Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge

EdTech companies designing the best application of voice technology in education

Congratulations to our 2020 winners SayKid and VOGO Voice!

Learn more about the finalists in Europe and India.

SayKid won the judges' choice award, and VOGO Voice won people's choice. Learn more about the finalists in Europe and India.

The first-ever 2020 Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge invited US-based education technology companies to design the best application of voice technology in education. The six finalists below built skills to positively impact students, faculty, or school administrators and aid in solving education challenges across four themes: home to school connection, teacher or administrator productivity, accessibility, and student learning.

The judges’ choice will receive $50,000 in AWS Promotional Credit, and the people's choice will receive $25,000 in AWS Promotional Credit. All other final contestants will receive $10,000 in AWS Promotional Credit.

2020 Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge Recap

Meet the six finalists

  • Blast Learning
  • Healthy Teen Network
  • NuMoola
  • SayKid
  • StrongMind
  • VOGO Voice
  • Blast Learning
  • Blast Learning

    Blast Learning is a memory reinforcement system designed to solve the problem of forgetting. Students learn a core concept once, and then Blast Learning reinforces the material in multiple personalized study “blasts” at timed intervals to activate the formation of durable long-term memories. Blast increases academic performance and training effectiveness.

    The Blast Learning skill leverages this research-backed questioning to help students relearn forgotten knowledge. Students or parents select a core knowledge base and the skill evaluates a student’s understanding of the material, identifies forgotten information, and then reteaches content in a quizzing format.

    Alexa EdTech Challenge - Blast Learning
  • Healthy Teen Network
  • Healthy Teen Network

    Healthy Teen Network is a national nonprofit organization that works at the intersection of public health, human-centered design, and technology. They develop innovative educational solutions to improve the sexual health outcomes of young people.

    Their Hush Hush skill offers a trusted, confidential mentor to support students who feel left out of traditional sex-ed programming or want to take concrete steps to improve their sexual health. Hush Hush provides students with four general topics to talk about: birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), healthy relationships, and sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Alexa EdTech Challenge - Healthy Teen Network
  • NuMoola
  • NuMoola

    NuMoola is an educational, family-focused consumer banking financial technology platform. Their software enables full family engagement in the financial well-being of a child through child-focused tools for personal savings, goal setting, investing, charitable giving, and gamified financial education. NuMoola’s banking and educational services create engaged customers across the entire family network.

    The NuMoola skill helps children and their families learn fundamental financial concepts through interactive lessons, games, and comprehension activities. This engaging program meets the needs of diverse learners and is anchored in National Financial Literacy Standards to promote essential life skills.

    Alexa EdTech Challenge - NuMoola
  • SayKid
  • SayKid

    SayKid is a voice technology company that has developed the world’s first screen-less, play-based learning platform. By combining conversational software in the form of an Alexa-enabled plush robot, SayKid helps kids learn in a safe, natural, and engaging way by playing the role of teacher.

    Designed for use with SayKid’s learning platform, their Letter Game skill introduces letter sounds in individual or group settings and children play the role of teacher to help a robot learn letters of the alphabet. Children are given words and need to think of the beginning letter that corresponds to that word.

    Alexa EdTech Challenge - SayKid
  • StrongMind
  • StrongMind

    StrongMind partners with schools to build innovative digital learning solutions that address unique school challenges. With a consultative approach, engaging curriculum, leading-edge assessments, advanced reporting and analytics, and a mobile engagement engine, plus educational services, StrongMind supports student achievement and school success.

    For generations, parents have struggled to have effective conversations with their children about their education. The StrongMind skill provides parents with just enough information to have focused, meaningful conversations with their child about his or her actual schoolwork, rather than asking broad, open-ended questions. These targeted conversations not only bolster academic outcomes but also strengthen family communication and relationships.

    Alexa Edu EdTech Challenge - StrongMind
  • VOGO Voice
  • VOGO Voice

    VOGO Voice designs and builds unique and engaging voice skills for industries including education, civic, transportation, business, and nonprofits. With a voice user interface designer that allows for data integration and in-depth customization, VOGO Voice helps enrich access in their clients’ communities.

    Their Kids Decisions skill provides a resource for teachers and parents to educate children on social situations with a variety of interactive ways to understand a given concept through Alexa voice and display devices. It provides a safe place to make decisions and learn about character, strengths, and virtues designed for each age group.

    Alexa EdTech Challenge - VOGO Voice

Judges' choice: Meet the judges

Our panel of education experts has selected SayKid for the judges’ choice award. SayKid will receive $50,000 in AWS Promotional Credit.

Laura McBain | Alexa EdTech Challenge Judge

Laura McBain

K12 Lab Co-Director, Stanford

Michael B. Horn | Alexa EdTech Challenge Judge

Michael B. Horn

Co-Author, Choosing College

Preethi Rajgopal | Alexa EdTech Challenge Judge

Preethi Rajgopal

Co-Founder, STEM Innovators

Sara Schapiro | Alexa EdTech Challenge Judge

Sara Schapiro

Vice President, Education, PBS

People's choice

The people's choice votes are in and our winner is VOGO Voice, who will receive $25,000 in AWS Promotional Credit.