From Smart Cities to Smart Islands

A framework on creating a Smart and Sustainable Island strategy by IDC

'Creating a Smart and Sustainable Island Strategy’ aspires to enable different stakeholders from both public and private sectors to align under a shared vision, transform this vision into strategy, and accelerate their path to results in an effective and sustainable manner.

This initiative is supported by the Smart Territory Framework (STF), which equips customers and members of the AWS Partner Network with a set of tools and standardized modules to build and operate smart solutions, leveraging the FIWARE open-source standards.

We also launched an AWS Smart City Competency to validate and provide the best-in-class partner recommendations to our customers, all the while empowering partners to develop and enhance their solutions on AWS.

Enjoy the read and come build with us!

In this report, you will find

  • a description of the opportunity to create socioeconomic value in islands
  • a summary of the 'Art of the Possible'; technology as a tool to solve key island challenges
  • 6 guiding principles in creating a Smart and Sustainable Island Strategy
  • 6 takeaways to build your Smart Island Strategy
2022 Sustainable Island Strategy Report
2022 Creating a Smart and Sustainable Island Strategy Report