AWS recently lowered prices again for compute, storage, caching, and database services for all customers, making everything from web apps to big data on AWS even more cost-effective and widening the TCO gap with traditional infrastructure. If you're new to AWS, or if it's been a while since you last ran the TCO numbers for your workloads, it’s time to take another look.

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AWS continues to lower the cost of cloud computing for its customers. In 2014, AWS has reduced the cost of compute by an average of 30%, storage by an average of 51% and relational databases by an average of 28%. AWS continues to drive down the cost of your IT infrastructure: use our new TCO calculator to see the difference.

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42nd Price Reduction

Hear how Bristol-Myers Squibb saved 64% on drug study costs and shortened study times by 32% by moving to Amazon Web Services.


Learn how Flipboard has been able to serve 100M monthly active readers and reduce the cost per user from $.20 to less than $0.01.


Find out how Dole has been able to launch websites in minutes and achieve savings of $350,000 by running Microsoft SharePoint on AWS.


Webapp TCO

“ saved over $72k in April on a reserved instance purchase and monthly usage costs." -

You could save 76% of the costs of running a standard web application by using Amazon Web Services. The ability to scale up and down as your traffic changes means you can pay only for what you need while benefitting from the consistent price cuts that AWS provides. This example application is sized for 10,000 pages views per day.

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“Using AWS saves us $900,000 in infrastructure costs alone, and lets us run dozens of simulations a day so we can reduce trade spend" - Kellogg's

Big data doesn’t have to cost big dollar. If you were processing 100TB of data, you could save $471K over three years. That means you could process twice the data you could on-premises, cut your processing time in half, or cut your costs in half by running your big data workload on AWS.

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SharePoint TCO

“We believe moving to AWS will save the company about 50 percent versus a traditional hosting facility.” - Lionsgate

Running your line of business applications (such as SAP or Microsoft SharePoint) on AWS can save you over 50% compared to on-premises infrastructure. Your business applications can be ready in minutes with no up-front capital expense and you can achieve a three year total cost of ownership savings of 58%.

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1. Describe your existing or planned on-premises or hosting infrastructure in four steps, or enter detailed configurations.

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