Public Sector Innovation Centers

Showcasing the art of the possible

Public sector innovation centers provide an opportunity to collaborate on pressing challenges, test new ideas with Amazon’s innovation process, and access the technology expertise of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Any nonprofit, education, or government organization can apply to work on a challenge with our global network of innovation centers. Organizations bring their expertise and work through a challenge engagement, uncover new ways to solve complex problems, and develop offerings on AWS. 

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What's new

AWS Digital Innovation Guide

Download the AWS Digital Innovation guide to find out how public sector organizations across Australia and New Zealand have used Amazon’s Digital Innovation engagements to solve business challenges.

AWS Public Sector Innovation: The Art of the Possible

This 2022 eBook innovation showcase is for public sector customers to see real-life examples of how technology is enabling innovation and making the world a better place for future generations.

A University Perspective: The Real-World Approach to Building Cloud Skills

Learn how the University of British Columbia (UBC) CIC is leveraging work-integrated learning to provide students with experiences that prepare them for the workforce on day one.

Helping Prevent Opioid Overdoses: Student Developers Build Web App on AWS

To help connect those in need to the life-saving drug Naloxone, the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub powered by AWS developed the Naloxone Now app in collaboration with the San Luis Obispo Opioid Safety Coalition.

UC Davis Health and AWS announce first Cloud Innovation Center at an academic medical center

The UC Davis Health CIC will tackle some of the most pressing challenges around health equity, access to care, and population health in the backdrop of a health system that is rapidly undergoing digital transformation.

Students learn by doing at the Cal Poly DxHub

The Cloud Innovation Centers (CIC) allow both students and staff at public sector organizations to learn as they collaborate and work through challenges. Teams access leading innovation processes and have the opportunity to apply cloud technology to real-world problems in the public sector. Learn more about how students at Cal Poly benefit from experiential learning at the Digital Transformation Hub.

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Identify challenges

Start with a problem in your community and work collaboratively to find new approaches to solving challenges.

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Give your team the freedom to experiment with innovation techniques that have been built into Amazon’s DNA.

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Solve complex problems

Bring people with diverse experiences together and work towards new solutions for complex challenges.  

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Generate results to help people across the world learn from innovation center collaborations.

Work with leading organizations

Learn more about each innovation program and how your organization can apply to work on a challenge.

Latest blog posts

ASU's Artificial Intelligence Cloud Innovation Center, powered by AWS

Arizona State University (ASU) and AWS announced the next phase of the ASU Cloud Innovation Center (CIC), powered by AWS: together, they will advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sector.

Zero Waste Zero Hunger: Using data and AI to reduce food waste in South Korea

The Busan CIC teamed up with Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency and Nuvilab to develop a program that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide data about food consumption.

How students help modernize rocket launches at the Western Range with the AWS Cloud

Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) worked with the Cal Poly DxHub on a reliable prototype with a simple-to-use interface that allows meteorologists to see a snapshot of weather data in real-time to better support rocket launches.

Bangalore International Airport Limited, AWS, and Intel announce new Joint Innovation Center

This Joint Innovation Center (JIC) is the first JIC that will drive the development and adoption of digital solutions in aviation.

Preventing the next pandemic: How researchers analyze millions of genomic datasets with AWS

Computational virologists collaborated with the UBC CIC team to create Serratus, an open-science viral discovery platform to transform the field of genomics—built on AWS—to help prevent the next pandemic.

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Collaborate with students and the community

Public sector innovation centers collaborate with students and the community to drive innovation locally and globally.

How Student Developers Use the AWS Cloud to Help Prevent Opioid Overdoses
How Students Created a Virtual Environment to Advance Nursing Student Learning
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Improving Learning Outcomes and the Quality of Public Administration

Read how machine learning helped determine the factors that impact student success in developing countries.

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Helping Police Respond Faster To Gun Incidents

Read about the development of a low cost, open-source gun shot detection system to help reduce gun violence. 

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Online Learning Platform Connects Course Content

See how the Tapestry Tool Beta is an open-source online learning platform that allows users to make visual connections between information.

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Preserving Artifacts and Improving Experience Through a Voice Assistant

Explore how the ALLRight voice assistant is helping the Museum of London’s facility management team.

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Enhancing Customer and Staff Experience Through a Chatbot

Learn about how the first interactive Chatbot in Manama reduces manual operations for a proof of address certificate. 

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Using AI to Transform Digital Sign Language Translation in Bahrain and Beyond

Learn about how VoiceMate, a solution designed to help people with hearing impairments, helps make communication accessible.

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