AWS Competency Program

Highlight your AWS technical expertise and specialization to differentiate your business

What is the AWS Competency Program?

The AWS Competency Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced and Premier Tier Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success.

Attaining an AWS Competency helps you market and differentiate your business to AWS customers by showcasing your skills in specialized areas across industries, use case and, workloads. APN Partners are vetted, validated, and verified against a high bar to achieve the AWS Competency designation.

Discover program benefits, application process, available competencies, and success stories from AWS Competency Partners below.  

AWS Competencies Help You Differentiate Your Business

AWS Competency Partner Benefits

Increase visibility with customers and AWS

Gain visibility with customers and AWS field teams by being showcased across AWS webpages including APN Partner Solutions Finder.

Also, receive an opportunity to create co-branded case studies with AWS, and be featured on the APN Blog and social media.

Gain go-to-market support

Become eligible to participate in co-branded marketing and digital campaigns such as The Next Smart.

Promote your offerings to AWS customers through AWS Solutions Library and get access to generated leads through the APN Customer Engagement (ACE) Program.

Access additional funds and discounts

Receive additional Market Development Funds (MDF) as an AWS Competency Partner.

Also qualify for increased discount through the AWS Solution Provider Program, which further enables you to re-sell your offerings to AWS customers.

Promote your business at events

Engage in promotional activities at AWS-hosted and 3rd party industry events through the AWS Sponsorship program.

Receive an AWS Competency Partner Badge that can be used in joint marketing efforts to showcase your AWS expertise.

AWS Competency Partner Journey

As an APN Consulting or Technology Partner, you may apply for one or more AWS Competencies by demonstrating your company’s technical expertise and customer success. Follow these steps to get started on your AWS Competency Partner Journey.

  • Step 1: Meet APN Tier Requirements
  • Step 2: Identify the AWS Competency
  • Step 3: Apply for the AWS Competency
  • Step 4: Promote Your Business
  • Step 1: Meet APN Tier Requirements
  • APN Partners must meet the Advanced or Premier Tier requirements before applying for an AWS Competency. You can check your APN tier in the Partner Scorecard on APN Partner Central.

    • Explore APN Advanced and Premier Consulting Partner Requirements
    • Explore APN Advanced Technology Partner Requirements
    • APN Partners may choose to follow below steps in parallel to achieving APN Advanced or Premier Tier compliance
  • Step 2: Identify the AWS Competency
  • APN Advanced and Premier Tier Partners should choose an AWS Competency that aligns best with your technical expertise.

    • Select an AWS Competency for industry, use case, or workload
    • Meet the requirements outlined in the Validation Checklist for your chosen AWS Competency
    • Start with APN Navigate specialization tracks available for select AWS Competencies to help you meet the specific AWS Competency requirements
  • Step 3: Apply for the AWS Competency
  • Once your firm has met the AWS Competency requirements outlined in the Validation Checklist, you may apply for your chosen Competency.

    • Complete and submit your self-assessment through your APN Partner Central account
    • AWS will review your application for adherence to program requirements and contact you directly, as needed
    • A technical reviewer will work with you to prepare, schedule, and complete the technical validation of your practice/solution over the phone
    • Once your technical validation is complete and open action items have been resolved, AWS will contact you with a final decision on your program application and partner with you on next steps
  • Step 4: Promote Your Business
  • Upon achieving your AWS Competency designation, you will receive a welcome kit detailing APN Partner Badge instructions, and a customized PR template. You may leverage various go-to-market activities to promote your business as an AWS Competency Partner.

AWS Competencies

Identify the AWS Competency that aligns best with your technical expertise. Start your AWS Competency journey with APN Navigate trainings, available for select AWS Competencies. 

  • Industry
  • Use Case
  • Workload

AWS Competency Success Stories

AWS Competency Partners helping AWS customers with their IT needs is The Next Smart.

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