The Automation feature in EC2 Systems Manager simplifies common maintenance and deployment tasks, such as updating Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). AMI maintenance is greatly simplified by Automation, allowing you to patch, update agents, or bake applications in to your AMI using a streamlined, repeatable, and auditable process. You can use Automation to quickly build workflows to accomplish complex tasks. You can start by using pre-defined workflows, or build and execute your own through a JSON-based document.

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Update your AMIs with patches, software updates, and agents by using a predefined or custom workflow. Integration with Amazon CloudWatch provides proactive notifications and the EC2 Management Console lets you view step by step progress and execution details. You can also use Automation in combination with Maintenance Windows to define when updates to your AMIs occur.

You can use the Automation feature in EC2 Systems Manager to bake your application into an image. Incorporate Automation as part of your change management process, to keep your AMIs up to date with the latest application build.