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AWS EdStart Members and Collaborators provide solutions that are hosted on, or integrated with, AWS

Meet Our Members

Meet the companies who have been accepted into AWS EdStart and are building and scaling their solution with AWS. 

Meet Our Collaborators

Education-focused organizations provide specialized solutions and support for AWS EdStart Members and AWS EdStart Innovators.

Meet Our Founders

Get to know select EdTech founders with a unique story to tell through their own words. Videos, case studies, and more.

Meet Our Experts

AWS EdStart brings together education-focused experts to provide knowledge, inspiration, and best practices. We designed each of these videos to help educational technology (EdTech) startups learn about relevant topics, such as what K-12 school leaders are saying, selling into higher education, and a renewed focus on the why of business.

For more resources on running an EdTech startup and scaling your solution in the AWS Cloud, apply to AWS EdStart and discover a global community of like-minded people and companies that are solving complex educational problems.

Videos from Experts

EdTech fundraising: Key questions to ask when raising funds

Grant Hosford
Co-founder and CEO, codeSpark

Explain yourself: Crafting the most effective elevator pitch

Ash Kaluarachchi
Co-Founder, StartEd

Thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion in your startup

Camille Leak
ID&E Business Partner, AWS

What EdTechs must consider, according to K12 superintendents

Dr. Jennifer Ferrari
President, Education Research & Development Institute (ERDI)

Remembering the "why" of EdTech

Dr. Natasha Rachell
Digital Learning Specialist, Science for Atlanta Public Schools

Protect your startup: Legal issues startups face

Steve Wellvang
Partner, Fox Rothschild, LLP

Professional development as a pathway to increase sales

Rayna Glumac
Managing Principal Consultant, Rye Consulting

Why EdTechs must know their value proposition during uncertain times

Dr. Gregory D. Jordan
Founder and CEO, SeligoAI

What EdTechs must consider, according to K12 tech leaders

Keith Krueger
CEO, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)

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AWS EdStart, also known as the AWS educational technology startup accelerator, is an AWS program designed to help its participants grow their education technology businesses. AWS EdStart participants may have access to many benefits, such as AWS Promotional Credit, select marketing opportunities, global thought leadership, participation in live or virtual events, and access to the AWS EdStart web portal. The AWS EdStart web portal is a central online, self-service resource that includes an online directory of AWS EdStart participants, a community messaging forum, and a repository of content, technical, and business development trainings. The AWS EdStart Agreement, as may be updated from time to time, governs participation in AWS EdStart and use of the AWS EdStart web portal. AWS EdStart participants’ personal information, business contact information, and community forum messages may be accessed by AWS EdStart participants that use the AWS EdStart web portal. Please contact AWS EdStart by email or see the AWS EdStart Agreement for information about how AWS collects and uses personal information.

Organizations that wish to apply for participation in AWS EdStart must meet the application criteria described on the AWS EdStart Member application page or the AWS EdStart Innovators page. Government entities, including government-owned corporations and government-funded organizations, are not eligible to participate in AWS EdStart. Individual users of AWS EdStart must be from participant organizations and 18 years or older.