Studio in the Cloud for Content Production

Studio in the Cloud is a set of solutions for studios creating Animation, Visual Effects and Live Action content that help speed up rendering times, provide workstations on-demand for artists and editors around the world, and makes it easier to securely manage petabytes of data for hybrid or full cloud pipelines. AWS Thinkbox brings deep industry expertise with hands on industry experience in VFX, animation, and post production. AWS is the best content creation solution because it can provide virtually unlimited scale for rendering and deployment of workstations, it supports the broadest set of artist tools, has the data management solution to meet your needs and unmatched security and compliance for securing your digital assets. 

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Machine Learning & Analytics for Content Production

AWS Machine Learning and Analytics can help optimize valuable insights trapped in your data to improve production investment decisions as well as automate processes:

  • Make smarter production choices based on what your customers love.
  • Free resources for more creative tasks using metadata automation.
  • ML production edit provides quick turn-around for dailies and editorial review.
  • Asset search for locating people, places, objects or flagging prohibited content.
  • Optimal recommended EC2 instances for your workloads with AWS Compute Optimizer.

Use cases

  • Cloud Rendering
  • Virtual Workstations
  • Camera to Cloud Workflows
  • Cloud Rendering
  • Cloud Rendering for Animation and VFX

    Moving rendering workloads onto AWS infrastructure brings real efficiencies to demanding production schedules. Scale your rendering workloads to thousands, or even tens of thousands of cores in minutes.

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  • Virtual Workstations
  • Virtual Workstations for Artists and Editors

    Scale your creative talent at a moment’s notice for a specific project or time duration using Virtual Workstations on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4 instances.

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  • Camera to Cloud Workflows
  • Camera to Cloud Workflows for Live Sports and News Broadcasts

    Capture live footage and send it directly to the cloud to perform real time production tasks including camera selection, clip creation and live commentary. Output your live production stream directly to your viewers.

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Case studies and resources

Digital content creation sizzle reel

Untold Studios

Untold partnered with AWS Thinkbox to embrace Studio in the Cloud and set up their new studio without any on-premises infrastructure, becoming the very first creative studio born completely in the cloud.

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Weta Digital

Founded by Peter Jackson in 1993, Weta Digital is a highly respected creative force, collaborating on visual effects (VFX) for some of the highest grossing blockbusters of all time. Weta recently announced that it’s going all-in on AWS services in the cloud. 

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Method Studios

Visual effects company Method Studios works on content for all screen types - feature films for cinemas, television content and commercials for home or mobile screens, title designs and others. Their work on ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ was rendered on AWS.

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Inside the Streaming Architecture CBS Built for the Super Bowl

Liz Carrasco, Chief Technology Officer at CBS Interactive, and Chris Xiques, VP of Video Technology at CBS Interactive, talk through how they developed the streaming architecture for the Super Bowl LIII on CBS, with the help of some of AWS services.

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Designing for Studio-Grade Security

This Whitepaper covers best cloud security practices for Media and Entertainment workflows including content production and distribution.

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Securing Studio IP in AWS: Cloud-based VFX Project Management with Autodesk Shotgun

This blog post walks you through the architecture of Autodesk Shotgun Private Cloud, a cloud-based VFX Project Management application running on AWS.

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