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Perspectives on enabling cloud innovation and transformation through culture, talent, and leadership

As new technologies and emerging competitors disrupt established industries, leaders around the world are transforming their organizations with cloud computing to deliver business value and impact to their customers. Accelerate your own transformation with these best practices, lessons, and transformative ideas from leaders like you who are using AWS to create new forms of business value.

Conversations with leaders

AWS Enterprise Strategists sit down with some of today's most innovative cloud leaders to discuss their strategies for success

Lead the change


A leader’s guide to cloud transformation 

Two leading enterprise cloud practitioners reveal the leadership tips and tricks that will set your organization soaring ahead.


Becoming a data-driven

Every company has a big data problem. Joe Chung, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, outlines common data dysfunctions and how you can address them.


What makes
good leaders great?

Leaders lead in many different ways. Stephen Orban, General Manager at AWS, shares his thoughts on what separates the great leaders from the good ones.


Driving change
from the top down

AWS Enterprise Strategist Mark Schwartz explains how a clear vision and your leadership position can help keep your organization on track to deliver.

Leader spotlights

Today's innovative and inspiring leaders are using the cloud to change how business is done. Through a series of interviews, our AWS Enterprise Strategists sit down with these leaders to learn more about their strategies for transformation, what inspires them, and how they prioritize technology investment.  

Create business value


Generating business value
with AWS serverless

IDC spoke with organizations that run serverless applications on AWS to learn what areas of the business saw the most benefit. See what they discovered.


Realizing business value
with AWS

While paths toward cloud may differ, cloud migration delivers more than just cost savings. See the four areas of business value that are possible.  


An executive view of
lean and agile IT for CFOs

Agile, Lean, and DevOps can help CFOs increase returns, oversee investments, implement controls, gain transparency, deliver insights, and manage costs.


How Live Nation realized
business value with AWS

See how Live Nation moved from troubleshooting hardware and capacity planning to delivering true value to Live Nation and its customers.

Create a flywheel for more frequent value delivery

Get out of low frequency mode by making seven strategic shifts

Drive digital transformation

Successful strategies for transformation

Miriam McLemore, Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services, describes an approach to a successful transformation for large enterprises based on her experience as CIO of Coca-Cola. She is joined by customers from EDF Energy, easyJet and Nationwide.


Tuning up the
high frequency enterprise

Move from a low-frequency rate of change to a higher-frequency pace to reduce risk and create a flywheel for value delivery.



Miriam McLemore, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, shares insights from several C-suite leaders on topics related to leading change in today's enterprise.


Humility is the essence
of digital transformation

In times of complexity and change, humility can improve your competitive position, facilitate innovation, and strengthen customer relationships.


What are your cloud
transformation principles?

Consistency of action and commonality of judgement is a common leadership challenge. Take time to define the principles for your cloud adoption.

Accelerate innovation



The cloud era of financial services

Industry leaders share how they are embracing cloud to solve infrastructure needs in new ways, and to create new experiences customers love.


Cloud for CEOs

Digitally transforming an enterprise requires connecting with customers, understanding their needs, and responding faster than ever.

How to think like a startup
The future of faster enterprises
Creating an innovation culture
Empowering innovation at Virgin Trains

Meet the AWS Enterprise Strategists

AWS Enterprise Strategists work with enterprise technology executives around the globe to share experiences and strategies for how the cloud can help them increase speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers. 

Security is everyone's responsibility

Create a culture of security by establishing awareness, norms, and practices that keep the enterprise secure

Create a culture of security

Conversations with Leaders: CISO Edition

In our latest installment of Conversations with Leaders, AWS Enterprise Strategist Clarke Rodgers sits down with CISOs to discuss their thoughts on leadership, automation, governance, the role security plays in enabling a culture of innovation, strategies for addressing talent gaps, and security trends.


Creating a
culture of security

Security has become everyone’s job, and its management has become a strategic concern. Learn how to build a culture of security for your organization.


security leadership

Find out how enterprise CISOs are going beyond security systems and tools and investing in their people to safeguard their organizations.


Proving security at scale with automated reasoning

Werner Vogels, AWS CTO, discusses AWS provable security and its automated-reasoning-backed technologies.


Security & compliance
quick reference guide

Learn how other enterprises achieve savings and scalability while still maintaining robust security and regulatory compliance.

Hire and retain skilled talent

How to successfully scale your talent transformation

In this video, AWS Enterprise Strategist Jonathan Allen sets out practical steps to successfully scale your talent when moving to the cloud. One of the most important steps is upskilling existing employees, and Jonathan tells us how getting just 10% of your team certified could make a company-wide difference.


Supercharge your skills for cloud success

Learn how to put together a team with the skills and autonomy needed to drive your transformation, guided by a clear strategic vision.


A 10 step action plan for talent transformation

Research shows that it's less expensive to reskill and scale up your current staff than it is to hire new teams.  


You already have the people
you need to succeed

Most organizations already have a wealth of institutional knowledge and cultural practices that, with education and experience, can establish the foundation for success with your cloud implementation.


Staying competitive
by investing in cloud skills

Cloud skills may be the most important investment you make. With the right foundations in place, acquiring cloud skills can become a much simpler proposition that builds on what your people already know.


5 things to take
your team to the cloud

To meet your cloud transformation objectives without experienced cloud engineers on hand, look to your existing talented and skilled engineers to provide a solid foundation.


How to address
the cloud IT skills gap

Accelerating adoption of cloud services and infrastructure has created a skills gap for IT professionals. Learn why up-skilling your existing staff could save time and money.

Reading room

How Live Nation Realized Business Value with AWS

War and peace in IT
Mark Schwartz

Lead your company into the digital age by harnessing the expertise and innovation that is already under your roof: IT.

How Live Nation Realized Business Value with AWS

A seat at the table
Mark Schwartz

Examines the role of IT leadership as it is now and as it should be―an integral part of the value creation engine.

How Live Nation Realized Business Value with AWS

The art of business value
Mark Schwartz

Explore what business value really means and how it should affect software development and delivery practices.

How Live Nation Realized Business Value with AWS

Ahead in the cloud
Stephen Orban

Make the most of the cloud by re-training your people, evolving your processes, and transforming your culture.  

What’s top of mind for cloud leaders?

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