Attracting Customers with New Digital Experiences

Attracting Customers with New Digital Experiences

A conversation with Amanda Jobbins, Chief Marketing Officer at Infor

Amanda Jobbins has spent her career marketing software solutions for some of the world’s largest technology companies. Since joining Infor as its Chief Marketing Officer in the fall of 2020, Amanda has been exploring new ways to get the organization’s industry-specific cloud solutions in front of more customers. Miriam McLemore, Enterprise Strategist for AWS, spoke with Amanda about how she plans to do that.

Digital experiences that build customer confidence

Digital experiences that build customer confidence

Miriam McLemore: You’ve held marketing roles at several tech companies, including Oracle and Dell. How do you go about setting your marketing strategy?

Amanda Jobbins: When setting the marketing strategy for a technology company, you need a clear perspective on the objectives of the business. Where are we trying to grow? How can we differentiate? How can we surprise and delight our customers and prospects? At Infor I’m looking at where we’ve already been successful and how to take that to the next level. Then I’m looking at the vehicles at our disposal, such as thought leadership, partnerships like ours with AWS, demand generation, web presence, and how we engage with customers online.

Amanda’s 3 Steps to Increasing Customer Conversion

  1. Create new digital experiences that allow customers to test drive solutions online and see how the product has benefitted others.
  2. Conduct customer interviews to get feedback on current products and insight into what they need in new ones.
  3. Couple that feedback with technologies such as intent data, lookalike modeling, and propensity-to-buy models to better understand your customers and who to target.

Miriam McLemore: What is your philosophy about the customer journey and the accelerated need for digital to move companies forward?

Amanda Jobbins: I’m constantly thinking about ways we can offer our customers new kinds of digital experiences so they can engage with our solutions online before meeting us and can make a total cost analysis. They can also look at some of our solution implementations by their peers and be confident that it will be the right solution for them. It’s a challenging time to build digital engagement journeys with our customers, but that’s where we have to focus, especially now with so much of it happening online.


I’m constantly thinking about ways we can offer our customers new kinds of digital experiences so they can engage with our solutions online before meeting us and can undertake a total cost analysis.”

The path to greater conversions

The path to greater conversions

Miriam McLemore: Speaking of digital engagement, how are you using data and customer insights to inform your roadmap?

Amanda Jobbins: We want to better understand our customers, prospects, and the market at large. So, my team and I are looking at technologies including intent data, lookalike modeling, and propensity-to-buy models that can help us target and understand customers. We’ve coupled that with primary research, talking to customers to get their feedback on the capabilities we’re developing and understanding the people and process challenges they’re facing.

5 Questions Analytics Can Answer About Your Customers

  1. What are they looking for online?
  2. What kind of search terms are they entering?
  3. Which competitors are they looking at?
  4. What reviews are they reading?
  5. What kind of peer communities are they part of?


Omnichannel analytics is critical because that’s how you get the depth of understanding about the journey your customers are on when they begin to engage with your brand.”

Miriam McLemore: Is this kind of research and analysis something you’re doing more of?

Amanda Jobbins: Omnichannel analytics is critical because it’s how you understand the journey your customers are on when they engage with your brand. We want to understand what they are looking for online: the kind of search terms they are entering, which competitors they are looking at, the reviews they are reading, the kinds of peer communities they’re in – and then how they want to engage with a brand once they’ve decided they need a solution. We need to pull all that data together, ratify it against the optimal targets for our business, and correlate it with our existing customer data to tell us a customer’s propensity to buy. We can use that to develop models that will help us improve conversions.


From strife to strength

From strife to strength

Miriam McLemore: A recent Gartner study found that CMOs are more optimistic going into 2021 than their C-suite peers and that they’re less likely to take risks. I found that surprising. How do you think about risk-taking at Infor?

Amanda Jobbins: I disagree with that finding. Most of the CMOs I speak to think you won’t stand out if you don’t take some calculated risks. These markets are so busy that we have to be a little daring to cut through the noise. In terms of whether we’re optimistic, I think we’re realistic. Because of COVID-19, it’s been a tough time for many people, but it’s also made us more resilient. That’s a theme I’m seeing with our customers. They’re preparing themselves to be strong for the kinds of transformations they will have to undertake to keep winning in their markets.


About our guests

Amanda Jobbins, Chief Marketing Officer, Infor

Amanda Jobbins
Chief Marketing Officer, Infor

Amanda Jobbins joined Infor as its Chief Marketing Officer in September 2020, bringing a wealth of global leadership experience with world-class companies. Most recently, she spent four years at Oracle as CMO & SVP for EMEA, APAC, and Japan, driving marketing and digital demand transformation. She has previously served in CMO roles with Dell EMC, Sage, Cisco, and Symantec, and in product marketing and sales roles with IBM, McAfee, Bindview Corp and BMC Software.

Miriam McLemore
Enterprise Strategist, Amazon Web Services

Before joining Amazon, Miriam was the Chief Information Officer, Corporate and Consumer Technologies and a leader in the Global Information Technology Division of The Coca-Cola Company. In this role, she provided global leadership across the enterprise on all technology matters in support of global marketing, consumer/commercial leadership, product R&D, human resources, legal, sustainability, public affairs; and strategic security.

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