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The BMW Group is a global manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles, covering the brands BMW, BMW Motorrad, MINI, and Rolls-Royce. BMW Group decided to re-architect and migrate its on-premises data lake to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to innovate and scale for its global stakeholder demand. The company’s Cloud Data Hub (CDH) processes and combines anonymized data from vehicle sensors and other sources across the enterprise to make it simple for internal teams to create customer-facing and internal applications. BMW Group builds on AWS to help it achieve the agility and flexibility it needs to democratize data usage at scale and accelerate innovation.

BMW Group's Cloud Journey on AWS

BMW's Cloud Journey on AWS
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Machine Learning

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Enterprise Transformation

Cloud migration to accelerate digital transformation and realize greater business value 

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Data Protection

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Data and Analytics

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  • Machine Learning
  • 2022

    BMW Group Streamlines Multilingual Business Processes Using Amazon Translate

    The BMW Group, like many global automobile manufacturers, must manage operations in many different languages. Headquartered in Germany, the company oversees 120,000 employees and assembles cars and motorcycles in 31 manufacturing plants across 15 countries. For the company to effectively communicate with people across the manufacturing lifecycle it needed accurate, high-quality machine translations. BMW Group uses Amazon Translate to reduce translation time by over 75 percent while advancing speed and quality. 

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    How BMW Group Benefits from Machine Learning on AWS

    AWS On Air host, Jenna Pederson, joins Maik Leuthold, manager of predictive analytics at BMW Group; Nick Harmening, technical project lead advanced analytics for BMW Group; and Jonas Hiltrop, associate director, data science at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), to discuss how AWS and BCG implemented a machine learning application to predict the future customer take rates of BMW Group vehicle special equipment and options based on historic take rates.  

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  • Enterprise Transformation
  • 2023

    The BMW Group Upskills 2,500 Employees with Platform Academy, Builds Sustainable Workforce in South Africa

    To redefine automotive innovation, the BMW Group is equipping itself for the future with the necessary tools and expertise for collecting, analyzing, and managing data. The company has started its biggest qualification initiative called “Digital Boost”. In addition to that, in 2021, the company worked alongside AWS to launch an expansive learning program that upskilled more than 2,500 employees in data analytics, data science, and software development. A pivotal development was the establishment of the BMW Platform Academy with a focus on AWS Cloud skills, which empowered the company’s next generation of engineers. 

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    About BMW Group's Unified Configurator Platform

    BMW Group built its next-generation Unified Configurator Platform using AWS. At the AWS Summit Berlin 2018, BMW Group presented a deep dive into the journey from an on-premises, monolithic application to a microservices-based platform in the cloud. When moving its platform, BMW Group built a CI/CD pipeline based on Git, Jenkins, and AWS CodePipeline, and used Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to develop the platform's microservices architecture. BMW Group also leveraged AWS Professional Services and the AWS Well-Architected Framework to provide a fast and reliable project outcome. 

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  • Data Protection
  • 2022

    BMW Group Collaborates with AWS to Bring New Cloud Technologies for Fast and Reliable Availability of Digital Innovations

    Data protection is a top priority.

    In order to keep pace with the rapidly growing number of connected vehicles, the BMW Group set up a central access point for internal users of vehicle-generated data in 2017. In doing so, the BMW Group took steps to ensure that customer data is protected and securely processed in accordance with data privacy requirements by means of established processes—across all markets in which the company operates.

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    We already have around 20 million extensively connected vehicles on the road today. When the ‘Neue Klasse’ is launched, our offboard cloud platform, powered by AWS, will process roughly triple the volume of vehicle data compared to the current generation of BMW models. Together with AWS, we will continue to create innovative solutions, allowing us to develop new, data-driven functions and make them available to customers faster.”

    Nicolai Krämerz
    Vice President, Vehicle Connectivity Platforms

  • Migration
  • 2020

    BMW Group Builds Data Lake on AWS to Unlock the Power of Data

    The BMW Group created a centralized, on-premises data lake that collects and combines anonymized data from sensors in vehicles, operational systems, and data warehouses to derive near real-time and predictive insights. The company processes terabytes of data every day from millions of vehicles and uses AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, AWS Lambda, and AWS Glue to transform and leverage that data. Because data wasn’t easily accessible—spread across myriad, siloed environments—the BMW Group’s innovation helped scale its data lake to support growing demands of stakeholders. 

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  • Data and Analytics
  • 2021

    All Things Automotive: Data Lakes with BMW Group

    The All Things Automotive team talks with Josef Viehauser, platform lead at BMW Group, about how BMW Group accelerates data-driven innovation enterprise wide using AWS for its Cloud Data Hub. The group also discusses the Autonomous Vehicle Data Lake on AWS service and how customers can manage the challenge of ingesting, transforming, labeling, and cataloging massive amounts of data to develop automated driving systems using Amazon EMR, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.

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    We are just starting our journey with AWS, and we look forward to helping our business fulfill its strategy of driving innovation into the future." 

    Kai Demtröder
    Vice President of Data Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Data and DevOps Platforms, BMW Group                        


    How the BMW Group Uses AWS Serverless Analytics for a Data-Driven Ecosystem

    Data fuels BMW Group’s digital transformation and drives its personalized customer experiences, connected mobility solutions, and analytical insights. BMW Group’s technical lead, Simon Kern, dives deep into how the company leverages AWS serverless capabilities from services such as AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon SageMaker, and more to deliver ETL (extract, transform, load) functions on big data in a modularized, accessible, and repeatable fashion. He also provides insight into the company’s AWS architecture and the next steps of the journey. 

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About BMW Group

The BMW Group migrated its on-premises data lake to AWS to gain the agility and flexibility it needs to scale and support users across the globe, and empower teams to build innovative customer experiences. It leverages automation, serverless, and other AWS solutions to speed data processing and accelerate its digital transformation.

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