Wesley Story, AWS Enterprise Strategist

Wesley Story

AWS Enterprise Strategist

Wesley Story, AWS Enterprise Strategist
Former roles

Interim Global CIO, Sysco
Divisional CIO and Global CTO, Sysco
VP Enterprise Services, Sysco
VP Sales and Marketing Systems, Sysco
Group Vice President, Customer Insights and Loyalty, Supervalu
VP Marketing Systems and Business Intelligence, Supervalu


Digital transformation is top of mind for many executives today. The key to success is seeing digital transformation as a team sport, getting the entire senior team aligned around the WHY and their respective roles in the change. This is the fastest way to unlock business value."

Wesley joined AWS as an Enterprise Strategist in 2020. In this role, Wesley works with enterprise executives to share experiences and strategies for how the cloud can help them increase their speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers.

Wesley has extensive experience as a business and technology transformation executive in large enterprises. Prior to joining AWS, Wesley was Interim Global CIO as well as Americas divisional CIO for Sysco Corporation, the global leader in foodservice distribution. While at Sysco, Wesley led efforts to recover from a major ERP program that fell short of expectations by embarking on a journey to the cloud and adopting agile and DevOps practices in order to delivery increased agility and build new capabilities that worked in conjunction with legacy systems. Then he started efforts to modernize the legacy landscape by refactoring large monolith systems into microservices and composite applications. In order to achieve this, it also required re-engineering the software development process and practices to include test driven development, continuous integration and continuous delivery, and a new org structure around products and platforms to enable focus over time on evolving systems versus the project by project approach of the past.

Besides agility, these efforts also drove cost savings and established foundational capabilities that enabled new customer experience programs like e-commerce, a new shared services capability, and omni-channel customer engagement. In addition, advanced capabilities were enabled by this new foundation such as big data analytics, IoT, a new e-commerce platform built by the digital innovation lab. These efforts supported a volume increase of over 625% on e-commerce.

Prior to Sysco Corporation, Wesley held several executive roles at Supervalu including Group VP of Customer Insights and Loyalty, and VP of IT Marketing Systems and Analytics. He has also held leadership roles at Walmart in Operations Innovation and at Sprint in various capacities. Wesley has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Ottawa University.

Today, Wesley and the other AWS Enterprise Strategists spend their time with enterprise customers working on the elements of a modern digital transformation. For Wesley, the areas he will focus on given his prior experience are as follows: 

  1. Helping executive teams align around the strategic drivers for change 
  2. Building an iterative approach to driving continuous change versus big bang
  3. Baking in security at every step along the way
  4. Broad adoption of automation to build capacity and remove bottlenecks
  5. Emphasizing recovery and resiliency as opposed to just disaster recovery (DR)
  6. Addressing the talent / skill gap in the existing workforce to build a learning culture and change momentum


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