Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance

A global coalition that addresses the skills gap and prepares learners for in-demand tech jobs.

Introducing the Tech Alliance

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance brings together a coalition of Fortune 500 companies and other employers, government agencies around the world, workforce development organizations, and education leaders to address the skills gap in community college and university curricula. Working together, the Tech Alliance better prepares learners for entry-level tech careers in areas such as cloud support, software development, and data analysis. Launched in April, 2023, the initiative will initially focus on five priority regions, including Illinois, New York, and Washington in the United States, as well as Egypt and Spain.

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Strong collaboration between industry and education

Through the unique collaborative effort of the Tech Alliance, educational institutions can integrate industry expertise into their programs of studies, while employers get access to a pipeline of job-ready talent. To ensure curricula is better aligned to in-demand jobs, AWS, employer “talent shapers,” and educational institutions collaboratively design and vet skills maps that identify the critical skills and competencies that learners need to develop. Talent shapers provide additional support by evaluating curricula, developing capstone projects, providing internships and apprenticeships, and participating in hiring events exclusive to participating educational institutions. Learners in the alliance gain access to hands-on support from industry professionals and can enroll in courses that are applicable to in-demand tech jobs.

The AWS Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance will boost career readiness for learners and modernize tech programs of study across 78 educational institutions collectively serving more than 380,000 learners globally. If your organization is interested in supporting the Tech Alliance in one or more region, please reach out below.  

AWS Skilled Talent Job Fair  |  Washington, D.C. ,  September 19, 2023 1-4PM ET

The AWS Skilled Talent Job Fair is an opportunity for employers to connect with learners from the Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance, AWS Academy institutions, recent graduates from AWS re/Start, and individuals who have gone through intensive trainings with our AWS Training Partners.

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Tech Alliance Events

Applied Learning Events

Applied learning events bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping learners with real-world skills and experience. Join AWS in embracing applied learning to unlock the full potential of IT education through these events:

AWS Jams

Solve challenges that emulate real AWS use-cases

AWS DeepRacer

Learn, practice, and apply machine learning skills in a virtual racing league

AWS GameDay

Explore gamified, hands-on activities that simulate production scenarios

 To view and register for upcoming events, visit any of our regional Tech Alliance landing pages.

Career Fairs

Employers and learners have conversations about open career opportunities and future prospects. These fairs can be held virtually or in-person. 

AWS Training and Certification

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AWS Educate provides students and educators with online, self-paced cloud learning resources at no cost.
AWS Certification
AWS Training and Certification offers courses and resources to help you build foundational cloud computing skills or stay up to date on the latest AWS technologies.
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AWS Academy provides higher education institutions with a no-cost, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum that prepares students to pursue in-demand cloud jobs.
AWS Skill Builder
Learn from experts and build in-demand cloud skills through access to 600-plus free courses, game-based learning, AWS Certification Official Practice Exams, and more.

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