Preview
Nov 30 Move Exabyte-Scale Data Sets with AWS Snowmobile
Nov 30 Announcing AWS Snowball Edge
Nov 30 Announcing the AWS IoT Button Enterprise Program, now in limited preview
Nov 30 Introducing t2.xlarge and t2.2xlarge: Two New Larger Burstable Amazon EC2 Instances
Nov 29 Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL are now HIPAA-eligible services
Nov 29 Amazon WorkSpaces introduces Windows 10 desktop experience
Nov 29 AWS Storage Gateway price reductions
Nov 29 Revolutionizing S3 Storage Management with 4 new features
Nov 29 AWS Storage Gateway provides a file interface to objects in your Amazon S3 buckets
Nov 29 Announcing AWS Organizations, Now in Preview
Nov 29 Introducing the AWS Service Delivery Program
Nov 29 AWS Partner Network Launches New Competency, Financial Services Partner Solutions
Nov 29 The AWS Partner Network (APN) makes it easier to find the right APN Partner to engage through the Partner Solutions Finder
Nov 29 AWS Partner Network Launches New Competency, IoT Partner Solutions
Nov 23 Amazon Aurora now supports T2.Medium instances
Nov 23 Amazon CloudFront adds new Edge Locations in Minneapolis, MN, Berlin, Germany and our Fourth in London, England
Nov 23 Introducing SaaS Connectors on Mobile Hub
Nov 23 AWS Elastic Beanstalk supports Managed Updates for Single-Instance environments
Nov 22 SQL Server Enterprise is now available with Amazon EC2 in expanded regions and for more instance types
Nov 22 Now Available: Updated AWS Business and Technical Accreditations for APN Partners
Nov 22 Elastic Load Balancing support for request tracing
Nov 22 Amazon WorkDocs increases default storage to 1TB, enhances commenting, and updates sync clients
Nov 22 AWS CloudFormation Introduces Resource Specifications, Cross-Stack Reference Update, and Coverage Updates
Nov 22 Announcing the new AWS IoT Console, available today
Nov 21 Amazon EC2 Container Service Now Sends State Changes to CloudWatch Events
Nov 21 Amazon WorkMail now allows you to use journaling to support compliance requirements
Nov 21 AWS CloudTrail Supports S3 Data Events
Nov 21 Access your Amazon Glacier data in minutes with new retrieval options
Nov 21 Amazon EMR now supports using Amazon S3 as a data store for Apache HBase
Nov 21 Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier Price Drops
Nov 21 Amazon Route 53 Now Supports Health Checks of IPv6 Endpoints
Nov 21 Amazon SES Now Offers Dedicated IP Addresses
Nov 21 Announcing CloudWatch Metrics Price Reduction and New Volume-Based Pricing Tiers
Nov 21 Amazon API Gateway Available in US West (N. California)
Nov 21 AWS Lambda Available in US West (N. California)
Nov 18 Amazon WorkSpaces now allows you to access your virtual cloud desktop using Chrome and Firefox
Nov 18 Amazon Redshift introduces multibyte (UTF-8) character support for database object names and updated ODBC/JDBC
Nov 18 AWS CloudFormation Supports AWS Serverless Application Model, AWS Lambda Environment Variables, and New CLI Commands
Nov 18 Introducing the AWS Serverless Application Model
Nov 18 Amazon EMR now supports Auto Scaling and configurable scale down behavior
Nov 18 AWS Lambda Supports Environment Variables
Nov 18 Trusted Advisor enables automated actions and custom notifications
Nov 18 Announcing Third Edge Location in Hong Kong for Amazon CloudFront
Nov 18 Amazon GameLift Adds On Demand Fleet and Instance Access
Nov 18 Informatica Big Data Management and PowerCenter on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployments
Nov 18 Amazon Elastic Transcoder Adds Support For Clip Stitching
Nov 17 AWS CodePipeline Available in EU (Frankfurt) Region
Nov 17 Binary Data Now Supported by API Gateway
Nov 17 AWS Schema Conversion Tool Adds Netezza and Greenplum Sources
Nov 17 Amazon CloudWatch adds new Dashboards widgets
Nov 17 Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK is now in public preview
Nov 17 Amazon SQS Introduces FIFO Queues with Exactly-Once Processing and Lower Prices for Standard Queues
Nov 17 AWS Service Catalog Administrator API set now available
Nov 17 Elastic Load Balancing: Support for CloudWatch percentile metrics
Nov 17 Amazon CloudWatch adds support for percentiles
Nov 16 AWS CodeCommit Available in EU (Ireland) Region
Nov 16 AWS CloudTrail Now Tracks Cross-Account Activity to Its Origin
Nov 16 Amazon EMR now supports fine-grained access control using cluster tags
Nov 16 Announcing regional expansion of Amazon EC2 P2 instances
Nov 16 Now available: IAM console updates that make it easier to create and manage users
Nov 16 SaaS Subscriptions now available from AWS Marketplace
Nov 15 Automate Amazon Kinesis Streams scaling and shard limit monitoring using new APIs
Nov 15 Amazon Route 53 Announces Self Service Tool to Associate Amazon VPCs and Private Hosted Zones That are Created with Different AWS Accounts
Nov 15 Amazon WorkSpaces introduces new Graphics bundles
Nov 15 Amazon QuickSight Now Generally Available Blog
Nov 14 AWS CodeCommit Available in US West (Oregon) Region
Nov 14 HashiCorp Consul and Vault on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployments
Nov 14 Add more application support to your Microsoft AD directory by extending the schema
Nov 14 Simplified Permission Management for AWS IoT
Nov 14 Introducing CloudWatch Events for Amazon EBS Snapshots
Nov 11 Amazon Kinesis Streams console now supports configuring data retention and shard level metrics
Nov 11 AWS Snowball now a HIPAA-eligible service
Nov 11 Amazon Redshift announces new data compression, connection management, and data loading features
Nov 11 Announcing Our Fourth Edge Location in Japan for Amazon CloudFront
Nov 11 Amazon RDS now supports PostgreSQL 9.6.1
Nov 10 Burst Bucket Metric Now Available for Amazon EBS General Purpose SSD (gp2) Volumes
Nov 09 AWS Mobile Hub announces three new features: Cloud logic for serverless apps, email and password app sign-in, and authentication via SAML
Nov 07 CloudWatch releases the ability to pivot from Metrics to Logs
Nov 07 CI/CD Pipeline for Microsoft Windows on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment
Nov 07 Test drive Amazon Kinesis Firehose using built-in sample data
Nov 07 Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Nov 03 Now run real-time stream processing at scale with Apache Flink on Amazon EMR
Nov 03 Continuously Deliver Changes to AWS CloudFormation Stacks with AWS CodePipeline Blog
Nov 03 AWS CodePipeline Introduces AWS CloudFormation Deployment Action Blog