A Talent Gap Doesn’t Need to Hold Back Your Digital Transformation

Miguel Alava, Managing Director, AWS Iberia

by Miguel Alava, Managing Director, AWS Iberia

Many organizations in Iberia attributing their lagging digital maturity to an IT talent gap. Miguel Alava, Managing Director of AWS Iberia, discusses how investing in training and re-skilling your existing workforce can offer much greater benefit that most organizations realize.

Most companies are ambitious, and every company has a unique set of challenges. But we see a common theme amongst many of the Spanish companies we work with. A sense that the lack of digital skills in their organisation is preventing them from moving forward. This feeling is backed up by Gartner, who says that one-third of companies in Iberia have poor digital maturity, which is causing a growing talent gap between the business needs and their IT skills.

At AWS, we are working with hundreds of Spanish companies to close this gap and help their customers achieve their greatest ambitions across a variety of the world’s most difficult sectors including finance, manufacturing and even genome sequencing.

We have a different perspective on the talent challenge. We believe that companies no longer need to overhaul their workforce and employ a new team. Instead, it makes more sense to give their current workforce the skills they need to advance and operate at their full potential, so they can close the gap between the business needs and IT skills. An example of this is Santander’s Openbank, with the help of AWS their team were able to launch a secure and reliable digital bank in a multinational environment that complied with European regulation in record time.

In his ebook “Staying Competitive by Investing in Cloud Skills” AWS Enterprise Strategist, Mark Schwartz, aims to highlight the invaluable opportunity that your current team can offer when they have the tools, knowledge and culture to transform.

By encouraging companies to ask themselves, ‘how can our company take advantage of the talented workforce we already have by upskilling for this new era of technology?,’ they can start to close the talent gap and unleash the potential of their existing workforce. It’s as much within the power of the individuals within a company to enable transformation and innovation as it is the business leader.

We believe that leaders can shift the perception of IT from being seen as a cost-center to a value-driver, by reigniting the hunger for their employees to learn and break new ground. Download the “Staying Competitive by Investing in Cloud Skills” ebook to discover how.

Staying Competitive by Investing in Cloud Skills
Staying Competitive by Investing in Cloud Skills
Cloud skills may be the most important investment you make

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