AWS Enterprise Strategists

The AWS Enterprise Strategists are former CIOs, CTOs, and VPs from large enterprises who have personally driven a cloud journey to AWS. The team works alongside customer executive teams to share experiences and strategies to increase speed and agility, drive innovation, and create new operating models using the cloud to enable a greater focus on their customers.

Jonathan Allen
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Prior to joining AWS, Jonathan was CTO and Senior Director in Capital One Banks UK division, part of the bank's Global Technology Leadership team that was accountable for the technical build out and system migrations of the bank's cloud strategy.

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Jake Burns
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Before joining AWS, Jake was VP of Cloud Services at Live Nation Entertainment, where he led the company’s cloud transformation strategy, including an accelerated all-in migration to AWS which reduced IT costs by 48% in the first year and a half.

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John Clark
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Prior to joining AWS, John was Vice President, International as well as COO of Domo Inc for APJ working with their largest customers providing real world cloud solutions for customers globally with AWS as a key partner.

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Thomas Godden
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Tom has led several large-scale digital transformation efforts, including one for a large genomics diagnostic company, and relies on his experience as both a CIO and CTO to consult with other executives on how they can drive higher value from their own migrations.

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Luc Hennekens
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Prior to joining AWS, Luc was CIO at Airbus SE and Group CIO at Qantas Airways Ltd. His work experience across FMCG, Insurance, Health Care, IT services, Energy, Aviation and Manufacturing has helped him develop his broad view and ability to see patterns overlooked by others.

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Chris Hennesey
AWS Enterprise Strategist

As an Enterprise Finance Strategist, Chris works with enterprise executives around the globe to share financial management experiences and strategies for how the cloud can help them increase speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers.

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Gregor Hohpe
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Gregor advises CTOs and technology leaders in the transformation of both their organization and technology platform. Riding the Architect Elevator from the engine room to the penthouse, he assures that corporate strategy connects with the technical implementation.

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Bryan Landerman
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Before AWS, Bryan was the CTO at Cox Automotive, where he led an initiative to transform the software delivery process, including an all-in migration to AWS. Cox Automotive is now on a path to reduce their data center footprint from over 50 to less than 5.

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Phil Le-Brun
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Before joining AWS, Phil was Corporate VP, Global Technology Development at McDonald’s Corporation, where he was instrumental in their cloud journey, achieving the CEO’s goal of saving $500 million in costs while accelerating digital transformation.

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Miriam McLemore
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Throughout her 25-year career with The Coca-Cola Company, and now at AWS, Miriam has led multiple digital transformation initiatives designed to better understand and engage the consumer, create competitive advantage, and improve internal efficiency.

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Phil Potloff
Head of AWS Enterprise Strategy

Prior to becoming the Head of AWS Enterprise Strategy at AWS, Phil was COO and CIO at His team helps other executives develop strategies that leverage the AWS cloud to transform business agility, time to market, and customer experience.

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Clarke Rodgers
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Before joining AWS, Clarke was the CISO for a multinational insurance/reinsurance provider, where he oversaw a strategic division’s all-in migration to AWS driven by security and privacy requirements, including a goal to achieve SOC 2 accreditation.

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Mark Schwartz
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Mark is the author of The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy, War and Peace and IT, The Art of Business Value and A Seat at the Table. Before joining AWS, he was CIO of US Citizenship and Immigration Service (part of the Department of Homeland Security), CIO of Intrax, and CEO of Auctiva.

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Wesley Story
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Wesley was the Americas CIO at global food distributor Sysco, where he led the company’s shift from waterfall to agile and their cloud transformation journey which reduced time to market by over 30% and run cost by millions allowing re-investment in customer experience efforts.

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Ishit Vachhrajani
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Before AWS, Ishit spent the majority of his career in media and entertainment. While CTO at A+E Networks, Ishit led a major initiative to migrate the technology function to the AWS cloud, helping to break down silos and reorganize for better agility.

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Xia Zhang
AWS Enterprise Strategist

Xia has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise IT technology and management in the USA and China. Before joining AWS, Xia was CEO of Wyvern Infotech, CTO of SAP Greater China, and CTO for Retail Banking and Credit Card Center, Bank of China.

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