AWS Executive Insights: DACH

As new technologies and emerging competitors disrupt established industries, leaders across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are sharing their experiences, best practices and transformative ideas, partnering with AWS cloud, to digitally transform their organizations to deliver competitive advantage and new forms of customer value.

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Germany in Focus: Reinventing Without a Roadmap

We heard from 10,000 senior business and IT decision makers in enterprises across five countries, including 2,000 from Germany. Our goal was to understand how they managed to keep reinventing their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic without a roadmap for what was going to happen next and to get insights into how they expect their organisations to build on that experience and keep growing in the post-pandemic environment.

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Infusing the Enterprise with Innovation

Christa Koenen, the CIO of Deutsche Bahn Group and CEO of Deutsche Bahn Systel, sits down with AWS Enterprise Strategist Miriam McLemore to talk about Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Bahn Systel's rapid transformation to the AWS Cloud. Christa shares how her organization became more agile, how her team developed and re-skilled their workforce, and how the overall culture of the company has shifted.

Florian Hartwig
General Manager, AWS Germany
German Organizations Must be Front and Center of the Digital Revolution

With the global weight of AI powerhouses pressing down, Germany can’t afford to stay still. Florian Hartwig explores why it’s critical for German corporations to lay the foundation for a strong data strategy and be front and center of the digital revolution.

Gerald Boyne

Head of Security Assurance, AWS Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Gerald Boyne, Head of Security Assurance, AWS Germany, Austria and Switzerland
How German Organizations can Turn Security into an Enabler

Security is at the top of nearly every German organization's agenda. Gerald Boyne explores how embedding security practices into the culture of your organization can help avoid the financial or operational drain - and turn it into an organizational enabler instead.

Customer stories

Andrea Lachnik, Agility Master, and Rene Schneider, Product Owner and Cloud Expert, sat down with AWS Digital Innovation Leader, Thomas Blood, to share their experience leading business and technology transformation at Deutsche Bahn Systel.

Part 1 - Driving change through communication:
Andrea and Rene describe how clarity of vision, two way communication, and clear team goals helped the team deliver desired outcomes
Part 2 - Cultivating a culture of innovation and learning:
Thomas explores how a culture of experimentation and learning contributed to the success of Deutsche Bahn Systel’s business transformation

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