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The Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools are a set of command line interfaces allowing you to easily build solutions leveraging Amazon Mechanical Turk without writing a line of code. The latest version of the Command Line Tools is 1.3.0.


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Created On: March 30, 2007 6:22 PM GMT
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Steps to Getting Started

  1. Sign up for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account at the AWS web site.
  2. Sign up for an Amazon Mechanical Turk Requester account at the Requester web site.
  3. Download and install the latest version of the Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools from the AWS Resource Center
  4. Open GetStarted.html for instructions.

Supported Environments

The Command Line Tools can be run on the following environments:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Unix based system (i.e. Mac OSX, Linux, etc.)

Download Options

The Command Line Tools is available in four variations.

Windows Downloads

Unix Downloads

Features and Benefits

The Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools offers you the following features and benefits:

Feature Benefit
Bulk load HITs via a Question Template File, an Input File, and a HIT Properties File. No coding necessary. Only simple text file manipulation, using Microsoft Excel to manage your input and simple XML editing.
Retrieve submitted results as a file. Results can be easily viewed in a text editor or Excel and can be easily parsed for integration to your backend system or into another HIT workflow.
Bulk approve/reject assignments Results can be easily approved/rejected using files.
Change properties for HITs that are live Change properties (i.e. reward) for HITs that are already in production.
Preview your HIT as an HTML file. Designing your HITs takes less time since you can preview the look and feel without loading into Amazon Mechanical Turk.
Manage your Workers Create and maintain your qualifications to manage your Workers. Prevent undesirable Workers from completing your HITs by using the Block Worker command.

Comments, Questions or Feedback

If you have any comments, questions, or feedback concerning the Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools, please visit the Amazon Mechanical Turk discussion forums.


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