At Amazon Web Services, everything we do starts with the customer. The AWS Partner Network (APN) is focused on helping partners build successful AWS-based businesses to drive superb customer experiences. We accomplish this by developing a global community of partners with specialties unique to each customer’s needs.


  • Government

    Partners with deep knowledge of government agency requirements helping government agencies balance economy and agility with security, compliance, and reliability. & Civic Resource Group

    In order to ensure that, a free transportation website, is available to all travelers for traffic and transit information, they worked with Civic Resource Group to migrate its trip planner, traffic information, carpool, bicycling, and parking websites to the Civic Resource Group's CivicConnect platform. 

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    Europol & Barracuda Networks

    Europol, the European Union's law-enforcement agency, worked with Barracuda Networks to make its anti-ransomeware website available to 12 million visitors since the website's launch. 

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    FINRA & Splunk

    Working with Splunk, FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) has created a flexible platform that can adapt to changing market dynamics while providing its analysts with the tools to interactively query multi-petabyte data sets. 

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    Georgia Technology Authority & Acquia

    Acquia helped the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) host a new content management system (CMS) on the AWS Cloud, allowing the GTA to offer the CMS platform to more agencies and manage larger websites.

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    King County & NetApp

    King County used NetApp's AltaVault solution to help the county meet federal security standards, including HIPAA and the Criminal Justice Information Services regulations. 

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    MiHIN & Cloudticity

    The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) has more than 12 million patient health information messages passing through the MiHIN Network. They used Cloudticity to scale to increase the volumes of patient information and accomodate the growth of messages. 

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    The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) adminsters nutrition assistance programs to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The FNS used ESRI to develop a SNAP Retailer within three weeks. Since deploying the SNAP Retailer Locator, it has been available 100% of the time, and they have saved 90% by hosting on AWS. 

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  • Education

    Partners helping AWS customers with solutions to help facilitate teaching, learning, launch student analytics initatives, and manage IT operations.

    Desire2Learn (D2L) 

    One of D2L's biggest challenges was high availability for its Brightspace application, a personalized learning experience for every user. D2L used AWS to help ensure high availability and resiliency, so learning can take place at all times. 

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    Ellucian uses AWS for a global, scalable, highly secure, and innovative platform to host its applications to better serve higher education customers worldwide.

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    Open Universities Australia & Chef

    Open Universities Australia (OUA) provides distance education and online courses to students with its Open2Study, allowing 500,000 students worldwide to complete four-week modules from a range of free university courses over the web. 

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    Scholastic & NorthBay

    Organizations that have vast amounts of data in legacy applications often experience difficulties delivering that data to business unit end-users. Scholastic overcame this challenge by leveraging a Data Lake solution from NorthBay on AWS to optimize data analytics and provide greater visibility. 

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    Seminole County Schools & Solodev

    Seminole County Schools wanted a website that reflected their high standards, their old website was outdated with incorrect information spanning over 2,000 pages. They chose Solodev Web Experience Platform to provide them with the toolds to optimize their webpages. 

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  • Nonprofit

    Partners helping nonprofit organizations worldwide use AWS to develop and host mission-driving capabilities, aimed at the communities and causes they support, helping ensure every person lives a life of dignity on a healthy planet. 

    American Heart Association & REAN Cloud 

    The American Heart Association worked with APN Partner REAN Cloud to create a data marketplace for precision medicine to analyze big medical data. 

    Learn more » & Solano is an open platform empowering people to create the change they want to see. They used Solano CI, a scalable hosted CI solution. Doing so, was able to completely shut down their homegrown CI system. 

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    Cleveland Clinic & ClearDATA

    The Cleveland Clinic worked with ClearDATA to ensure that their Healthy Brains Initiative, which gives patients and neurologists a way to enter and analyze information about conditions and activities that affect brain health, meets the clinic's standards for protecting patient privacy. 

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    Jour De La Terre

    Jour De La Terre, a Canadian environmental nonprofit, multiplies the effects of its own projects by connecting them to the green initiatives of businesses, nonprofits, and volunteer groups, used AWS to significantly improved its backups, resiliency, and data security. 

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    MedStar Health & Impact Makers

    MedStar Health used IT Consulting firm Impact Makers to rebuild its disparate web pages into a single patient engagement portal that enables patients to easily search for doctors, medical services, and locations across its entire system.  

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    THORN & Digital Reasoning

    THORN has a mission to drive technology innovation to fight child sexual exploitation in partnership with law enforcement. Using APN Partner Digital Reasoning, their solution, Spotlight, processes and analyzes the data from 150,000 ads per day based on risk profiles provided by law enforcement. 

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    Universal Church & Dedalus

    Universal Church experienced rapid growth, which resulted in receiving 30 million page views per month. The Universal Church reached server capacity resulting in reduced quality. They used Dedalus to migrate their datacenter to AWS in just four days.

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