COVID-19 Solutions in AWS Marketplace

Organizations around the world are rapidly adapting to remote operations and seek reliable, secure, and innovative methods to maintain productivity and optimize cloud spend. As part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) response to COVID-19, customers can use this page to find software solutions and resources to help navigate changing business needs.

This page is continually updated with the latest on how we're supporting our customers, partners, and communities during this time.

Social distancing and screening

Securely monitor social distancing requirements, streamline case management and follow-up, and screen employees as they return to work.

  • Create a healthy environment for your workforce and the community while ensuring a rapid restoration of business activities.


    Mobile application for employee screening, including social distancing alerts.

    Crisis Go

    COVID-19 self-certification and temperature screening, facility entry verification, and contact listing.


    Machine-learning-based solution that automatically detects PPE non-compliance in real-time.

    Campus Pass

    Automates COVID-19-related health screenings, return-to-campus authorizations, and virus testing.

  • Enhance workplace safety by enforcing social distancing policies and notifying individuals who have been exposed.


    Contact tracing technology to limit the health and economic impact of an infected employee.


    Manage employee health and safety as you return to work.


    Holistic self-screening and case management solution.

    Appian Workforce Safety

    HIPAA and HITRUST certified cloud solution for fast and easy workforce screening.


Quickly scale technology to maintain clinical and operational continuity during this unprecedented time, including telemedicine, interoperability, and data solutions available in AWS Marketplace.

  • Solutions that enable healthcare organizations to adapt to COVID-19 challenges.

    Change Healthcare

    Telehealth APIs for eligibility checking, claims submission and status, as well as responses and reporting.


    Open source, AI-based model to identify people likely to have vulnerability to COVID-19 complications.

    Navigating Cancer

    Cloud-based patient care management and patient monitoring.


    White-labeled web portal with customizable and clinically-validated COVID-19 medical assessment.

  • Securely share and access data across the complete range of care.

    Health Gorilla

    FHIR-based APIs that enable providers and developers to access data needed to deliver high quality care.


    Data Activation Platform that enables customers to aggregate, analyze, and activate healthcare data.


    Securely ingest and normalize healthcare data, and extract insights for clinical and business decisions.

  • Third-party data products to help healthcare organizations triage COVID-19 related issues.

    Change Healthcare

    Free National-level telehealth claims dataset for insights on increased demand for telemedicine.


    COVID-19 models and case data to support demand management projections for healthcare product 'SKUs' (e.g. M95 masks, ventilators).


    Free dataset on foot traffic data to locations such as pharmacies and urgent care facilities to help predictively manage supply and distribution.

Remote work

In remote settings, organizations need solutions that make collaboration easy. Solutions such as Amazon WorkDocs and Amazon Chime work together with third-party software available in AWS Marketplace to enable remote work and collaboration from anywhere.

  • White-label file sharing, content production tools, and secure storage solutions that work together with Amazon Simple Storage (Amazon S3).

    CloudBerry Lab

    Mounts Amazon S3 as a network or external drive and provides a user interface for simplified file management.


    Create your own branded file storage solutions and enable file sharing, sync, and mobile access using Amazon S3.


    Content distribution platform with data protection, file sharing, localization, and monetization services.

    Boole Server

    Content security platform that maintains clients' data integrity and confidentiality from unauthorized access.

  • Communication solutions like Amazon Chime work together with content management solutions in AWS Marketplace to help organizations manage and maintain their digital response and team messaging solutions.


    Enterprise content management system (CMS) that enables collaboration during digital transformation.


    Collaboration platform that allows teams to communicate securely in real-time on web, desktop or mobile.

    Cloud Worldwide Services

    Send and receive faxes and SMS text messages from anywhere in the world using any connected device.


    Session Border Controller that increases voice quality and privacy for Amazon Chime Voice Connector.

  • Easily manage video lifecycle from creation and management to content delivery for global audiences.


    Video platform service for the entire video lifecycle, including creation, management and delivery, and consumption.


    Video platform to deliver live and on-demand video to corporate network and externally via the public internet.

Virtual contact center

Quickly setup a virtual contact center and scale to meet demand spikes with customer engagement solutions such as Amazon Connect and workforce reporting and analytics solutions available in AWS Marketplace.

  • Extend the functionality of Amazon Connect and easily deliver omnichannel customer service with these integrated solutions.


    Digital-first, omnichannel customer engagement solution powered by AI and analytics that integrates with Amazon connect.

    Symbee Connect

    Customer engagement platform that unifies contact center data from Amazon Connect with advanced omnichannel features.


    Voice of the customer platform that enables you to listen, analyze and act on customer interactions across channels.


    Allows voice agents to send and view SMS, MMS, and Facebook Messenger messages from their desktop to cell phone users.

