State and local government customers are leveraging the AWS Cloud for a variety of government operations every day. From elections and city planning to digital libraries and payment systems, government customers are recognizing efficiencies, flexibility, and cost savings made possible through cloud technology. In addition, the AWS partner community brings solutions designed specifically for state and local governments to help increase transparency within their communities and create modern programs and services for constituents throughout the globe.

While the City of Los Angeles is known for sunshine and celebrities, it is also the largest cyber target on the West Coast. With the world’s sixth busiest airport (LAX), the largest port in the Western hemisphere, a high profile police department, and infrastructure supporting 4 million residents, the city must deploy innovative, world-class cybersecurity to protect digital assets, requiring it to collect, correlate, and analyze mountains of data on cyber threats. Against the backdrop of limited resources, the city implemented a unique, cloud-based enterprise security solution, known as the Integrated Security Operations Center (ISOC). The City of LA needed to proactively tackle the rapidly growing cyber threats attempting to infiltrate digital assets. Given the limited resources, the City of LA implemented a unique, cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution for the Integrated Security Operations Center (ISOC), to help consolidate, maintain, and analyze security data across the city’s departments.

The New York Public Library's Digital Collections platform makes available 677,496 items spanning a wide range of eras, geographies, and media, and includes drawings, manuscripts, maps, photographs, rare books, videos, audio, and more. Encompassing the subject strengths of the vast collections of NYPL, these materials represent the applied sciences, fine and decorative arts, history, performing arts, and social sciences. While that's a small fraction of the Library's holdings, the aim of Digital Collections is to provide context for the digitized materials and to inspire people to use and reuse the media and data to advance knowledge and create new works. Cloud technology has simplified access to a part of the Library's collection that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to access. The NYPL created not only an elegant user interface, but also provided flexible search tools to make finding material easier. Users can search and browse NYPL’s collections with ease compared to the various trips they would have had to make in the past.

PCC is a council charged with governing the City of Peterborough, a leading UK Digital City. Integrating data from weather stations, Smart Energy Meters, IOT devices installed in people’s homes, and automated libraries with council's core applications and data sets, PCC aims to run the city in a revolutionary new way. Arcus Global recommended AWS to be the sole provider of the infrastructure for the project due to its innovation, elasticity, and breadth of services. The AWS deployment acts as a hub for all legacy applications, integration to Smart City IOT Devices, Analytics, and SaaS applications.

King County has replaced a costly and complex tape-based backup and archive environment with a solution that combines highly automated, physical and virtual (Microsoft Hyper-V) NetApp AltaVault cloud integrated storage appliances with Amazon Glacier and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The solution enabled the county to facilitate secure, reliable, enterprise class-data protection and recovery across production and test/dev environments with significant speed and management improvements, as well as cost efficiencies, over tape. Also, because it lets the County retain its existing backup software, the IT team can continue to use familiar tools, which has made the transition to cloud-based backup even easier.

Louisville's data initiatives take the form of open data and data-driven performance. Mayor Greg Fisher has made it a priority for Louisville Metro Government to be open and transparent by default as well as utilize data to improve performance. These visions for Louisville have manifested into custom sites hosted on AWS infrastructure which provide citizens meaningful insights into government priorities and actions. Using these tools, citizens can review, analyze, and comment on the ongoing process of government in a way that was previously unavailable.

This solution involves moving disaster recovery (DR) from traditional, expensive, premises-based, manual fail over to an automated, pay-as-you-go, cloud-based fail over. It automates most of the critical processes for the deployment of pilot light DR on AWS, making pilot light DR on AWS a compelling alternative to secondary data centers.


SeamlessDocs is the most seamless way to a paperless government. The platform allows anyone to easily convert existing forms and PDFs into smart online versions. Once converted they can be completed from any device, receive attachments, integrate payments, and apply a legally binding eSignature. On the backend it creates a database of information collected with API access and workflow tools to fully automate the process of the forms. SeamlessDocs specializes in working with governments and has hundreds of governments in almost every state leveraging the platform to help them meet efficiency, green, and savings initiatives. It utilizes Amazon to give world class infrastructure and security to its customers with the click of a button.


Opportunity Space – Governments, with an estimated 9 trillion dollar portfolio, are the largest landowners in the US and struggle to manage their real estate assets. Resulting in properties becoming liabilities and missed opportunities to make revenue from sales and taxes. Opportunity Space is a new online marketplace for developers and real estate entrepreneurs that want to revitalize vacant and underutilized public property. We consolidate the public inventory and make it visible and most importantly actionable through our platform where users can browse listings and submit offers, proposals and ideas to make our communities better.


PermitZone makes it easy for municipalities to provide their constituents with a uniform method of accessing permit information and applying for permits online. PermitZone provides a consistent front-end experience for contractors to look up permit information with two simple questions: What are you doing and where are you doing it? PermitZone then locates the correct municipality and provides all the resources needed to determine if a permit is needed and then a contractor can apply for a permit via paper or online.





SmartProcure is a powerful tool used by government agencies to share and access critical purchasing intelligence. Hundreds of millions of government purchase orders from local, state, and federal agencies are made available and easily searchable via SmartProcure. This information is used by agencies to quickly find products, research pricing, verify vendors, ensure compliance, provide data to their citizens, and benchmark their performance internally and externally. This can dramatically reduce costs, increase procurement efficiency, and decrease records requests. SmartProcure uses Amazon Web Services to make their SaaS available in the cloud to cities and to government agencies at every level.



OpenDataSoft has built a cloud-based platform for data publishing and API management. OpenDataSoft’s turnkey solution is ideal for cities looking to provide Open Data as a resource for transparency and economic or social innovation. It is designed for non-technical users and makes it easy to publish, visualize, and share any kind of structured data to bring maximum value to them. OpenDataSoft can also serve as the basis for a Smart City project, as incoming sensor data can be processed in real-time and displayed on visualizations that can easily communicate the data to citizens.



Northwoods’ cloud-based document management solutions for state and county human services increase client service levels and productivity while cutting costs. Caseworkers and social workers can easily store and retrieve documents, complete forms, and capture more accurate and timely case notes and narratives to improve service delivery, compliance, and audit-readiness. Field-based social workers use a mobile app in disconnected mode and can also capture high-resolution, color images of clients and living conditions. Caseworkers and social workers save an average two hours every day to spend focused on clients. Agency leadership has increased visibility into operations and trends.


Pokket is a secure, mobile collaboration platform that overcomes privacy barriers enabling courts, correctional supervision, and service providers to coordinate rehabilitation. Enabling greater fidelity to evidence-based practices, Pokket improves outcomes while achieving cost savings.

Pokket quickly and legally resolves information-sharing challenges associated with reentry planning for prisons and jails, compliance and plan execution for Probation and Parole, and ensuring participation in programming for problem-solving courts. We implement participant-mediated exchange among justice agencies and health and human services providers, eliminating the need for lengthy and time-consuming inter-agency agreements (“MoU’s”).

PayIT’s cloud-based government transaction platform powers mobile/web apps that make it easy for citizens to do business with government, whether cities, counties, or states. Today, when citizens want to transact with government services they’re left waiting in line, navigating websites and forms. PayIt’s platform can be configured to enable better service delivery for everyday transactions citizens encounter (mobile bus fares, parking tickets, tolls, utilities, and more) and for those less frequent -- but costly and time intensive transactions like renewing vehicle tags. PayIt’s apps take the guesswork out of doing business with government— and makes it simple.