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A Few Words on Technology Evangelism

As previously noted here, I am trying to hire some additional web services evangelists for positions in the US and Japan. I get asked about the job duties and responsibilities on a regular basis, so I took some time to write about them on my personal blog. Take a look at A Few Words on […]

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Transcript of Jeff Barr’s Web 2.0 Interview

I used the Podcast Transcription Store at to create the following transcript of the interview that I did earlier this year with Josh and Chris at the Web 2.0 Show. I spent about 10 minutes adding some links, and I fixed 2 typos in proper names. I will post more about the transcription service […]

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Are you a Minipreneur?

According to, a minipreneur is a consumer-turned-entrepreneur, taking advantage of resources that were, just a short time ago, available only to large multinational organizations, including cheap hardware and software, access to global design, production, and manufacturing skills, payment systems, online marketplaces, and more. The Amazon Web Services are one important element of this mix. […]

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