French Organizations Need to Cultivate the Talent Within

by Sylvie Houlière Mayca, Head of Sales, AWS France

The skills gap in the French digital workforce is only increasing. Sylvie Houlière Mayca, Head of Sales, AWS France, discusses how the richest, yet often overlooked, talent pool in most French organizations is the one they already have, and examines how existing talent can be cultivated into the talent needed to digitally transform.

In France, as in the rest of Europe, the pace of cloud adoption is accelerating all the time. But as managers and business leaders seek to benefit from the agility and intelligence of cloud technology, they are having to confront a growing problem: the ever-widening skills gap in the digital workforce.

The shortfall of skilled and certified talent in France alone numbers around 80,000, with 40% of employers across Europe reporting difficult to recruit the ICT professionals they need. The assumption among many organizations is that only an external search will land this type of high-value, high-functioning talent. Yet such an approach overlooks one of their richest potential sources of leaders for their transformational journey - the people they already have.

AWS has developed training programs that can create new opportunities and new jobs. In 2018 alone we committed to reaching more than 100,000 people in Europe and by the end of the year we reached more than 140,000. This number will continue to grow every year. Attending these sessions, Europeans from all backgrounds can learn about how to architect, design, and develop cloud-based applications using AWS and develop tangible skills to use the latest cloud computing technology in order to start their own business or find the job of their dreams.

IT professionals are, by their very nature, open to and eager to familiarize themselves with new systems and processes. So, the training needed to bring them through from legacy to cloud-based platforms is not the problem. Often, the bigger challenge is the cultural one. After all, before any technological transformation can take place, there has to be a human transformation first.

One AWS customer, Frédéric Augier, Director of Digital at Nexity Real Estate, opted for employee training as an essential first step for his company’s migration to the cloud. He told us that he started from the premise that employees were not yet ready for the cloud and that before any change could be made, it was necessary to move them from a technician’s role to that of infrastructure management manager.” The company has since adopted the training modules proposed by AWS, including general education for employees and more advanced programs for technicians.

To help familiarize enterprises with these principles Jonathan Allen, AWS Enterprise Strategist, has produced this e-book “Supercharge your Skills for Cloud Success.” At the heart of Jonathan’s advice for managing the human transformation is a simple premise. “You have to look deeper at what motivates people and that means taking a holistic approach.” Citing the work of author Daniel Pink, Jonathan identifies those motivations as the need for Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose in our chosen work roles.

In his book, “A Whole New Mind,” Pink goes on to cite a raft of other essential factors that must be present in an organization before transformation of any note can take place, including trust, transparency, availability, the right to make mistakes, leadership and coaching.

Many of these are explored by Jonathan in the ‘12 steps to enterprise-scale cloud’ that underpin his approach, starting with how to manage acceptance levels among team leaders and progressing through critical considerations such as the importance of foundational training, why safe ‘hands-on time’ is essential for engineers to experiment and learn how to fail, and the value of recognition and rewards.

If there is a theme to “Supercharging your Skills for Cloud Success,” it’s that collaboration, honesty and teamwork are essential to break down silos and develop the agility necessary to complete the journey to the Cloud. I hope you find the information and advice it offers useful, whatever stage you’re at on that journey.

Supercharge Your Skills for Cloud Success
Supercharge Your Skills for Cloud Success
Autonomous teams power business transformation

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Sylvie Houlière Mayca
Head of Sales, AWS France

As the Head of Sales for AWS France, Sylvie Houlière Mayca's mission is to capture untapped business opportunities in France by partnering with customers to harness the capabilities of AWS cloud in order to achieve their business and IT strategy initiatives.

Throughout her career, which has spanned more than 30 years in various leadership roles at some of the world’s most successful and recognisable tech companies, Sylvie has demonstrated an extensive experience in sales, innovation, operational performance, business development and transformation in the IT, telecom and engineering markets.

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