  • Plan, forecast, and optimize employee schedules to match workloads across customer-serving departments.


    Workforce engagement management suite for Amazon Connect that uses AI-driven analytics to uncover insights.

    Open Text

    Quality monitoring and coaching application that provides call recording playback of Amazon Connect interactions.


    Unified platform for capturing customer interactions and managing employee performance across the enterprise.

  • Extend the functionality of Amazon Connect and simulate real-world customer interactions to accelerate migrations, reduce risk, and assure high-quality customer experiences.


    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that accelerates migrations, reduces risk, and improves customer experience.


    Intelligent desktop solution that provides a user-configurable dashboard to capture contact center performance.

  • Extend the functionality of Amazon Connect with solutions in AWS Marketplace that optimize productivity, manage call capacity, and improve the customer experience.


    Real-time and historic data visualization for Amazon Connect that provides insights via dashboards and wallboards.

    NLX Studio

    SaaS platform for building and managing AI-powered conversational applications at scale.


    Speech analytics solution that converts call recordings into structured data to search and analyze conversations.

Cost optimization

Manage cloud spend with solutions available in AWS Marketplace that enable monitoring and optimization of cloud costs in one location.


Data platform that enables distributed IT, finance, and business teams to optimize their costs and communicate the business value of cloud.


Cost management and compliance platform, including instance scheduling, cost allocation, and automated invoicing.


Automated cloud infrastructure optimization, reducing compute costs while ensuring scalability and availability.

Distance learning

Enable remote learning and enhance technology skills with customized learning solutions in AWS Marketplace. For more information on solutions for Educational organizations in AWS Marketplace, visit our Education and Learning solutions page.

  • Technology training and certifications to help employees advance their skills and excel in cloud-computing environments.

    A Cloud Guru

    Cloud training and certification program created to develop AWS skills and prepare for certification exams.

    Cloud Academy

    Training and certification for popular cloud technologies like containers, IoT, data science, and machine learning.

    Cybrary, Inc.

    Comprehensive learning catalog to develop IT and cybersecurity skills and prepare for industry certifications.


    Technology skills platform to close skill gaps in cloud, security, software development, IT, data, and more.

  • Build and organize learning content in one location, track learner progress, and reduce development time and costs.

    Miri Infotech Moodle

    Learning Management System (LMS) that provides a single console to create personalized learning environments.

     TurnKey GNU/Linux

    Ready-to-run Canvas solution that is secure, supported, and easy to maintain with auto-update capabilities.


    Open source online learning platform that delivers customized courses to meet the specific needs of students.

     Miri Infotech

    Learning Management System (LMS) to quickly assemble, package, and redistribute web-based instructional content.

Well-managed and secure desktop

Improve security and simplify the deployment and management of Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 with solutions available in AWS Marketplace.

  • Protect computer networks that are remotely bridged to client devices, including personal computers used to work from home.


    Visibility of endpoint activity for threat detection, response, and forensics from a single lightweight agent.

    Trend Micro

    Defend cloud workloads and virtual desktops against threats, malware, and vulnerabilities.

    Sentinel Labs, Inc.

    AI powered endpoint protection to prevent, detect, respond, and discover all assets from one platform.

    BlackBerry Cylance

    Prevention-first, predictive security that works at the endpoint for better efficacy and faster resolution.

  • Protect and secure data with cloud based backup and recovery solutions.

    Druva inSync

    Accelerate endpoint backup and recovery across employee devices and cloud apps (Office 365, G Suite, Slack, SFDC).

    NetApp SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365

    Secure and encrypted cloud-native service that protects Office 365 data from threats and accidental deletion.

  • Simplify the deployment and management of Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0.


    Automates Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 life cycles, facilitating deployment and management at scale.

    Nuvens Consulting Ltd

    Integrates between the user domain and Amazon WorkSpaces to allow simple provisioning and management of WorkSpaces.


    Enables migrations to Amazon Workspaces and provide full user environment management and application layering.

Consulting Partners

Get planning and implementation support from AWS Marketplace Consulting Partners to help you navigate the impact of COVID-19.


IT solutions provider helping harness technology innovation and simplify IT complexity.


Get help managing business-critical applications on AWS, including operational tooling, best practices, and specialized expertise.


Get support for custom solutions, including deployment planning, data center optimization, and IT asset management.

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Why AWS Marketplace?

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Buying applications from AWS Marketplace also makes it easier for organizations to:

Accelerate migration to AWS

Accelerate migration to AWS with the ability to easily find, purchase, and deploy matching software available in AWS Marketplace from an existing inventory of on-premises applications or alternative products in the same category.

Support security management

Optimize application management with control over your business applications portfolio. Drive consistency by reducing risk of one-off purchases. Lower maintenance costs and free up your team to focus on what matters most.

Simplify contracting, speed procurement, and get optimal software pricing

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