Supporting the Rapid Transition to Remote Learning

AWS Educate

Webinars and Training Sessions for Educators and Students

With the global move from in-classroom delivery to remote learning due to temporary and sustained school closings, AWS Educate wants to help educators and students with webinars and workshops ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Any educator or student is invited to join, and there’s no cost for participating. Each webinar will be recorded and available on-demand. 

Webinars for Educators

Join AWS Educate webinars on topics for educators related to cloud computing and remote learning. Each webinar is available on demand. 

AWS Workshop Webinars for Students and Educators

AWS Educate is offering no-cost beginner to intermediate cloud learning sessions for students and educators. Topics range from an introductory session on (AWS) to a session on the day in the life of a Solutions Architect. Each webinar will be available on demand.

Student virtual event series

Student Virtual Event Series

Choose from a variety of virtual events hosted by the Amazon Students team. In these sessions, Amazon employees will guide students through several topics ranging from tech talks on cloud computing to how to best prepare for a virtual interview.