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AWS offers a wide range of database services to fit your application and voter registration requirements. These fully managed solutions can be launched in minutes with just a few clicks.

In addition, the AWS Database Migration Service helps guide your transition to the AWS Cloud in a supportive and cost-effective way.

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If You Need Consider Using Product Type
A managed relational database in the cloud that you can launch in minutes with a just a few clicks. Amazon RDS Relational Database
A fully managed MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database with 5X performance and enterprise level features. Amazon Aurora Relational Database
A managed NoSQL database that offers extremely fast performance, seamless scalability, and reliability Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL Database
A fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse at less than a tenth the cost of traditional solutions.  Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse
To deploy, operate, and scale in-memory cache based on memcached or Redis in the cloud. Amazon ElastiCache In-Memory Cache
Help migrating your databases to AWS with minimal downtime. AWS Database Migration Service Database Migration 
To build flexible cloud-native directories for organizing hierarchies of data along multiple dimensions. Amazon Cloud Directory Directory

Center for American Progress

This Washington, D.C.-based think tank moved away from an on-premises IT infrastructure and now uses AWS to run 20 different website properties. By using AWS, the Center for American Progress now has stable, highly scalable websites that can handle twice the traffic volume, and has eliminated costly website outages.

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National Democratic Institute, a global, nonpartisan organization that works to strengthen democratic institutions, needed a flexible IT infrastructure that was secure and cost-effective. By moving to AWS and scaling infrastructure appropriately, the company cut costs by 90% and improved security by using AWS security groups and features.

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Civis Analytics

Civis Analytics, a Chicago-based data science and advisory firm and APN Partner, uses Amazon Redshift to help political organizations and commercial enterprises better leverage their data and derive meaningful insights as a result.

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Data lake architecture provides the agility and flexibility required to deliver relevant business insights to elections organizations and officials. A data lake is an architectural approach that provides the ability to store massive amounts of data in a central location. This makes data readily available to be categorized, processed, analyzed, and consumed by diverse user groups.

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Ingest data in a variety of ways, including leveraging Amazon Kinesis, AWS Import/Export Snowball, AWS Direct Connect, and more. Store all of your data, regardless of volume or format, using Amazon S3.

Build virtually any big data application and support any workload regardless of volume, velocity, or data variety. With a multitude of services and continually enhanced features, AWS provides what you need to collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data on the cloud.


AWS provides capabilities across facilities, networks, software, and business processes to meet strict requirements. Environments are continuously audited for certifications such as ISO 27001, FedRAMP, DoD SRG, and PCI DSS.

Obama for America

Learn how the IT team for Obama for America (OFA) used many integrated AWS products to innovate and deliver results for President Obama's reelection campaign. By using AWS, the OFA election committee was able to scale at a moment's notice to handle rapid increases in traffic and infrastructural demands.

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Our department, in its mission to exceed the expectations of our customers - the taxpayers- in a customer-centered environment, has benefited from the expertise and collaboration of Amazon Web Services.

Tre Hargett, Secretary of State, State of Tennessee

Amazon Connect is a self-service, cloud-based contact center solution that helps a campaign or political organization conduct effective voter outreach. It also aids government agencies in delivering citizen services at a lower cost. Amazon Connect was designed based on the same contact-center technology used by Amazon customer service associates to power millions of customer conversations around the world. 

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