Solve issues quickly with applied observability & automated data correlation within all your microservices

Epsagon is an AWS Partner Solution that can be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Epsagon’s platform for applied observability enables users to automatically detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues within complex microservice environments. Teams can instantly correlate data, visualize payloads, and trace at full depth without sampling, resulting in significant reductions in MTTD, MTTR, and application downtime. Epsagon's lightweight agent SDK provides automated instrumentation, giving full visibility for containers, VMs, serverless, and more with no training, manual coding, tagging, or maintenance required. Epsagon is available through direct subscriptions and AWS Marketplace.

Epsagon is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved the AWS Containers, AWS DevOps, AWS Data & Analytics, and AWS Retail Competencies. Epsagon is also an AWS Public Sector Partner, an AWS Lambda Ready Partner, and Amazon RDS Ready Partner. 


AWS Partner Network Competency


Optimized app performance and reduced downtime

See everything in production so you know whether apps are performing as expected, while reducing downtime and user impacts with rapid resolution and best practices.

Reduced troubleshooting time and MTTR

Reduces your troubleshooting time by 95%, prevents you from duplicating errors, and enables problem resolution in seconds with unique payload visibility.

Increased developer productivity and velocity in fixing and deploying services

Saves on development and troubleshooting time with automation and data correlation to accelerate time to market for flawless services.

Solution highlights

Epsagon is a fully automated, applied observability SaaS solution that enables the monitoring and troubleshooting of cloud services — containers and serverless. It provides automated setup in less than 5 minutes and automatically correlated metrics, logs, distributed traces, and payloads in a single interface to discover, monitor, alert, query, troubleshoot in minutes, and fix issues in seconds. There’s no training, heavy agents to install, sampling, manual coding, tagging, or maintenance required. Epsagon optimizes costs through unlimited free monitoring and increases developer efficiency, resulting in reduced downtime, faster shipping of features, and time saved in resolving issues. 

  • See everything in production - Epsagon’s visual architecture view enables you to search across every metric, log, event, trace, and payload, solving complex issues in seconds.
  • Leverage a fully automated platform - Epsagon automatically connects Amazon CloudWatch metrics and AWS metadata with other sources, visualizes all your microservices, and correlates traces and issues for faster resolution.
  • Hybrid cloud support - With Epsagon’s lightweight agent, you can run across any production workload—containers, AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), or just a VM.
Epsagon: Automatically Tracing and Analyzing Billions of AWS Serverless Events (7:21)
Epsagon Architecture Diagram

Case study: Infinite Scalability: How a Ride-share Application Leveraged Epsagon for Observability


A ride-share application runs billions of events in its systems, influenced by extremely spiky market usage. It needs the ability to scale and monitor all of its microservices and containers, especially during peak times, to avoid application downtime and deliver a seamless user experience.


Epsagon provides applied observability within complex architectures, with automated discovery, monitoring, and data correlation. With a lightweight agent SDK, Epsagon delivered automated instrumentation and tracing, giving full visibility into microservices, with no training, manual coding, or maintenance.


Dozens of engineers use Epsagon across different teams and on average, it saves every one of them up to half a day every week. With Epsagon, users also experience 50% reduction in troubleshooting time and are able to manage application rapid scaling.