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Perspectives from today's enterprise executives in the era of digitization

As new technologies and emerging competitors disrupt established industries, enterprises around the world are seeking their own digital transformation to keep pace. Gain leadership perspectives from AWS and other large enterprises as you get started with your own transformation journey. 

Conversations with leaders

Innovative leaders across the diverse AWS customer base share how they’re using cloud to address some of today’s most top-of-mind topics

Lead the change



In this ebook and companion webinar, leaders share how they drive change by focusing on strategy, technology, and culture.


Becoming a data-driven

Every company has a big data problem. Start by understanding the most common data dysfunctions and how you can address them.


What makes
good leaders great?

Different leaders lead in many different ways, but one universal truth is that people are most likely to follow those they understand.


Driving change
from the top down

Communicating a clear vision and leveraging your leadership position can help keep your organization on track to deliver.

Create business value


Realizing business value
with AWS

While paths toward cloud may be different, cloud migration delivers more than just cost savings. See the four areas of business value that are possible.  


How Live Nation realized
business value with AWS

See how Live Nation moved from troubleshooting hardware and capacity planning to delivering true value to Live Nation and its customers.


An executive view of
lean and agile IT for CFOs

Agile, Lean, and DevOps can help CFOs increase returns, oversee investments, implement controls, gain transparency, deliver insights, and manage costs.


The art of business value
Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz explores what business value really means, why it matters, and how it should affect your software development and delivery practices.

Drive digital transformation


Humility is the essence
of digital transformation

In times of complexity and change, humility can improve your competitive position, facilitate innovation, and strengthen customer relationships.


What are your cloud
transformation principles?

Consistency of action and commonality of judgement is a common leadership challenge. Take time to define the principles for your cloud adoption.


Ahead in the Cloud
Stephen Orban

Making the most of the cloud requires much more than just a technology change. Enterprises must re-train their people, evolve their processes, and transform their cultures. Orban and other leaders share what works, and what doesn’t.


A seat at the table
Mark Schwartz

Examines the role of IT leadership as it is now and as it should be―an integral part of the value creation engine. Schwartz explores how CIOs can become Agile IT leaders.

Create a culture of security


security leadership

Find out how enterprise CISOs are going beyond security systems and tools and investing in their people to safeguard their organizations.


Security & compliance
quick reference guide

Learn how other enterprises achieve savings and scalability while still maintaining robust security and regulatory compliance.

Hire and retain skilled talent


You already have the people
you need to succeed

Most organizations already have a wealth of institutional knowledge and cultural practices that, with education and experience, can establish the foundation for success with your cloud implementation.


Staying competitive
by investing in cloud skills

Cloud skills may be the most important investment you make. With the right foundations in place, acquiring cloud skills can become a much simpler proposition that builds on what your people already know.


5 things to take
your team to the cloud

To meet your cloud transformation objectives without experienced cloud engineers on hand, look to your existing talented and skilled engineers to provide a solid foundation.


The cloud IT skills gap

Accelerating adoption of cloud services and infrastructure has resulted in a skills gap for IT professionals.

Meet the AWS Enterprise Strategists

AWS Enterprise Strategists work with enterprise technology executives around the globe to share experiences and strategies for how the Cloud can help them increase speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers. 

What’s top of mind for Cloud Leaders?

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