Bryan Landerman, AWS Enterprise Strategist

Bryan Landerman

AWS Enterprise Strategist

Bryan Landerman, AWS Enterprise Strategist
Former roles

Chief Technical Officer, Cox Automotive
Chief Technical Officer, Dealertrack Technologies
Chief Technical Officer,


BS, Computer Science, University of Connecticut


Enterprise technology
Cultural transformation
Software development
Craft beer


I'm empathetic to what our customers are experiencing in their own cloud journeys because I myself have gone through two acquisitions that came with major culture change. As Andy Jassy says, 'there's no compression algorithm for experience.'"

As an AWS Enterprise Strategist, Bryan works with enterprise executives to share experiences and strategies for how the cloud can help them transform the way they deliver software to drive business agility and organizational transformation.

Transformation is a recurring theme in Bryan’s career. Before joining AWS, Bryan held three Chief Technology Officer positions. As CTO of Cox Automotive, he was pivotal to an initiative to transform the software delivery process to align to the Scaled Agile framework, helping the organization increase alignment to business objectives while becoming more product-oriented and outcome-driven. He also promoted a culture of “You build it; you run it.”

In his career, Bryan has experienced and worked through multiple mergers and acquisitions. Cox Automotive, for example, represents the convergence of over 40 acquisitions with 20 different brands. He believes these experiences afford him a better understanding of AWS customers—because he’s lived through some of the same challenges they are facing—and have taught him how important culture is to the success of any kind of transformation.

Bryan also believes transformation should prompt new thinking about organizational structure, which he sees as an exercise in prioritization. Businesses organize in specific ways based on what they’re trying to accomplish at the time. As organizations adopt cloud, they build new skills and shift delivery models from project to product orientations. This brings delivery closer to the business and changes priorities, prompting a need to optimize the organizational structure to support the new priorities.

As a former software engineer and executive leader who has been directly involved in cloud adoption, Bryan invites AWS customers to think differently about how applications are built. It requires changing the way problems are approached and learning new skills, for example, leveraging the visibility on costs enabled by the cloud to build more cost-effective architectures.

Bryan sees the role of a leader as enabling people to do their best. He embraces the concept to servant leadership, a philosophy that promotes value by creating structures that focus on empowering others instead of gating or watching over them. He also firmly believes leaders should prevent getting disconnected by going deep to understand their teams’ day-to-day realities.

When he was transitioning his company to AWS, Bryan joined his leadership team in relevant training, and in his personal time, deployed workloads on AWS so he could experience the technology firsthand and have his own “lightbulb moments.” He encourages AWS executive customers to do the same: be willing to go on the same journey as their teams.

Outside of work, Bryan enjoys his life on the shores of Lake Champlain, Vermont, where he boats in the summer and skis in the winter with his family. He’s also an avid brewmaster, producing commercial-grade New England IPA in his garage, with the help of a cloud workload he built to monitor the brewing process.


Listen to our "Ask the AWS Strategists" mini-series within our Conversations with Leaders podcast, where Bryan Landerman, Jake Burns, and Ishit Vachhrajani discuss what they're hearing around the industry and common questions they get from customers.

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