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The CloudFormer tool allows you to select any of the AWS resources running in your account for inclusion in the template.


Submitted By: ChrisW@AWS
AWS Products Used: AWS CloudFormation
Languages(s): AWS CloudFormation Template
Created On: August 8, 2011 5:22 PM GMT
Last Updated: August 31, 2016 10:37 PM GMT
NEW CloudFormer now supports the following:
  • Amazon VPC (VPC, Subnets, RouteTables, Routes, and so on)
  • Amazon CloudWatch Alarms
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon S3 Bucket Policy
  • Amazon SQS Queue Policy
  • Amazon SNS Topic Policy

The CloudFormer tool allows you to select any of the AWS resources running in your account for inclusion in a template. If you select resources that have dependent resources (for example, an Amazon EC2 instance that is associated with an EC2 security group), CloudFormer automatically selects any dependent resources. You can override any of the pre-selected resources or add other resources as necessary, fully controlling the resources included in your template.

CloudFormer chooses logical names based on existing resource names. However, you can edit the names that are included in the template and you can add output parameters based on the attributes available for any of the resources. You can upload the template to your S3 bucket and then launch the template directly from the AWS CloudFormation stack creation wizard.

Important: When entering your password into CloudFormer, you can't use special characters (such as ; & ! " £ $ % ^ ( ) / \) or leave the password blank.

The CloudFormer tool is a starting point for creating your template. After you first create the template, you can customize it, for example:

  • Add parameters to allow stacks to be configured at launch time.
  • Add mappings to allow the template to be customized to a specific environment.
  • Replace static values with Ref and Fn::GetAtt functions to allow property data to flow between resources where the value of one property depends on the value of a property from a different resource.
  • Fill your Amazon EC2 instance user data to pass parameters to your EC2 instances at launch time.
  • Customize the database names and master passwords for your Amazon RDS instance.

For more information, see the AWS CloudFormation User Guide.

Launching the Tool

The CloudFormer tool is packaged as a standalone application that you can launch inside your AWS environment. The application is started on t1.micro Amazon EC2 instances using AWS CloudFormation. No other AWS resources are required to run CloudFormer.

You can run the tool in any AWS region using the following links:

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This application is a prototype. We have released it to get feedback on the user experience and the feature set. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue offering this prototype at any time. If you have feedback or feature enhancements that would make this tool more useful or creating templates easier, leave us feedback in the AWS CloudFormation forum. Your input will allow us to define and prioritize the features of AWS CloudFormation. Any feedback you provide will be governed by the AWS Customer Agreement.

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